Christmas & New Year Sales Strategies to Supercharge Your Revenue

9 christmas & new year sales strategies for success

The tinsel may have settled after the Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) extravaganza, but fear not! The holiday season is still shining brightly, and it's your golden ticket to sleighing your sales targets.

Why is the holiday season such a big deal for eCommerce? Imagine Santa without his reindeer – it just wouldn’t be the same. 

Similarly, for eCommerce, the holiday season is the reindeer that propels your sales to new heights. People are in a shopping mood, hunting for the perfect gifts and year-end treats. It's a time when wallets are loosen up, and the cash register jingles with joy. Understanding the significance of this season is the first step toward a successful sleigh ride.

Now that we're all on the same page about the holiday season's power, how to get more sales on Shopify during this season? Let’s roll up our sleeves and explore the eCommerce strategies that will have your online store singing carols of success. From analyzing BFCM performance to crafting pre-holiday, during-holiday, and post-holiday eCommerce strategies, we’ve got the roadmap to supercharge your Christmas sales. So, grab your hot cocoa, sit back, and let’s sleigh this together! 🛷🎄

Review BFCM sales performance

Now that the Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) dust has settled. If you are wondering how to get more sales on Shopify during the upcoming holiday season, it's time to dive into the treasure trove of data left in its wake. Think of it as a post-BFCM gift – the insights that will shape your holiday success. Understanding the importance of this analysis is like having Rudolph guide your sleigh through a foggy night – it’s a game-changer.

Key Areas to Analyze

1. Conversion Rate & Sales Trend

    Unwrapping the magic starts with understanding how many window shoppers turned into merry buyers. Analyze your conversion rate and sales trends to spot patterns, opportunities, and areas that need a little holiday magic.

    Critical metrics: total sales, conversion rate, average order value.

    2. Marketing and Promotions’ Dos and Don’ts

      Santa checks his list, so you should check your sales and marketing strategies twice. Identify what worked wonders and what could use a touch-up. Was it the social media campaigns, email newsletters, or maybe a special promotion? Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is the secret sauce for a successful encore.

      Critical metrics: website traffic, social media traffic, email click-through rate, ROI on influencer marketing.

      3. Customer Feedback and Satisfaction

        In the land of sugarplum fairies and satisfied customers, feedback is king. Dive into customer reviews and satisfaction scores. What delights them, and where do they wish for more? Customer feedback is your guide to making the holiday experience even merrier next time.

        Critical metrics: product rating, customer lifetime value, net promoter score.

        View a full list of critical eCommerce metrics and KPIs for success.

        Equip Yourself with the Right Tools

        Gaining data and analyzing them is quite hard work unless you have the right tools. Since you are an eCommerce entrepreneur or a Shopify store owner, let’s first think about Google Analytics and Shopify Analytics. They are widely used and will give you almost everything you want to dive deeper into your business performance.

        For instance, utilize Google Analytics to track overall website performance and user interactions, while relying on Shopify Analytics for in-depth examinations of product-specific metrics and the intricacies of your store's sales funnel.

        By harnessing the synergy power of that combo, you can explore the root driver/cause that boosts/slows up your business performance.

        What’s Next?

        Make Improvements Based on Analysis and Report

        The sleigh journey doesn’t end with data collection. You must utilize those data to answer the question of how to get more sales on Shopify.

        To get to the answer, it's time to put on your elf hat, roll up your sleeves, and jump into work.

        Did a particular marketing channel perform exceptionally well? Double down on it! Identify pain points in the customer journey and smooth them out.

        Or did a particular channel perform significantly worse? Dig deeper on the data to find out the real reason. Whether it's a lack of compelling content, ineffective targeting, or a suboptimal user experience, addressing these issues can help bring the channel up to par with the more successful ones.

        For those grappling with the common issue of "having traffic but no sales," a holistic approach is necessary. Leverage insights from both Google Analytics and Shopify Analytics to understand user behavior, identify drop-off points, and refine your sales funnel.

        Remember, continuous improvement is the key to staying ahead in the holiday game.

