Top 10 Trending Products for Mega Store to Sell on Shopify (2023 Summer Updates)

Top 10 Trending Products for Mega Store to Sell on Shopify (2023 Summer Updates)

As a mega store, you must meet the diverse needs of various customers, which requires you to spend lots of time researching the market of numerous niches to choose the best-converting products to sell. 

Considering your challenges, we guide you how to find trending products to sell in the most effortless and cost-effective way in this article. 

Also, we have researched and made for you a list of trending products in 2023 in each niche. This list is created by synthesizing and analyzing data from many credit sources such as market reports of Statista and Grand View Research, and Google Trends so you can not only find potential products for your stores but also have a comprehensive view of the performance of these products in the market. 

Let's dive into this list and choose the best products for your store! 

What trending products are suitable for mega stores 

What is a trending product?

A trending product is a product or service that is experiencing increased popularity, demand, and attention at a specific time. This popularity can arise due to various factors, such as changing consumer preferences, emerging technology, changing demographics, or marketing campaigns. 

For example, in the COVID-19 pandemic, as the virus spreads through respiratory droplets, face masks and hand sanitizers have become essential protective gear for people. Thus, the demand for these products skyrocketed, and they became trending products in the market.

trending products 2019

However, there are no specific metrics such as growth rate, popularity, or demand necessary to consider a product as trending, as it can vary depending on the industry and market.  

To consider whether a product is trending or not, you should answer the following question: 

  • Is the demand for this product rising?  
  • How does it perform in the market?

To know whether the demand for a product is rising or not, you can use tools like Google Trends to observe the number of searches for these products on Google and search engines of social media and online marketplaces. The increase in search also means an increase in demand. 

For the second question, you should compare the sales volume of this product to the sales volume of regular products in your niches. If the product sales increases about 100 in a month but normally a similar or related products in your market sells 1 million units a month, this can not be considered a trending product. In contrast, if the regular sales volume of a product in your market is about 1000 items, one with 100 sold units will be a trending product. 

3 types of trending products

Trending products are normally classified into 3 types

Seasonal trends

These products are on trend only at particular times of the year, but these trends will re-emerge every year. For example, in the Christmas season, Christmas trees are always in high demand. However, when Christmas passes, this product will experience poor sales until the next holy season. 

seasonal trending products


Therefore, if you want to sell seasonal trending products, make sure you have backup products to survive through other seasons in the year. 

Short-term trends

Short-term trend products refer to products that are popular for a relatively short period. These trends usually stem from influencers, viral posts, and videos on social media. 

The demands for these products may suddenly escalate in just a few months or even a few weeks, then immediately cool down. Hence, if you catch the trend and choose the right time, it may be a huge profit for you. In contrast, if you miss the time, it may become a loss of money. 

An example of a short-term product is fidget spinner, the biggest trend in 2017. At that time, 15 out of 20 best-selling toys on Amazon were fidget spinners, and nearly 19 million fidget spinners were sold in the first six months of 2017. 

However, this trend buzzed off as fast as it came. It died out after 6 months, and then hardly any customers bought it. 

short term trending products

Long-term trends

A long-term trending product is a product that is expected to remain popular for an extended period, typically years or even decades. This product is based on consumer behaviors that are enduring and consistent, so it tends to grow steadily over time, reflecting societal changes and demographic shifts. 

For example, in the last 5 years, the demand for phone chargers is always high and stable, so they’re long-term trending products to sell. 

long term trending products

Which product is suitable for mega stores

As a mega store selling a variety of products in many different niches, you can't always track and follow flash trends in every niche. However, you still need to keep up with consumer demand and maintain profitability. Thus, the most suitable type of products for your store is products that have a history of popularity and ongoing demand or, in other words, long-term trending products. 

By showcasing and offering these products in smart and enticing ways, they not only give you stable profit but also increase customer satisfaction. For this purpose, our Minimog theme can be a helpful sales assistant for your store as it provides clean and stunning sections to showcase your products along with smart upsell and cross-sell features to attract customers. 

How to find trending products 2023

If you want to fill your warehouse with trending products in 2023 but don't know which are trending now, here are some methods to figure out! 

Use Google Trends 

The most popular (and cost-effective) way to find trending products is using Google Trends. Google Trends is a free analytics platform that collates data from Google search results to analyze the popularity of top search queries across various regions and languages in a specific period. 

To find the winning products for your stores by Google Trends, you can follow these steps:

Set up search conditions

In the Trends Explore tool, choose the region and time you want to collect data. Typically, you should choose your primary market as the region and the period may change depending on your purpose. 

If you want to find recent rising trends (which is often suitable for hunting winning short-term trending products), you can set the time as "Past 30 days" or "Past 90 days". If you want to find products with stable performance (long-term trending products), you should set the time as "Past 5 years".  

