FoxEcom x LAI AliExpress Review: Power Social Proof & Boost Conversions with Reviews & Referrals

FoxEcom x LAI AliExpress Review: Power Social Proof & Boost Conversions with Reviews & Referrals

Today, we are excited to announce the official partnership with LAI AliExpress Review - the leading Shopify exclusive reviews and referrals app!

Why you need quality reviews and social proof

The key to success in the fast-paced world of eCommerce is building customers’ trust. 

Recent research conducted by Dixa Research in 2023, has shown that a staggering 93% of online shoppers actively read online reviews before making purchase decisions. Furthermore, building consumer trust via conventional advertising and marketing methods has become an increasingly daunting task for marketers, particularly given the fact that a significant 96% of consumers express skepticism towards advertisements; this is when social proofs come in handy.

These statistics underscore the pivotal role of genuine product reviews as a guiding light for businesses and consumers alike. In particular, reviews offer critical social validation that holds the potential to sway consumer actions and choices when it comes to shopping.

The question is, how can merchants upgrade their social proof presence and action plans? 

As eCommerce enthusiasts, we acknowledge the importance of providing businesses with authentic product reviews to help them establish long-lasting connections with their audience, and also come up with multiple solutions for users to win sales.

We’re happy to introduce LAI AliExpress Review by Smartify Apps, a reliable solution to maximize the power of product reviews with comprehensive importing tools, fully customizable widgets, and powerful marketing strategies around reviews.

About LAI AliExpress Product Reviews

LAI AliExpress Review is the leading Shopify exclusive reviews and& referrals app that helps over 100,000 merchants boost their social proof, increase conversions, build out referrals, and generate beautiful photo and video UGC.

Through effective management tools like pinning, hiding, and grouping reviews, LAI allows you to make full use of the power of product reviews to boost consumer engagement, raise satisfaction levels, and boost conversion rates for your online store. They offer a wide range of features that innovate not only your online store presence, but also your customers' trust, which include:

  • Import product reviews from DSers, CJ, Amazon, AliExpress, or even a customized CSV file with ease.
  • Make widgets uniquely your own to completely complement your store's design.
  • Easily integrate with well-known platforms such as Google Shopping, Klaviyo, Omnisend, PageFly, and others.
  • Automate the procedure with email follow-ups to collect genuine reviews and encourage customers to return.
  • Ensure that reviews are seen by many customers by displaying them across your whole store, including the homepage, collections, product pages, and pop-up windows.

LAI’s achievements are proudly earned with utmost hard work:

  • 1,500+ five-star reviews on Shopify App Store
  • Trusted by over 100,000 merchants

How to use LAI AliExpress Product Reviews with FoxEcom solutions

We’ve successfully integrated LAI AliExpress Product Reviews into Foxify: Smart Pagebuilder, helping brands display their powerful customer views and social proof efficiently and stunningly. 

All you need to do is log in Foxify, then install LAI Product Reviews as an extension, and start showing off your awesome reviews!
You can read more about the know-how steps here.

Get LAI AliExpress Review Special Discount

We are thrilled to announce that LAI AliExpress Review offers the exclusive 30% discount for all FoxEcom customers!

Get your LAI AliExpress Review discount here!

FoxEcom is honored to empower eCommerce organizations with a powerful testimonial solution as LAI AliExpress Review.

Learn more about LAI AliExpress Review here. 

Helly Nguyen

Partnership Executive

Helly, the Partnership Executive at FoxEcom, is a dedicated enthusiast with a passion for weaving partnerships in the eCommerce and SaaS industry. She excels in creating strategic collaborations, fostering growth, & unlocking new avenues for success in this ever-evolving digital landscape. With a genuine commitment to building valuable partnerships, Helly is driven to enhance excellence & fuel innovation for businesses through strategic alliances.