Shopify Dawn Theme: A Comprehensive Review of the Best Free Shopify Theme

Shopify Dawn theme review

Are you in search of a theme to enhance your storefront's appeal? Look no further than the Shopify Dawn theme, renowned for its robust features.

This theme has served as an inspiration for numerous global stores, providing them with a fresh and revitalized appearance and ensuring a delightful shopping experience for customers.

Notably, it has become the default theme for all new Shopify stores. In this article, we'll explore the standout features of Dawn, examine its advantages and drawbacks, and uncover examples of eCommerce brands that draw inspiration from the Shopify Dawn theme to create successful and visually appealing stores.

Overview of Shopify Dawn theme

What is Shopify Dawn theme?

Dawn is the newest free theme unveiled by Shopify in June 2021 at their Unite developer conference. Tailored for the latest and greatest Online Store 2.0 on Shopify's eCommerce platform, Dawn brings a clean, simple, and fresh design option to your Shopify store.

Shopify Dawn theme
As a Shopify 2.0 theme, it introduces cool new features that make customizing your online store a breeze. A flexible layout, broad cross-selling sections across your site, and product pages optimized for media give your sales a boost.

It's now easier to tweak things to your liking - sections and blocks allow you to effortlessly add, shuffle, and edit every page without diving into any complicated coding.

Which businesses is the Dawn theme ideal for?

Even though themes can be crafted for specific groups, Shopify took a smart approach with Dawn, aiming to make it a hit with various merchants. The Dawn theme on Shopify suits all kinds of stores across different industries, whether you're selling physical goodies or digital products.

The goal was to create a theme that can grow with you and your business. Whether you're just starting your online store or ramping up your sales, Dawn is designed to adapt seamlessly, like a trusty pair of jeans that always fits just right.

Key features of Shopify Dawn theme

The Dawn theme packs in all the essentials you'd anticipate from a standard Shopify theme.

Dawn lets you craft a polished and captivating website that makes the shopping experience a breeze.

Now, let's dive into the standout features of the Dawn theme:

1. Mega menu

Mega menu of Shopify Dawn themeSay goodbye to the limitations of traditional dropdown menus! Mega menus, unlike their constrained counterparts, offer a wider, multi-column layout. This feature allows you to showcase a plethora of categories and subcategories in your Shopify store.

You can discover the mega menu feature with Dawn – just click on the menu icon from the editor, and voila!
How to activate mega menu in Shopify Dawn theme
If your Shopify store is a large website and includes diverse content, a mega menu is the perfect fit for your store.

By simplifying the process of finding products and information, the mega menu empowers your visitors to swiftly access their desired content. Therefore, the mega menu plays a crucial role in improving the user experience and optimizing website navigation, especially for eCommerce platforms.

2. Product recommendation

Encouraging customers to buy more through cross-selling by recommending related products is a smart strategy.

Consider these important stats to kickstart your journey into product recommendations:

  • Boosts revenue: A Barilliance study reveals that personalized product recommendations could make up a substantial 31% of your eCommerce site revenues.
  • Raises cart value: As per Monetate's report, customers engaging with product recommendations enjoy a notable 5.5% increase in their average cart value.

In the Shopify Dawn theme, the recommended products section can be found under 'You may also like,' placed at the bottom of a single product page or the checkout page to give your sales a significant boost.
Product recommendation of Shopify Dawn theme
And here's the exciting part….

With the Dawn theme, the power to craft personalized product recommendation sections is right at your fingertips. No need to stress about coding – Shopify has curated a detailed, step-by-step guide complete with pre-made codes to help you effortlessly build your customizable related product section. This not only adds to your customers' satisfaction but also amplifies customer engagement and loyalty.

If creating a customizable related product section seems time-consuming and daunting, consider exploring additional outstanding product recommendation features with Shopify Search & Discovery apps.

We suggest trying the Boost AI Search & Filter app, employing AI and Machine Learning for product recommendations. This advanced system analyzes buyer behavior, product attributes, and past interactions to recommend frequently purchased items and related products.

3. Product filtering and sorting

Ensuring a delightful shopping experience goes beyond merely stocking products in your eCommerce store; it's about creating an easy and enjoyable process for your customers. This is where product sorting and filtering step in as essential tools to cater to your target audience, whether they're on a specific product hunt or casually exploring.