        Set Goals for Christmas and New Year Sales

        With BFCM insights in hand, set your sights on the twinkling lights of Christmas and New Year sales. What revenue targets are you aiming for? How can you surpass the success of BFCM? Like planning Santa's route, setting clear and achievable goals will keep your sleigh on track and your team motivated.

        When defining your eCommerce strategy for the holiday season ahead, the post-BFCM analysis is your North Star. Follow it, and you'll find yourself on the path to a holiday season filled with soaring sales and satisfied customers. Onward, to a sleigh ride of success!

        Christmas & New Year sales strategies

        Pre-holiday sales strategies

        1. Run BFCM extended promotions

        Even though the Black Friday rush subsides, many shoppers still haven’t done on their holiday shopping lists. Capitalize on this untapped need by prolonging your biggest sale event into the first week of December.

        Dubbed "Cyber Monday Week" or "Extended Black Friday", these promotional periods are a powerful way to maintain shopping momentum while welcoming last-minute patrons. Offering your deepest discounts of the year for a full seven days encourages stragglers to finish tasks before the craze of the Christmas sales season starts.

        Take Rei as this sales strategy example. Rei is going to launch a Cyber Week instead of just a Cyber Monday. By doing so, the brand will have more time to engage with customers on its promotions and drive more sales.

        holiday sales strategy example

        Image source: Rei

        The benefits are twofold. First, it serves customers who want to complete purchases in early December rather than compete with the crowds. Second, it's a tried-and-true technique to motivate purchases from those still on the fence. After all, who can resist that perfect gift at an unbeatable price?

        A quick tip for you here is customers respond best to the perception of an enhanced "limited-time" offer. Communicate the promotion heavily through email, social media, and digital ads to capture those who missed the initial deals. You can also utilize mobile-friendly on-site banners and pop-ups for some extra nudging.

        By continuing your superstar sale for just a little longer, you'll keep sales climbing throughout the early holiday season. It's a simple eCommerce strategy to propel your business forward in a big way.

        2.  Decorate the website with holiday style

        94% of first impressions are related to your site’s web design. Therefore, before executing any Christmas marketing ideas and deals, you have to refresh your online storefront with a holiday aesthetic. Decorating your digital space builds goodwill by eliciting positive emotions surrounding this special time of year.

        Start by optimizing your website design and then incorporate festive elements seamlessly. Fun additions like blinking lights, falling snow, holiday music, or scrolling "Christmas sales" messages draw eyes with whimsy. Interweaving themes of gifts, food, family, and more creates a cozy ambiance shoppers will want to linger in.

        Let’s take a sales strategy example from Kylie Cosmetics. Last year, the brand incorporated Christmas decorations and the falling snow effect in its hero section to draw shoppers' attention to the bundle offerings right when they visit the website.

        holiday sales strategy example

        Image source: Kylie Cosmetics

        Most importantly, don't forget to leverage imagery fully. Tasteful holiday photos create enticement while displaying products wrapped or in use provides real-world examples. Your store is sure to delight shoppers and cultivate feelings of warmth, joy - and of course, better conversions!

        As a pro tip, consider smart tools like Foxify Smart Pagebuilder to give you a hand with an efficient holiday design. Foxify is the holiday elf that helps you build an online store with a festive look effortlessly. With a user-friendly one-click editor and 40+ high-converting templates, Foxify is your ticket to creating a digital storefront that not only showcases your products but also immerses visitors in the magic of the season.

        Shopify smart pagebuilder, Foxify

        3. Launch early-access deals for loyal customers

        In the spirit of giving, why not kick off the holiday season with a special treat for your loyal customers? Launching early-access deals is not just an eCommerce strategy - it's a way of saying "Thank you for being a part of our community."

        Amongst countless Christmas marketing ideas, this simple brand-building technique boosts engagement while allowing you to test demand. If exclusive deals move at a brisk pace, scale codes out to acquire new subscribers accordingly. And of course, stock will be better predicted ahead of the seasonal rush.

        To execute this festive eCommerce strategy seamlessly, start by sending personalized emails to your loyal customers. Treat it like writing letters to your closest friends – warm, personal, and filled with holiday cheer. In these emails, unveil the early-access deals or share an exclusive discount code. Make them feel like they're unwrapping a special gift just for them.