Next, set up categories that fit your needs the most. For example, if you want to find home appliances and furniture to sell, you can choose the category as “Home & Garden”.

how to find trending products by Google Trends

Find trending products

After setting up the search engine, you can now start finding your products. Here you should explore "Search queries" first. For example, the platform bed frame can be considered a trending product with rising attention in the “Home & Garden” category. 

If in the "Search Queries" section of one category, you can’t find a keyword related to a product, you should move to explore "Search topics". For instance, in the "Air" topic, we can find some trending products in search queries like “airfryer” and “air purifier”.

how to find trending products 2023

Double-check results   

After finding some products, you can compare them to see which performs better and make the final decision with the “Compare” feature in the Exploring tool of Google Trends. Take the 2 aforementioned products as an example; when comparing air fryer and air purifier, we can realize air fryer has the highest and stablest search volume in the last 5 years. Thus air fryers can be long-term trending products for your store to sell. 

how to find trending products

As Google Trends is a free tool, it requires more effort to research the right products. Moreover, please note that a product trending on Google may not always be trending on marketplaces - such as Amazon, eBay, or Etsy. Thus, ideally, you should double-check the performance of these products on your targeted marketplaces too. 

Track trends on Social Media

38% of customers prefer to explore new products on social media. That explains why many trending products stem from social media. Hence, social media is also a great place to start if you want to find a trending product. 

But how to find trending products on social media? Here are some tips for you:


A simple way to find trending products is by utilizing its search bar. You can type your niches in the search bar, and look at the search predictions to explore ideas for products, as these predictions are based on the popularity of search terms

Another way to explore products is by using Facebook Ad Library. You can search for your keywords and filter the ads by time, region, and impressions to explore the best-performing ads, thereby finding the products with the highest engagement. 

find trending products on Facebook


The easiest way to find trending products on Youtube is by exploring the "Trending" tab. You can look at trending videos to see if any product suits your stores. 

Another way to discover popular products on YouTube is to search (product name or niche) + unboxing. You'll at least find a few relevant videos to help you decide whether the product is worth selling.


You can easily explore trending products at The Discovery Tab, as TikTok has an algorithm that pushes the most viewed videos to the top. However, remember to adjust your location to your target markets to see the trending videos here. 

Finally, one effective method that can apply to all social media platforms is following influencers. Influencer marketing significantly impacts buyers' decisions, so following them can give you an idea of what products are trending. And more than that, you can even predict the trends based on the engagement of their followers. 

Use product research tools

Manual research may result in the most accurate and suitable products for your stores, but it takes too much time. Thus, you can seek help from product research tools. 

These tools collect and analyze data from Google and many social platforms to suggest consumers' preferred products. Although not every product suggested by these tools would perform well, they will give you faster access to information on potential trending products. 

If you haven't used a product research tool, here are some recommendations for you: 

  1. Hootsuite Insights: Hootsuite is a social media management tool. Hootsuite Insights is a feature that allows you to monitor social media platforms for trending products. You can use this app to identify products that are gaining popularity on social media.
  2. Oberlo: Oberlo is an app that is mainly used by drop shippers. It has a database of products that are sourced from AliExpress. You can easily import these products to your online store.
  3. Spocket: Spocket allows retailers to find trending products that fit their niche and customer base. With the ability to sort through thousands of products, Spocket provides excellent options for any type of business. Moreover, you can have a chance to get this top-notch product research tool and a clean, multi-purpose and high-converting theme at unbeatable prices if you purchase our Minimog along with Spocket.

Find trending products on online marketplaces

Other marketplaces are also reliable sources of ideas for trending products. You can learn from best-selling products on top marketplaces like Amazon, Aliexpress, or eBay. 

Finding products on these websites is effortless as they all have a section for bestsellers or popular products. Browse through these sections to see what products are trending.

Besides, you can search for prevalent products in your niches by choosing or typing your categories in the search bar and filtering the search results according to best sellers. 

Trending products 2023: Top 10 products to sell on Shopify 

Understanding your needs, we list out the best-selling products in 2023 in each niche for you like grooming brush, Pokemon cards, hair oil & dandruff shampoo, glow foundation, lip gloss and so on.

1. Pet: Grooming brush & Dog food

Pet grooming has grown significantly in recent years due to increasing awareness about pet health. Thus, grooming products should be one of one of the best products to sell in 2023 for mega pet stores.

When filtering categories "Pet" in Google Trends, the most related topic is "Dog". And when exploring this topic, in the top related topic, "Dog Grooming", we can find some topics for potential products like hair clippers, scissors, brushes.

trending products 2023 mega pet store

When comparing these 3 keywords, it's evident that “pet brush” always had high demand in the past 5 years and it performed much better than the other two.

trending products 2023 mega pet store

When double-checking on Amazon, we can see that most of the best-selling products for pet grooming are pet grooming brushes. Thus, pet brush is a long-term trending product that is worth considering for your mega pet store.

trending products 2023 pet mega store

Another type of pet product to consider is pet food, as it appears in both top related topics and search queries of "Pet" topic. 

