Inspiring Black Friday Design Templates & Expert Tips to Design BFCM Website

Inspiring Black Friday Design Templates & Expert Tips to Design BFCM Website

In the realm of online shopping, where seconds can make the difference between a successful Black Friday sale and a missed opportunity, website design reigns supreme. 

If only given 15 minutes to consume content, 66% of customers prefer a beautifully designed web rather than a plain and simple one. Thus, as the BFCM shopping extravaganza approaches, it's vital to understand that your website's design isn't just a matter of aesthetics – it's a strategic asset that can make or break your holiday sales. 

To help you stand out in the crowd, we've curated inspiring Black Friday design templates and provided expert tips to create stunning, high-converting pages for your eCommerce website. 

Let’s learn to elevate the aesthetics and function of every single page of your website!

Keep Your Visitors Stay Longer with the BFCM Homepage

Inspiring BFCM homepage design template

Picture this: a potential customer clicks on your website during the BFCM mayhem. What do they see first? Your homepage. It's your virtual storefront, the digital handshake that welcomes shoppers. A well-designed homepage can be the difference between a sale and a bounce. That's why your BFCM homepage design is vital. 

If you’re seeking a homepage design that creates a visually appealing entry point and user-friendly shopping experience at the same time, we have some sources of inspiration for you. 

Foxify Homepage Design Template for Fashion Store 

Black Friday home page design

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 MOXIELASH BFCM Homepage Design

moxielash homepage design

Essential elements for a winning BFCM homepage

The design of these Black Friday templates focuses on highlighting the deals, products, and trust factors that resonate with your customers. These are also the secrets of a winning BFCM homepage. So, let’s analyze this template and find out which should be included in your homepage design.

1. BFCM sale banner 

Black Friday banner

The first rule of BFCM success: don't hide your deals! A prominent sale banner at the top of your homepage ensures that your visitors are immediately greeted with the promise of significant discounts. It's like a beacon of savings, guiding shoppers to continue their shopping journey to get the best bargains.

Design Tips: 

  • Choose attention-grabbing colors: The combination of black and bright and eye-catching neon colors like yellow, orange, or red can evoke excitement and urgency among visitors. Using these colors in Black Friday images can help convert 35% better than muted or pastel colors.
  • Concise and clear headline: Your banner's headline should be short and to the point. Use clear, concise language that communicates the essence of your Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale. For example, "Black Friday Big Sale" or "Cyber Monday Mega Deals." The headline should instantly convey the message that something special is happening.
  • Highlighted and persuasive CTA: Your Call to Action (CTA) is critical to your sale banner. You should use action-oriented words like "Shop Now," "Grab the Deals," or "Act Fast" to encourage visitors to take immediate action.
    Also, ensure your CTA stands out with a contrasting color or bold font. You should also add an arrow icon at the end of the button, as it can help increase the click rate by 26%.
  • High-quality images: Use high-quality, appealing product images or related visuals that showcase the items on sale. Clear and well-composed images can help customers visualize the products.
    Your banner should also be in the right size and format to avoid cropping important information when uploading to your website. Thus, remember to check the correct size for your Black Friday images. 

2. Top-selling products 

best selling product recommendation

Place your top-selling products on your home page to show the best of your store. These are the items that have captured the hearts of your audience, and they deserve the spotlight. Displaying them on your main homepage gives your visitors a taste of the best of your store.

Design Tips: Let’s find out where and how to recommend your best-selling products on your homepage.  

3. Flash sale 

flash sale

Flash sales are a tried-and-true method to create a sense of urgency among your visitors to increase sales. They are proven to bring an average of 35% business transaction rate growth. Thus, highlighting your flash sale on your homepage can encourage shoppers to act quickly. The fear of missing out (FOMO) can be a powerful motivator during BFCM.

