ZEST Mar ‘23 Updates - Higher Revenue with Gift Wrapping and More Design Flexibility with Section Groups

Higher Revenue with Gift Wrapping and More Design Flexibility with Section Groups

Get ready for our monthly dose of exciting updates! We promise that each update will enhance your store design experience and leave you more satisfied. Let’s check out what we've added to our Zest theme this month!

Boost your business revenue with our Gift Wrapping feature

You may be wondering how a small feature can greatly impact your e-commerce sales and profits, right? Consider this scenario: you want to send a birthday gift to your friend. Would you send the gift without wrapping it? Or would you order the package and then go through the hassle of buying wrapping material and doing it yourself? That sounds like a lot of time and effort!

To make things easier for your customers, we have introduced the gift-wrapping feature this month. By offering this simple add-on service on your cart page and cart drawer page, you can provide a complete A-Z service to your customers, making them feel taken care of and leading to an increase in revenue and average order value (AOV)

Boost your revenue with Gift Wrapping feature

Then, you can consider these factors when implementing a gift-wrapping service on your e-commerce site:

  • Include pictures of the wrapped presents: Show your customers what the gift will look like.
  • Offer customers different wrapping options: For example, you can provide gift-wrapping options for men, women, or kids. The more you personalize the shopping experience for your customers, the greater the likelihood of enhancing their satisfaction and distinguishing your business from competitors who do not offer such customized options.
  • Provide a "no price tag" option for customers who want to hide the price from the recipient. 
  • Decide the duration to offer gift wrapping (year-round or only during the holiday season).
  • Determine charges for the service, such as keeping a standard price or offering free wrapping above a certain amount for regular customers. 

Let’s check out how to add a gift wrap option to your cart

Upgrade your design flexibility with Section Groups

Section Groups is a new Shopify feature that revolutionizes theme architecture by giving merchants the power to easily add, remove, and rearrange sections directly within the theme editor. 

Previously, sections could not be added in a theme's Header and Footer area, which limited design flexibility in the editor, forcing merchants and apps to resort to editing and injecting code into the theme. This posed potential issues for merchants, such as being unable to receive bug fixes and new features or falling off the theme upgrade path. 

We want to ensure you are always up-to-date with the latest features, so we updated Zest this month to support Section Groups. You can now add sections to the Header and Footer of your theme, which gives you more control over the layout and appearance of your website. 

Upgrade flexibility with Section Groups on your Shopify store

Take advantage of better customization possibilities and increased design flexibility to make your website stand out! Now, learn more about how Zest supports the Section Group

Wrapping up

From now on, you can offer gift wrapping right in your cart page and cart drawer page, giving your customers an extra “nudge” towards making a purchase and boosting your revenue and average order value. Plus, enjoy more design flexibility with the ability to add sections in the Header and Footer of your theme. 

Stay tuned for even more updates from our team to improve the design experience.

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