Now, let's delve into the sorting and filtering system seamlessly integrated into the Shopify Dawn theme. This feature offers a range of options for fine-tuning the filtering process, empowering your customers to effortlessly discover their desired items.

You can customize your product showcase by availability, price, color, and other attributes to suit your website.
Product filtering and sorting of Shopify Dawn theme
But that's not all – your buyers also enjoy the flexibility to sort products based on various criteria.

Whether it's by featured or best-selling status, alphabetical order (A-Z & Z-A), price (high to low & low to high), or date (new to old & old to new), the Dawn theme provides a user-friendly interface that enhances the overall shopping journey.

4. Quick buy

The Shopify Dawn theme introduces a handy Quick Buy feature, conveniently located on the product page. Keep an eye out for the 'Buy it now' button – it's your shortcut to swift purchases.

No longer an extra step of navigating to the cart and clicking 'Check out.' Clicking the quick buy button smoothly redirects your visitors straight to the checkout page.
Quick Buy of Shopify Dawn theme
And here's more! Dawn's 'Add to cart' button on the product page allows your customers to seamlessly continue shopping without having to leave their current page. This not only streamlines the purchasing process but also reduces any unnecessary friction.

5. High-resolution images and image zoom

With the Dawn theme, you can effortlessly showcase your products with top-notch visuals. Take advantage of image galleries, rollover effects, and zoom options.
Image zoom of Shopify Dawn theme

Image room feature of Shopify Dawn theme

High-resolution and high-quality images provide an authentic feel for your products. Research indicates that utilizing such high-quality images can lead to a boost in conversions of up to 60%.

Moreover, these images come with Dawn’s useful zoom feature, enabling your customers to explore details, angles, and context up close. This reduces confusion about products, enhancing trust by providing customers with a clearer view and understanding of the product they're examining.

Pros and cons of using Shopify Dawn theme

Pros of using the Shopify Dawn theme for building your online store

  • Design: The Dawn theme boasts a sleek and modern design, making it an ideal choice for showcasing your products and establishing a professional eCommerce store.
  • Speed: Dawn takes the lead as Shopify's fastest theme yet, surpassing Debut by a notable 35%. With advanced features like the theme editor, meta fields, and app blocks, modifying store content and pages becomes a breeze, contributing to its remarkable speed.
  • Responsiveness: The Dawn theme ensures a seamless experience across all devices, from desktops to tablets and smartphones, thanks to its full responsiveness.
  • Flexibility: Dawn packs a punch when it comes to flexibility. You can seamlessly add sections to any page of your online store, and key sections have been broken down into blocks for easy addition, removal, and reordering.

Flexibility of Shopify Dawn theme
One standout feature is Dawn's collage section, allowing the assembly of different content blocks for versatile layouts - perfect for featuring related products, creating lookbooks, image galleries, or even video sections.
How flexible Shopify Dawn theme is
Additionally, Dawn supports app blocks, simplifying the process of inserting and customizing apps within the online store using the theme editor.

  • Customization: Dawn offers a range of built-in customization choices that empower you to customize your online store without needing advanced technical knowledge. Adjusting fonts, colors, and other settings to align with your brand is a breeze.

What truly endears us to the Dawn theme is its adaptable layout for any product quantity. Regardless of the volume of products or content you're managing, Dawn's templates effortlessly adjust to generate visually appealing pages.
Pros of Shopify Dawn theme
The fail-proof setting in Dawn's product and collection grid sections allows you to seamlessly incorporate numerous products without jeopardizing image ratios and maintaining a consistent layout.

Furthermore, the default layout is sturdy, ensuring there's no risk of inconsistent text alignment when working with images of varying aspect ratios.

Cons of using the Shopify Dawn theme to build your online store

  • Basic Design: One drawback to note is that the theme lacks multiple layouts, which could be a limitation for certain merchants with specific business needs.
  • Limited Advanced Features: Dawn comes with some limitations in terms of advanced eCommerce features and functionalities.

Premium themes may offer additional tools like a Countdown Timer and a Stock Counter to urge customers to take action by instilling a sense of urgency, or a Product Bundle to encourage buyers to add more items to their cart.

  • Support Limitations: In the event of encountering an issue while using the page editor, obtaining an immediate solution may be challenging.

