A close review of 50+ theme styles by Minimog

50 theme variations of Minimog Shopify theme

Minimog is the new star of Shopify theme when it stands the best-sellers for almost 2021. Today, we'll discover all things about Minimog theme, from its installation to its huge collection of designs.

About Minimog: One-click install, one-time purchase theme

One-click install

One thing about Minimog is it's super easy to install and use. It literally just takes you a few clicks to bring all you need to get your online store ready. 

Since it's that easy to install and apply a new theme, you can switch among a few demo styles and play around before deciding what is your main theme. 

One-time purchase theme

What's even greater is that you only need to purchase Minimog once for your shop. Manual theme updates and support are always free. Not to mention all included apps in Minimog to boost conversions are also lifetime free (Yay!) 

Therefore, unlike other Shopify themes, which mostly are limited with less than 10 variations, Minimog stands out with over 50 theme templates for your to choose from. You can take this advantage to test among styles to see what fits your brand or refresh your store layout once in a while.

If you don't have much time to check out the vast collection, then this is exactly what you need. In this review, we'll break down more than 50 looks into niches so you can easily skim following your needs. 

Note: Navigate to the Table of Content to instantly jump to the exact theme style that you're having an eye on!

Now let's dig in!

I. Fashion & Clothing

01. Main home

Niche: Fashion, Apparel 

Style: Modern and elegant


Main home is one of the most popular magazine-style themes by Minimog for Shopify stores. It offers virtually unlimited design possibilities and options that allows shoppers to quickly spot their favorite and highlighted products from the first sight.

02. Women wears

Niche: Fashion, Apparel 

Style: Vogue and trendy

minimog shopify theme women wears

Women wears focuses on featuring key products and collections, which makes it one of the top CTR boosting theme variation by Minimog. You can choose this theme to promote for specific items in your store.

03. Active wear

Niche: Fashion, Apparel 

Style: Active and lively

minimog shopify theme active wear

Active wear has basically everything you need for a theme, product features in various ways like slideshow or item/collection highlights. Not to mention, it brings out bundle looks, testimonials, and even your blog content.

04. Local brand

Niche: Fashion, Apparel 

Style: Chic and stylish

minimog shopify theme local brand

Local brand offers a vibrant look for fashion businesses to bring out the looks and the feels for shoppers. With an Instagram feed and testimonials, it keeps shoppers stay and makes them want for more.

05. Vogue

Niche: Fashion, Apparel 

Style: Cool and trendy

 minimog shopify theme vogue

Vogue comes with a grid-cross-slideshow presentation that is super cool and fresh. In this way, you get to feature more products, yet highlight key items with a perfect and fun blend of colors.

06. Elegant mood

Niche: Fashion, Apparel 

Style: Classy and chic


Elegant mood adds a little urgency to your site, encourage customers not only click, but also make moves to purchase their favorite items.

07. Trendy style

Niche: Fashion, Apparel 

Style: Modern and modish

minimog shopify theme trendy style 

Another grid look option for store owners to choose, with a color board that fits your brand like a glove. Not to mention, you can add a little intro or sneak peek video to brighten your homepage.

08. In-style

Niche: Fashion, Apparel 

Style: Balanced and light


In-style gives you a popular impression, but also keep all traits that you need for your store. 

09. Chic

Niche: Fashion, Apparel 

Style: Fun and exciting


Chic is fun to scroll through, encourage shoppers to keep discovering until they succeed to find the item that they need. 

10. Glamour

Niche: Fashion, Apparel 

Style: Minimal and stylish


Glamour has a minimalist design, yet it focuses on what's most important for a fashion business, which makes it perfect for shops featuring key products.

11. Ready to wear

Niche: Fashion, Apparel 

Style: Simple and effortless


Ready to wear, just like its name, ready for any apparel business looking for a clean and effective look. With this theme style, shoppers will find no trouble grasping what they have in mind.

12. Fast fashion (Most picked)

Niche: Fashion, Apparel 

Style: Trendy and clean

minimog-shopify-theme-fast-fashionFast fashion is one of Minimog's most chosen theme style. It brings your site a focal look and a shoppable feed that urges visitors to click and hit buy. 

13. Modern day

Niche: Fashion, Apparel 

Style: Refined and simple minimog-shopify-theme-modern-day

Modern day focuses on what's best for a site, an interactive zoom-in layout, a timer that sparks some FOMO urgency, a collection feed that is just simply amazing. 