As analyzed by Google, the most popular type of pet food is dog food with high and stable interest from consumers. 

pet food trending products 2023

In addition, it's also reported as the most profitable product in this market, so this product is a must-have for your mega pet store. 

2. Toys & Hobby: Pokemon cards

According to the market report, for a mega hobby store, the main products should be toys & games. 

When doing research in online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress, many of the hottest products in the Toys & Hobbies category are Pokemon cards.

trending products mega hobby store

When checking this product on Google Trends, this product witnessed a sharp increase in consumers’ interest in 2020, and now it’s still trendy. Hence, Pokemon trading cards can be a profitable product for mega hobby stores.

mega hobby store trending products 2023

3. Home & Garden: Bed frame 

In the category "Home & Garden" on Google Trend, you can find “Bed” as the top related topic. So let's dive deep into this topic. 

Many products appear in search queries of "Bed" but right at the top, under all the irrelevant keywords, is "bed frame". 

mega furniture store trending products

And the chart of this search term also implies that it’s popular in the past 5 years. 

mega furniture store trending products 2023

After finding a product idea for your mega furniture store, now you should check the performance of this product on the market. When looking for "bed" in the search bar of Amazon, the first suggestion is bed frame, and most of the hot products for this search are also bed frames. It's proven that this is a trending product in the market. 

mega furniture store bed frame

Therefore, if you're running a mega furniture store, bed frames will be a wonderful choice for you. 

4. Beauty & Health: Hair oil & Dandruff shampoo

To explore the trending beauty products, we choose the category “Beauty & Fitness” on Google Trends. As the first related topic of the category “Beauty & Fitness” on Google Trends is “Hair”, we exploit this topic and find out some potential products in its top search queries including “hair oil”, “hair dryer”, and “hair mask”.

After analyzing the interest for these keywords in the 5-year period, we take hair oil as a trending beauty product in this period.

trending beauty products 2023

In addition to being a hot product on Amazon, hair oil is listed as one of the key products of the haircare market in 2016-2028. 

Also, some recommended hair oil products on Google Trends in 2023 are coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, argan oil, rosemary oil, and onion oilhair oil trending beauty products 2023

Besides, when mentioning hair, you can’t neglect shampoo as it’s the leading product in the hair and scalp care market. As the most concerned issue of customers is anti-dandruff, dandruff shampoo should also be one of the top trending beauty products to sell. 

trending beauty products 2023 shampoo

And this fact is also proven by Google Trends when this product is listed as a top search query and its interest over time is going up. 

5. Makeup & Cosmetics: Glow foundation & Lip gloss

Makeup & Cosmetics is always a profitable market with stable growth rate so trending makeup products should be on the shelves of mega stores. 

The top 5 topics and queries of the category “Makeup & Cosmetics” include 2 types of makeup products, which are foundation and lipstick. In fact, these two makeup products are listed as popular makeup products in the period of 2019 - 2030 in the market report.

Specifically, new trending products in 2023 are “glow foundation” and “lip gloss”. In recent years, natural dewy makeup has been a trend in the makeup industry, which results in increasing demand for these above-mentioned trending makeup products.

trending makeup products glow foundation

6. Babies & Kids: Baby pacifier

On AliExpress, 2 out of 5 best-selling products in the Mothers & Kids category are pacifiers. Simultaneously, on Amazon, this product is also in the top 10 best sellers. Thus, it can be a trending product in the baby product market. 

trending baby products 2023 baby pacifier

After checking the interest of consumers, we can confirm that pacifier is a stable trending product in the last 5 years. 

trending products 2023 baby pacifier

7. Clothing: Shirt dress

Fashion is all about quick trends, but sometimes you still can find some sustainable trending products for your store. 

When researching the topic of Clothing on Google Trends, “shirt dress” takes a position in the most interested search queries. Besides, according to the chart, it not only always gain interest from many consumers in these years but also witnessed a slight increase this year.  

trending products 2023 fashion

Thus, if your store seeks a timeless fashion product, shirt dresses are perfect for you. 

To sum up

In conclusion, if you want to find what to sell on shopify 2023, these 10 trending products including grooming brush and dog food, Pokemon cards, bed frame, hair oil and dandruff shampoo, glow foundation and lip gloss, baby pacifier, and lip gloss are great options for your stores.

However, only trending products are not enough for a successful mega store. You need a stunning store with optimized upsells, convincing cross-sells, and all other necessary features for a mega store. If you haven’t had a store like that yet, Minimog theme is perfect for the play.

Minimog Next-gen theme is fully equipped with all essential features for mega stores like mega menu, responsive design, upsells and cross-sells features. By utilizing Minimog, the store can easily boost sales of products in multiple niches. 

So why don't you hesitate? Try Minimog now and watch your sales soar!

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