        As a sales strategy example, let’s take a peek at Moxielash. This cosmetics brand has mastered the art of early-access deals for loyal customers. It sent an email to only VIP customers, in which they are allowed to check out the latest collection of Moxielash before anyone else. This sales strategy creates an exclusive shopping experience for their most devoted patrons.

        holiday sales strategy example
        Image source: Moxielash

        During holiday sales strategies

        4. Offer special holiday collections

        Give shoppers one-stop options to complete their lists by bundling complementary items into curated collections. Especially for the holidays, ready-made gift sets boost average cart value and revenue by up to 30%.

        To elevate this eCommerce strategy, consider the creation of product bundles tailored specifically for the holiday season. Think of it as offering customers ready-made gift sets, simplifying their holiday shopping experience, and adding a delightful touch to their purchases.

        For a seamless execution, consider using FoxKit All-in-one Sales Boost. Beyond being a mere tool, FoxKit becomes your holiday assistant, simplifying the creation of product bundles and ensuring that your special collections shine.

        Take this sales strategy example from Lulus as an inspiration. This clothing brand has created holiday-themed collections for its dresses, shirts, shoes, etc. By clicking on them, shoppers can find their suitable items during the holiday season without putting too much effort into searching.

        holiday sales strategy example

        Image source: Lulus

        5. Provide holiday bonus gifts

        Beyond bundles, incentivize purchases by including complimentary extras alongside regular orders. These low-cost perks go a long way in delighting customers during their festivities.

        Providing holiday bonus gifts carries a sleigh-load of benefits, primarily focused on increasing shoppers’ satisfaction and fostering brand loyalty. According to research from Retail Touchpoints, 90% of consumers say bonus gifts will increase brand loyalty. So, think of it as sprinkling a bit of extra magic into every purchase, making your customers feel appreciated and valued.

        Rather than just selling products, consider other advanced Christmas marketing ideas such as offering free add-ons with purchases. These unexpected extras act as delightful surprises, elevating the shopping experience and leaving a positive impression.

        Take it a step further by creating value-added packages or gift sets. This not only simplifies the decision-making process for customers but also showcases the thoughtfulness and care your brand puts into curating the holiday experience.

        Communication is key. Clearly convey the benefits and value of the bonus gifts to your customers. Whether it's through product descriptions, marketing materials, or personalized notes, make sure your customers understand the added value they receive with their purchases.

        Lancôme Paris is a perfect sales strategy example for providing holiday bonus gifts. This cosmetic brand lets shoppers choose a free gift (value up to $136) when purchasing during the holiday season. This strategy has eventually turned each purchase into a festive celebration and fostered brand loyalty.

        holiday sales strategy example

        Image source: Lancôme Paris

        6. Deliver personalized shopping experiences

        Personalization is the secret sauce to happy customers and loyal brand advocates, as it is attractive to 74% of Gen-Zers, 67% of Millennials, 61% of Gen-Xers, and 57% of Baby Boomers. By tailoring the shopping experience, you're showing customers that you see them as individuals, not just order numbers.

        On your website, take the plunge into personalization by offering personalized products. Think of it as giving your customers the ability to add their own touch to the holiday magic. 

        Additionally, utilize a product recommendations section to guide customers to items that align with their preferences and purchase history.

        Learn other expert ideas to leverage personalization on your website.

        Extend this personalized touch outside your website by sending personalized messages. It's like writing a heartfelt letter to a friend. Whether it's through email marketing, social media interactions, or personalized notes in shipped packages, let your customers know that you value their unique presence.

        For a real-world sales strategy example, look no further than Pura Vida, a bracelet brand on Shopify. It has delivered personalized shopping experiences through the Recently Viewed Products and Recommended Products section. By looking into those sections, shoppers can find needed products more easily.

        holiday sales strategy example

        Image source: Pura Vida

        Overall, see clients as multi-dimensional individuals - not mere transactions. Approaching them and your work with empathy, integrity, and compassion will do more for satisfaction and loyalty than short-term sales and marketing strategies ever could. Focusing first on service versus profit yields sustainable growth benefiting all.