Design Tips: 

  • Eye-catching placement: Position the flash sale prominently on the homepage where it's highly visible. Consider placing it near the top or in a banner format to grab visitors' attention immediately.
  • Visually striking Countdown timer: Include a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency. This countdown timer should display the time remaining for the flash sale to convey that the offer is time-sensitive, encouraging visitors to act quickly.
  • Create more urgency with the Stock countdown:  By using the stock countdown, you can add a message indicating that the products are in limited supply, which further emphasizes the urgency and scarcity of the sale. You can easily integrate Stock Countdown into Flash Sale with the Flash Sale section of Minimog. Learn more about Minimog and Stock Countdown section

4. Testimonials 


Updating your testimonial or customer reviews page prior to your Black Friday sale can build trust with new customers, as 88% of consumers trust online testimonials as much as recommendations from friends or family. 

Genuine customer feedback can be a game-changer, especially with shoppers sitting on the fence. Include positive reviews and testimonials on your homepage to show you're a reliable and customer-focused business.

Design Tips: Here are the curated testimonials design templates and expert tips to follow.

Entice Customers with BFCM Landing Page Design Template

Inspiring BFCM landing page design template

While your homepage serves as a welcoming entry point, your landing page serves as the ultimate showcase for your holiday deals. This dedicated page lets you focus your visitors' attention on specific BFCM promotions and products, eliminating distractions and providing a clear and consistent message about your holiday deals. It's tailored for conversions, making it easier to encourage visitors to take action and explore your BFCM offerings further.

Here, we’ve curated some inspiring landing pages for you to learn from. 

Foxify Shoes Landing Page Template

Black Friday landing page template shoes

This template is free and ready to use. You can install Foxify for FREE and import it with one mouse click 🎁

Pimjo Labs

BFCM landing page design


bfcm landing page design

Essential elements for a winning BFCM landing page

These enticing landing pages may differ in images, color, and structure, but they all share some of the same elements, which are the keys to a successful landing page. 

1. BFCM advertising banner 

bfcm images

Your BFCM advertising banner should be a visual magnet, captivating visitors from arriving on your landing page. As this is a landing page for BFCM, remember to highlight the most irresistible deals, promotions, and discounts in this Black Friday image. 

Design Tips: Incorporate eye-catching graphics, striking typography, and dynamic color choices. You can design it with the tips for sale banner on the homepage above.

If you have a specific product or category you want to feature, you can include it in this Black Friday advertising image for added emphasis. 

2. BFCM sale headline

The headline is your opportunity to make a memorable first impression. Craft a catchy, concise, relevant headline that speaks directly to your target audience. It should instantly convey the essence of your BFCM promotions.

Design Tips: Experiment with typography to make the headline stand out. Use bold fonts and contrasting colors, and add a subtle animation to draw attention.

3. Discount products

Highlighting discounted products is an essential element of your BFCM landing page, and it is the critical purpose of the BFCM landing page design. 

You directly demonstrate the value your customers will receive by showcasing specific products or deals. This captures visitors' attention and guides them toward the products that offer the most significant savings, ultimately leading to conversions and sales.

Design Tips: 

  • Visual appeal: Visuals are paramount. Use high-quality images of the discounted products to create an immediate and enticing visual impact. Potential customers should be able to visualize the product and its desirability.
  • Clear discount indication: You can consider using labels, badges, or eye-catching graphics to clearly indicate the discount percentage or amount. These visual cues immediately communicate the value of the deal.
  • Ease of navigation: Ensure that each product is linked to its respective product page. This simplifies the browsing and shopping process, allowing visitors to learn more and make a purchase with minimal effort.
  • Customer reviews: If available, showcase positive customer reviews or ratings for these discounted products. Social proof in the form of authentic feedback enhances trust and reinforces the value of the deals. Let’s learn to add and design customer reviews with these smart tips and tools.

4. Countdown timer

Black Friday countdown

The ticking clock is a powerful psychological trigger. A countdown timer builds anticipation and urgency, compelling visitors to take action before time runs out. It marks the beginning of your sale and indicates how long the offers will last, once live.

Using a countdown timer during BFCM sales can significantly increase CTR by an average of 231% and conversion rate by 200%. 

Design Tips: 

  • Ensure the timer is prominently displayed and easily visible.
  • Use bold, large numbers to indicate the time remaining clearly.
  • Incorporate dynamic elements like animation to draw attention to the countdown. 