14. Bra store

Niche: Fashion, Apparel, Intimates, Underwear

Style: Sexy and glam


Looking for something sexiser? Yes, Minimog also offers you an ultimate choice for your underwear business. An alluring touch with detailed guide can help your visitors explore both the look and function of your products.

15. Backpack store (best for men's)

Niche: Fashion, Apparel, Accessories, Backpacks

Style: Strong and bold

minimog-shopify-theme-backpack-storeIf you're looking for a strong look, find no more! This theme variation strikes with a sturdy and solid look for your brand. This is a perfect choice, not only for men's clothing, but also for men's accessories.

16. Socks (great choice for children's)

Niche: Fashion, Apparel, Accessories

Style: Fun and quirky


Who's wanna have fun? Socks stands out as one of the most witty and eccentric style by Minimog. If your brand is just as vibrant like Socks, then you both are a match!

17. Sneakers

Niche: Fashion, Apparel, Shoes & Footwear, Sports

Style: Chic and stylish

minimog-shopify-theme-sneakerSneaker is an interesting choice for brands looking for a bold and energetic outlook. 

18. Bags

Niche: Fashion, Apparel, Accessories, Bags

Style: Elegant and classy


Bags is perfect choice for online stores that want something more sophisticated with a more high-toned vibe. This layout radiates a retro feel that is suitable for not only bags brand, but only clothes.

19. Hat

Niche: Fashion, Apparel, Accessories

Style: Cool and stylish


Want something different? Then Hat is definitely your destination as it brings such a stated and impressive note on the table. This style is quite neutral and unisex so you can consider this versatile theme layout for your brand.

20. Baby store (best choice for children's)

Niche: Fashion, Apparel, Accessories, Children's Clothing 

Style: Light-hearted and good-feel

minimog-shopify-theme-baby-storeJust like its name, Baby store is a optimal choice for children's brands with a joyful and positive layout it offers.

21. Feminine

Niche: Fashion, Apparel

Style: Minimal and focal


Feminine is a safe choice for fashion brands, which is soft, delicate, and refined. You can hardly go wrong with this standard look.  

II. Jewelries & Accessories

21. Local brand

Niches: Jewelries & Accessories, Fashion, Apparel 

Style: Luxury and delicate


Jewelry store brings exactly the expensive and extravagance look for your accessories biz. 

22. Watch

Niches: Jewelries & Accessories, Fashion, Apparel 

Style: Affluence and stylish


A luxury business selling expensive watches needs a theme template that shows its class and wealth. Needless to say more, Watch is exactly that kind of style you are looking for.

23. Glasses

Niches: Jewelries & Accessories, Fashion, Apparel 

Style: Chic and vibrant


With a clean and simple interface, Glasses is an excellent choice for Shopify businesses that want to decrease visual distractions and spotlight their products.

III. Food & Drinks

24. Coffee

Niche: Food & Drinks

Style: Classic and trustworthy


Coffee radiates a retro and classic vibe. That's why it perfectly fits brands that are looking for a reliable look and feel for their online stores.

25. Juice

Niches: Food & Drinks

Style: Fresh and cool


Stay assured that Juice will help you create a refreshing and invigorating site for your beverage business. 

26. Pizza

Niches: Food & Drinks

Style: Tasty and delightful


Who's hungry now? If you are finding a theme style for your fast food chain, your grill bar, or a restaurant, then this is the perfect and delicious choice for you.

27. Drink

Niches: Food & Drinks

Style: Defined and delicious

minimog-shopify-theme-drinkThere's Pizza, of course there has to be Drink. If you are in a business where beverages are involved like beer, wine, alcohol, you name it, then find no more, this is it!

28. Organic

Niches: Food & Drinks

Style: Clean and healthy


If you are looking for more healthy and refresh look, then Organic is a perfect choice!

IV. Home & Garden

29. Houseware

Niches: Home, Garden, Kitchen, House Appliances 

Style: Light and clean


Don't think we forget about this industry of yours. Houseware is Minimog's bold statement of a houseware store should look like 

30. Bedding

Niches: Home, Garden, Kitchen, House Appliances 

Style: Elegant and clean


Bedding is a lighter and more elegant version of Houseware, and it offer more space to present your products. 

31. Living

Niches: Home, Garden, Kitchen, House Appliances 

Style: Warm and tranquil


Living, on the other hand, radiates a much warmer vibe with an unique slideshow to feature your key items.

