FoxEcom x Growave: Boost Customer Loyalty and Repeat Purchases

FoxEcom x Growave: Boost Customer Loyalty and Repeat Purchases

FoxEcom is proud to announce the official partnership with Growave - an all-in-one Shopify marketing platform with powerful tools for reviews, wishlists, loyalty programs, gift cards, referrals, rewards, and UGC.

    About Growave

    Growave helps you grow sales, boost customer loyalty, drive conversions, and increase customer lifetime value with the following:

    • Simplify buying process, send personalized emails with powerful buying triggers: drop in price, back in stock, on sale, running out of stock.
    • Reward for every engagement at your store to build a lasting relationship with your customers and increase repeat purchases.
    • Collect and showcase photo reviews and UGC on autopilot. Display reviews on Google search results to build strong social proof.
    • Overcome the challenge of high CAC by retaining customers. Acquire more customers organically through referral program and save on ad spend.

    Growave offers various functions to run an online store successfully, especially in terms of leveraging rewards, reviews, UGC, wishlists to grow sales.

    With Growave Loyalty and Rewards, you can build a sustainable loyalty program and kick-off your retention campaign

    • Loyalty Points: Offer your customers loyalty points for interactions and purchases
    • Rewards: Design how customers can redeem points for rewards
    • Referral Program: Encourage customers to refer friends and save on ad spend
    • VIP Tiers: Demonstrate gratitude for your customers with VIP status and perks
    • L & R Marketing: Automated emails, nudges, points expiration, POS and Flow integration, customization

    Growave offers generous features in Wishlist function, allowing your customers to save and share their beloved items on your store. This in turn helps you run win-back campaign to convert shoppers’ intent to sales more effectively

    • Wishlist Button, Icon: Let visitors add items to the wishlist and compare on any page, any device
    • Wishlist Reminder Emails: Send personalized emails with buying triggers: drop in price, back in stock, on sale
    • Import Wishlists: Easy and quick migration of wishlist data to Growave
    • Anonymous Users: No registration or login is needed for your shoppers to add to wishlist
    • Multiple Lists: Allow shoppers to create different wishlist boards for different occasions

    You can also generate reviews and UGC for your Shopify store, building strong social proof and displaying them on a dedicated page, product pages, and Google search results.

    • Showcase Reviews: Display reviews on a dedicated page, product pages, and Google search results
    • Review Request Emails: Allow customers to write and submit reviews with an easy-to-use, in-email form
    • Reward for Reviews: Incentivize your customers by rewarding them with loyalty points, discounts
    • Photo Reviews: Showcase customer reviews with photos to obtain credibility
    • Q&A: Let customers ask questions and get answers from verified shoppers and your team

    Growave also brings an extra power boost to your store, which is the influence of social media. They embed your Instagram feed and UGC to extend your brand’s social media engagement.

    • Shoppable Galleries: Integrate User Generated Content and let customers shop directly from the posts
    • Auto-upload: Automate collecting and publishing Instagram photos on any pages
    • User-Friendly Moderation: Control over the content in your galleries by publishing the best-curated photos
    • Product Linking: Tag products on photos and display photos on product pages
    • Design Customization: Customize every piece of your Instagram & UGC galleries for your aesthetics

    Last but not least, Growave has grown to become a social login app. They now offer enable one-click login to remove barriers in the shopping process.

    • Simplify Account Registration: Embed social login buttons anywhere on your Shopify site and enable one-click login for your customers
    • Shopify Multipass Integration: Optimized for Shopify Plus and supports Multipass for seamless login
    • Unified Shopify User Base: Automatically tags users registered via social login and synchronizes Shopify users base
    • Custom social API keys: Setup your own social login application

    Growave replaces several solutions with one solid app, letting you boost on-site conversion and grow your brand.

    So far, Growave has achieved remarkable milestones:

    • 17,000+ positive reviews
    • 14,000 Shopify merchants, including giants like SONY, Logitech, and Reebok
    • 25+ integrations
    • 7+ years in business
    • 5/5 rating on Capterra, TrustRadius, G2, and GetApp

    Get Your Special Discount

    Growave is excited to offer a 60-day free trial and a lifetime 20% off discount on monthly plans for all FoxEcom customers who want to find something more than a Loyalty app.

    Get your Growave 60-day free trial and discount here.

    We at FoxEcom are thrilled to collaborate with Growave to help our customers and partners grow their reviews, wishlists, loyalty programs, gift cards, referrals, rewards, and UGC. 🌟

    Learn more about Growave: Loyalty & Wishlist here.

    Vian Trinh

    CGO @ FoxEcom

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