Convert and upsell with BFCM product page

Inspiring BFCM product page design template

While the homepage and landing page set the stage, it's the product page that seals the deal. It's here that the purchase decision occurs, and the potential for upselling and cross-selling can be maximized.

To help you design a high-converting product page, we’ve curated some inspiring Black Friday design templates for product pages that will leave your customers eager to click that "Add to Cart" button.

Foxify BFCM Template for Glasses Store

bfcm product page design

🎁 This high-converting template is ready-made for Shopify merchants. Try Foxify for FREE to use this template. 

Nasty Gal


bfcm product page

Essential elements for a winning BFCM product page

1. Countdown timer

In the urgent atmosphere of BFCM, where time is of the essence, a countdown timer provides a visually striking and effective way to communicate to your customers that the clock is ticking. It taps into the psychology of scarcity and the fear of missing out (FOMO), both powerful motivators for making a purchase decision.

Design Tips: Ensure the countdown timer is prominently placed near the product price and description. 

Use attention-grabbing colors and animation to make it visually striking. Clearly state when the deal ends to convey urgency and consider adding a dynamic element that updates in real-time, intensifying the feeling of immediacy.

2. Stock countdown

stock countdown

Displaying the number of items left in stock creates a sense of scarcity, encouraging customers to make a purchase decision sooner to secure the product.

 In the world of BFCM, where deals can be snapped up rapidly, knowing that stock is running low on a sought-after item can be a compelling reason to act swiftly.

Design Tips: Place the stock countdown near the "Add to Cart" button or product price. It’s also recommended to use a visual indicator, such as a progress bar or a decreasing number counter, to show the remaining stock. 

Make it clear and easy to understand, and consider including a message that encourages customers to "act now" to secure their purchase.

3. Sale price comparison

Sale price comparison

Comparing the sale price to the original price showcases the value of the BFCM deal and motivates customers to purchase. This visual representation of savings is especially effective during BFCM when customers seek the best possible discounts.

Design Tip: Present the sale price prominently alongside the original price, using bold fonts and colors to highlight the discount. Consider using visual elements like strike-through pricing to indicate the difference clearly. 

To enhance the impact, you can add a label such as "Save X%" to communicate the discount's value explicitly.

4. Reviews/Testimonials


Customer reviews and testimonials build trust and credibility, reassuring potential buyers about the product's quality and your store's reliability, as 92% of consumers now read at least one online company review before making a purchasing decision.  

During the high-stakes BFCM shopping event, when customers might be apprehensive about online purchases, these testimonials serve as social proof that can significantly influence their decision.

Design Tips: Explore the ultimate guideline and expert tips on how to add reviews to Shopify store here.

5. Product recommendation

Product recommendation

Offering product recommendations, such as related items or product bundles, encourages customers to explore additional options, improving conversions by 10 times and AOV by 9 times while increasing revenue per visitor by 800%. This is particularly valuable during BFCM, as it maximizes the value of each customer's visit.

Design Tips: Where to add product recommendations? How do you design and use it to maximize sales and revenue? We have smart tips for you in this article

6. Return policy

A transparent and customer-friendly return policy alleviates concerns and builds trust, especially during BFCM, when customers are expected to return more products

60% of consumers in surveyed markets are checking return policies before deciding to buy a brand or product that’s new to them. The return policy is often the last piece of information customers seek before making a purchase decision, and a reassuring policy can be the deciding factor.

Design Tips: Include a summarized return policy near the product description and the "Add to Cart" button. Keep the language clear, concise, and customer-focused, outlining the return process, any associated costs, and the timeline for returns. 

You can also use reassuring language, such as "Hassle-Free Returns," to emphasize the ease of the return process.

Get Ready to Renovate Your Website Design for BFCM

In conclusion, your store's success in BFCM relies on your home page, landing page, and product page design effectiveness. 

To help you create the most influential Black Friday design for your website, we’ve provided you with some inspiring Black Friday design templates and smart design tips on the key elements that transform these pages into powerful sales drivers.

However, designing a BFCM website is always a challenging process. If you’re seeking an app that can simplify this process, our Foxify - Smart Page Builder can help! Foxify comes with pre-designed Black Friday design templates that can transform your home page, landing page, and product pages into conversion-optimized masterpieces.

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