Foxify September ‘23 Updates: Achieve Built For Shopify Standards to Leverage Your Design And Experience With Enhanced UI

Foxify September ‘23 Updates: Achieve Built For Shopify Standards to Leverage Your Design And Experience With Enhanced UI

At FoxEcom, we strive to enhance Foxify every day, aiming to make it the most effortless and efficient page builder for merchants to set up and run their businesses. 

After months of work, this version marked a significant milestone for Foxify as it became one of only 92 apps (out of 8000+ apps) recognized by Shopify as a "trusted, high-quality app for merchants" with the "Built for Shopify" badge. 

Let’s explore the latest updates of Foxify on this milestone and how a “Built for Shopify” app benefits your stores!

'Built for Shopify' App: Shine with us

Built for Shopify

As highlighted in the previous blog, achieving the "Built for Shopify" status represents the pinnacle of recognition for Shopify apps. It signifies more than just acknowledgment; it serves as proof that our app significantly contributes to the success and enriching experiences of merchants' stores

Achieving this status means that Foxify meets the high standards of Shopify in speed, ease of use, and merchant value

A “Built for Shopify” app must also have an intuitive design that removes complexity and saves merchants time and effort. Foxify was refactored to meet this requirement in version 2.0.0

In regard to speed, Foxify is optimized to reduce both app loading speed in Shopify admin and its impact on store speed. When Foxify loads in the Shopify admin, the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) time is less than 2.5 seconds, and the First Input Delay is less than 100 milliseconds, providing you with the smoothest and quickest experience when using Foxify. 

Largest Contentful Paint and First Input Delay

Both merchants and buyers can enjoy a smooth shopping experience as Foxify was upgraded to reduce the impact on store speed to less than 10 points in the Lighthouse performance score. 

Work for unpublished theme

unpublished theme

If you want to switch to another theme but want to ensure that every page is designed perfectly before publishing, Foxify ver 2.2.0 is here to help! 

In this version, we updated Foxify to be able to work on unpublished themes. ou can create and design templates and pages for your unpublished theme to have more throughout preparation when switching to a new theme.  

In addition, this feature also reduces the boundary when you want to test our Foxify out to ensure that it’s compatible with your theme and suitable for your stores before using and publishing pages to your live theme. 

There is only one limitation to this feature: you can't view the live page when using Foxify with an unpublished theme. However, this shouldn't be a concern as you can preview your page design

Add presets for gradient colors

gradient color preset

In the previous version, Foxify added the new gradient color picker to enable users to design backgrounds and text with colorful gradients. In this version, we bring this feature to the next level!

As many merchants aren’t design experts to pick and design a beautiful colorful gradient by themselves, we added 20+ stunning presets for gradients so you can choose the most beautiful and suitable one to elevate the design of your store with trending gradients. 

Lock revision to avoid auto-delete

lock revision

Foxify offers the “Page revisions' feature, allowing you to roll back your page to any previously saved version of your content. 

However, sometimes you may accidentally delete your saved versions, or our system deletes them automatically if they exceed your plan limitation. To avoid these circumstances, Foxify v2.2.0 comes with the Lock revision feature for you to lock and save your best versions without accidentally deleting them.

Besides, you can also rename your page history versions to easily find them and switch back whenever you want or proactively delete the old versions to avoid exceeding your plan limitation.

In conclusion

Although Foxify v2.2.0 was released with  only 3 new features, it remains a highlighted version with an enhanced UI and features that will elevate your experience and store design to the next level. 

So, why wait? Update Foxify to the newest version and enjoy this “Built for Shopify” page builder now   

Adora Nguyen

Content Marketing Executive @FoxEcom

Adora is a seasoned content marketer with a rich background in the B2B and SaaS markets. With her unique blend of a marketer, an entrepreneur and a shopaholic, she offers invaluable insights and strategic solutions to empower businesses to thrive and flourish.