        7. Run retargeted paid ads

        To reach new customers and increase Shopify sales after the busy season starts, paid media plays a key role. Retargeting past site visitors on Google or social platforms maintains visibility when they're actively shopping elsewhere.

        On Facebook, you can serve enticing reminders to add popular items still sitting in abandoned carts. For search, Google Ads display products relevant to past inquiries. Advanced retargeting lets showcase bundles and discounts specifically for returned traffic.

        A few professional tips for effective campaigns include starting small budgets and monitoring daily for optimizations. Targeting cold audiences broadens reach while remarketing nurtures Christmas sales from warmed leads. Testing creativity like carousels versus single images provides invaluable learning too.

        Moreover, ensure ads reach shoppers on relevant channels throughout their journey by linking analytics for on-site actions and conversions off-site. By attracting qualified traffic and retargeting considerately, you can increase brand awareness while driving crucial holiday revenue.

        Post-holiday sales strategies

        8. Launch post-holiday promotions

        Once the Christmas and New Year sales period ends, continue courting patrons with promotions to move excess products. Launch a "Last Chance Sale" providing one final opportunity to benefit shoppers from savings before the prices rise again.

        Let’s see this sales strategy example from Bose. After the end of the sales season, the brand still offered their email subscribers a chance to receive $50 off when purchasing a hot product - QuietComfort noise-canceling headphones. By emphasizing that this is a flash sale as well as the last chance to get the promotion, shoppers are motivated more to spend their money.

        holiday sales strategy example

        Image source: Really Good Emails

        Post-holiday promotions come with a doubled benefit. 

        Firstly, they offer a practical solution to clear out excess inventory. By presenting enticing deals on remaining holiday stock, you transform surplus items into sought-after treasures, creating a win-win scenario for both you and your customers.

        Secondly, these promotions serve as a remedy for cart abandonment during the holiday rush. Shoppers who hesitated during the bustling holiday season now get a second chance to make those desired purchases. It's akin to extending an olive branch, reminding them that the festive deals are still available and encouraging them to revisit their abandoned carts.

        9. Provide gift certificates

        As the echoes of holiday festivities fade, keep the spirit of giving alive with a thoughtful eCommerce strategy – providing gift certificates. Since 17% of American wants to receive gift certificates during the holiday season, this approach goes beyond transactions, it's a gesture that not only helps you increase Shopify sales and boost brand loyalty, but also creates opportunities for future sales and marketing strategies.

        Encourage customers to not just receive but to return and redeem their certificates. Make it a seamless and rewarding experience. Whether it's a discount on their next purchase or a complimentary gift, ensure that redeeming the certificate feels like unwrapping another present.

        Every transaction builds trust in reliable service and quality products. Gift cards keep customers within your ecosystem with low loyalty yield high returns over time. It's a simple tactic for sustainable future growth.

        Learn how to set up a high-converting Shopify gift card.

        A shining sales strategy example of effective gift certificate implementation can be found at Shapermint. This store has provided a $10 gift card with no expiration date when shoppers purchase any products. By doing so, Shapermint will enhance brand loyalty and create ongoing opportunities for future sales and marketing strategies.

        holiday sales strategy example

        Image source: Shapermint

        Get Ready to Supercharge Your Holiday Season

        As we wrap up our journey through holiday strategies for sales and marketing, it's time to fuel your festive success. From post-BFCM analysis to pre-holiday promotions, personalized shopping experiences, and post-holiday deals, each eCommerce strategy is a note in the symphony of your brand's holiday success.

        Arm yourself with insights and a touch of holiday magic! Remember - it's not just about transactions, but also about creating unforgettable moments. Get ready to power up your holiday season, making it merry, bright, and filled with satisfied customers. Here's to a season that goes beyond the ordinary, becoming a cherished chapter in your brand's story! 🥂 

        In your journey of pursuing holiday season success, let us give you a hand with these 2 powerful tools:

        A 90-day FREE trial of using Foxify

        A 14-day FREE trial of using FoxKit

        Happy holiday, and happy selling!

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