32. Hand sanitizer 

Niches: Home, Garden, Kitchen, House Appliances 

Style: Clean and fresh


Looking for something greener? Then go for Hand sanitizer with a positive spirit and design. The demo goes with a featured video for anyone wish for something motion on their site.

33. Plantie

Niches: Home, Garden, Kitchen, House Appliances 

Style: Neat and fresh


You can add a lookbook to any demo, but if you're looking for something that already designed and organized, then feel free to apply and give Plantie a shot.

34. Bathroom

Niches: Home, Garden, Kitchen, House Appliances 

Style: Tidy and clean

minimog-shopify-theme-bathroomThis is the choice you should make if you want to try bundle sales right on your homepage. Seems worth a try right?

35. Pan

Niches: Home, Garden, Kitchen, House Appliances 

Style: Fierce and clean


A basic theme style but with a touch of heat for a hotter feel and look.  

36. Paint

Niches: Home, Garden, Kitchen, House Appliances 

Style: Light and clear


A pristine palette for all colors. Perfect for stores looking for a theme that can display all of that color spectrum of your products.  

V. Furniture

37. Furniture

Niches: Furniture, Home, Garden, Kitchen, House Appliances 

Style: Minimal and sophisticated

minimog-shopify-theme-furnitureMinimalist style is the current trend. You can start your furniture business with this simple yet eye-catching theme style.

VI. Arts & Photography

38. Paintme

Niches: Arts & Photography

Style: Minimal and clean


A minimal theme variation for Arts brands, with a touch of neutral tone.

39. Gift card

Niches: Arts & Photography

Style: Handcrafted and pristine


Perfect for DIY or crafts businesses that looking for a unique look with a light-hearted experience.

VII. Health & Beauty

40. Supplement

Niches: Health & Beauty

Style: Practical and positive


Just go straight to the business with this Supplement theme, along with a positive vibe to create the first cheerful experience for your visitors and customers.

41. Nails polish

Niches: Health & Beauty

Style: Joyful and bright


Having an eye for a beauty brand look? We've also got your back. Nails Polish is a go-to option to start with. It's fun and colorful and has everything you need to feature your items.

42. Skincare (hot style):

Niches: Health & Beauty

Style: Bright and clean minimog-shopify-theme-skincare

Have some key items that you would love to feature and push sales? Then Skincare is your optimal choice to do that. 

43. Beauty

Niches: Health & Beauty

Style: Functional and clean


A standard choice for beauty brands. It has everything that you ever want, a slideshow, showing video, and even a timer.

VIII. Electronics

44. Phone case store

Niche: Electronics

Style: Bold and modern


A strong statement and a perfect go-to choice for electronics brands like phone accessories, smart phones, you name it.

45. Phone case store

Niche: Electronics

Style: Elegant and modern


A more elegant vibe, with a product page full of details and guideline, which is a perfect fit for products with many specifications.

IX. Sports & Recreation

46. Skateboard

Niches: Sports & Recreation

Style: Bold and modern


An alternative choice of Sneaker if you are looking for a more stated and minimal version.

X. Others

47. BFCM home (holiday theme)

Niches: Fashion, Apparels, Accessories, 

Style: Holiday and discount


To create an urgency touch for your site when deals and timers are designed and put wisely to initiate a FOMO effect in holiday time.

48. Book store

Niches: Books & Notes

Style: Bright and informational


This is your out-of-the-box choice for your book brand, with a practical space and layout to feature all of the star books. 

49. Stationary

Niches: Stationary, books

Style: Standard and classic


A grid-focused look that is really classic and suitable for stationary brands. 

50. Mirror

Niches: Fashion, Apparel, Accessories

Style: Feminine and feel-good


It's never enough for another feminine and delicate theme like Mirror. This theme style can also be applied for other Fashion & Apparel brands.

51. Barber (great for male's beauty)

Niches: Beauty, Hair, Appliances

Style: Retro and bold


Barber is a great theme for your beauty accessories for men. It's bold, simple, and have a clear presentation for the products. 

52. Print (perfect for POD)

Niches: Creatives, POD

Style: Bright and joyful


Print radiates a positive vibe with a focus on presenting multiple collections. This theme style is perfect for stores have a lot of collections or thematic ones, with an organized and clear layout.

53. Candles

Niche: Home Appliances

Style: Refine and elegant


Another elegant and minimal theme for home appliances, accessories or DIY brands. 

54. Pet store

Niche: Pet

Style: Playful and jolly


Can't miss such a potential niche like Pet. What we have here in Pet is just everything you need to start your own store right away.