This is because you're likely to be directed to a help center that addresses frequently asked questions and requires you to search for the answer yourself, or encouraged to seek assistance from community forums.

Glow Up Your Store: Dazzling Examples of the Shopify Dawn Theme

1. Murphy Door

Category: Home & Furniture

Murphy Door stands out as a distinctive contemporary online furniture store, with a special emphasis on a diverse range of beds and doors. Serving as a prime Shopify Dawn theme example, Murphy Door's storefront catches the eye with its impressive mega menu, enriched with both text and icons for excellent visual representation.
examples of Shopify Dawn theme
The product pages offer transparency, displaying stunning images, and what truly impresses us is the extensive array of product variants. This ensures you have ample options to select the perfect item that suits your specific needs, complemented by a comprehensive product description section.

For instance, if you're in the market for a mirror closet French door, you have the flexibility to choose the wood core type, wood variety, door and cabinet dimensions, front panel design, and more. This level of detail ensures a thorough understanding of the product, assisting customers in making informed choices.
Murphy Door, as an example of Shopify Dawn theme
Pro tip: If you want to design a stylish mega menu like Murphy Door effortlessly, try Megamog Shopify theme 2.0. This Shopify theme is ideal for large inventory stores, allowing you to create an impressive mega menu within minutes.
add icons and image in mega menu with Megamog Shopify theme
Imagine a mega menu with extensive content or a text-only menu that looks dull. We've got you covered! Enhance it with your unique images and icons to facilitate faster navigation and make your brand more appealing to shoppers.

2. Rocco & The Fox
inspring examples of brands using Shopify Dawn theme
Category: Clothing & Accessories

Rocco & The Fox boasts an extensive collection of chic and high-quality baby and toddler clothing. It is an impressive example of the Shopify Dawn theme, showcasing a meticulously designed aesthetic that imparts a timeless and elegant allure. This infusion elevates the shopping experience, adding a touch of sophistication to the store.

The product pages are well-organized and sleek, showcasing large images, detailed product descriptions, suggested products, and user-friendly product filtering and sorting options.

The website ensures fast speed and seamless performance, contributing to an effortless shopping experience.

3. SweeDesi
examples of eCommerce brands using Shopify Dawn theme
Category: Food & Drink

SweeDesi, a notable Shopify Dawn theme example, brings an extensive array of popular Indian snacks and sweets to various regions of India. We really like SweeDesi's storefront, which boasts a neat and vibrant charm. The website presents a consistently pleasing color scheme and layout.

The product page design stands out, featuring contextual variant images, high-quality visuals with image zoom, product variants, customer reviews, efficient product filtering, and product recommendations.

A unique highlight of the site is the real-time visitor counter, displaying the current number of people exploring products or pages. This serves as a subtle yet effective marketing tool, leveraging the psychological impact of group behavior to influence individual purchasing decisions.

4. Olivine Atelier
how brands use Shopify Dawn theme to build online store
Category: Beauty & Fitness

Olivine Atelier is another standout example of the Shopify Dawn theme, showcasing a delightful collection of handmade cosmetics and perfumes available for purchase.

The online store is thoughtfully designed to provide a lovely and flawless experience for online shoppers, mirroring the brand's name and the quality of its products. Powered by the Shopify Dawn theme, the site ensures swift loading and smooth navigation.

The product pages are transparent, featuring appealing images, a wide array of product variant options, embedded customer reviews, and comprehensive product descriptions, even including bonus tips for product usage.

The shop provides multiple payment options and promotes a banner offering free shipping for orders over $100, creating an enticing offer for potential shoppers.

Shopify Dawn Theme Review: Wrapping up

In essence, if you're seeking a straightforward Shopify theme without additional costs, the Dawn theme is an excellent option.

This new theme provides access to the Shopify Online Store 2.0 theme editor, complete with convenient app blocks and image sections. It empowers you to create collection pages and customize various elements like the homepage, product page, and checkout to align with your brand.

With the Dawn theme, editing, modifying, and building a modern, professional store becomes a seamless and speedy process, even without advanced technical skills.

However, it's essential to note that the Dawn theme serves as a relatively basic reference theme for Shopify merchants, offering limited capabilities. If you're in search of a theme with more advanced features, you can explore various premium theme options available on the Shopify theme store.

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