Black Friday Email Subject Lines: Explore Unbeatable Examples!

Black Friday Email Subject Lines (with examples)

Ready to enhance your open rates and boost revenue? Your Black Friday email subject line is key. Even with valuable content and eye-catching designs, an unappealing subject line won't resonate.

Explore compelling Black Friday email subject line examples and learn how brands crafted theirs to effectively communicate your deals this holiday season. Don’t miss our guides on leveraging AI to craft stunning email subject lines.

Pre-Black Friday email subject lines

Pre-Black Friday emails play a crucial role by reminding customers about your business's presence and providing a valuable opportunity to create a lasting impression before the much-anticipated holiday sales event commences.


Subject line: Your VIP early access to Black Friday and an extra 5% off 

Black Friday email subject lines for pre holiday

Why it works: Foreo strategically sent this email 4-5 weeks before the Black Friday sale, serving as a clever reminder to their audience about the upcoming event.

The brand makes its recipients feel special by addressing them as "VIPs". Additionally, the concise subject line promising an "extra 5% off" provides a clear incentive, enhancing the offer's perceived value.

This approach capitalizes on the anticipation of Black Friday and additional discounts, increasing the likelihood that recipients will open the email to discover the exclusive offers awaiting them.

2. Adidas

Subject line: Take advantage of Black Friday before everyone else!

Pre-Black Friday email subject lines

Why it works: Firstly, the phrase "before everyone else" creates a sense of exclusivity. It implies that the recipient gets access to Black Friday deals before the general public, making them feel privileged.

Moreover, Adidas formulates the subject line as a solid call to action, placing the phrase "Take advantage" at the beginning to urge recipients to act immediately and seize the offer.

Using "take advantage" and "everyone else" creates a personal connection. It speaks directly to the recipient, making them feel like they are being personally invited to seize an opportunity that others might miss.

Pro tip: The subject line for Pre-Black Friday should combine exclusivity, a clear incentive, and a personalized touch, making it highly compelling and effective in driving recipient engagement and conversion.

Black Friday email subject lines

The highly anticipated sales season is here! Dive into amazing Black Friday email subject line examples that you can customize for your campaign:

1. Sephora

Subject line: D-Day ⚡ Avalanche of Black Friday offers

Why it works: Sephora has an innovative method to create an immediate sense of urgency in Black Friday holiday by initially using "D-Day", urging subscribers not to miss out. The term "Avalanche" vividly conveys the magnitude of deals, suggesting a vast selection to spark curiosity.

The lightning bolt emoji amplifies the sense of speed and energy, enhancing urgency and excitement. Together, these elements create a compelling call to action, enticing recipients to open the email promptly and explore the overwhelming array of Black Friday offers.

2. Fnac

Subject line: Your favorites at Black Friday prices!

Why it works: Fnac's email subject line isn't just a line; it's a promise of personalized delight. Addressing recipients directly with "Your favorites" instantly connects them, making them feel genuinely understood and valued.

'Black Friday prices' isn't just a phrase; it’s a gateway to unparalleled discounts on products your customers adore. This tailored approach isn't merely about selling but creating an experience.

Remember that a customer-centric approach is a powerful attention-grabbing technique, motivating recipients to engage with the Black Friday campaign.

Pro tip #1: Your Black Friday email subject lines should embody urgency, friendliness, and curiosity:

1. Urgency: Feel the rush! When talking about Black Friday deals, make it urgent. Show that these offers won't last long, creating a sense of limited time.

2. Friendliness: Be a friend, not a salesperson. Keep things friendly and casual, like chatting with a buddy. Add emojis for that extra touch!

Fun fact: Emojis are like magic spells; they can increase your unique click rate by 28%!

3. Curiosity: Be a tease! When sending multiple Black Friday emails, hold back a bit. Drop intriguing hints that make people curious instead of giving away everything in the subject line. This way, they can't resist clicking to find out more!

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Pro tip #3: 

Once you've crafted irresistible email subject lines, it's crucial to elevate your game further and capture your audience's attention with a captivating email design. If you find this task challenging, consider exploring email marketing apps available on the Shopify App Store to simplify the process and eliminate any hassles.

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Post-Black Friday email subject lines

Black Friday might have ended, but the sale doesn't end at midnight! Explore those inspiring Post-Black Friday email subject lines:

1. GO Sport

Subject line: Better than Black Friday!

Black Friday email subject lines for post holiday

Why it works: GO Sport's email subject line strategically sparks curiosity and anticipation by challenging the Black Friday norm. With the enticing claim "Better than Black Friday," the audience is naturally intrigued, prompting them to explore the email's contents.

Sent two days after the frenzy of Black Friday, this subject line transforms a regular Saturday morning into a thrilling discovery. Picture this: you're savoring your morning coffee, scrolling through emails, and then, there it is – GO Sport's enticing message.

The promise of deals superior to Black Friday ignites immediate interest. While Black Friday is renowned for its sales, this subject line tactic amplifies the urge to explore exclusive offers.

2. Foreo

Subject line: CYBER MONDAY: exclusive bundle deals & up to 50% off

Post-holiday email subject lines for Black Friday

Why it works: While GO Sport uses the technique to arouse customers' curiosity about the deals inside, Foreo incorporates clearance items into their Black Friday emails.

Firstly, Sephora strategically places 'Cyber Monday' at the beginning, ensuring recipients immediately recognize the email's holiday sales content, extending the Black Friday deals. This serves as an announcement, granting those who missed out on Black Friday another opportunity to seize enticing deals on Cyber Monday.

Additionally, Sephora employs an attention-grabbing tactic by capitalizing the phrase "CYBER MONDAY." This bold choice makes the email stand out amidst the flood of other messages, a great method to increase open rates.

Research revealed that employing an all-capitalized subject line resulted in a higher open rate (54.3%) than using the same subject line in all lower-case letters (47.6%).

Also, Sephora introduces "exclusive bundle deals," creating an allure of uniqueness and offering special deals not widely available. The promise of "up to 50% off" further enhances the appeal, clearly conveying the substantial discounts awaiting customers.

Pro tip: Be a game-changer, not a follower

After Black Friday, your inbox is flooded with emails, right? Imagine everyone's mailbox jam-packed with messages during those days. Instead of sending just another message that people will ignore, why not be different?

It's an excellent opportunity to catch people's attention with playful language or a touch of humor. Additionally, emoji can add a pop of color and fun to your email, making it more interesting.

However, staying true to your brand while being creative is essential. Your customers are used to your usual style. If you go too far off, some might not connect with it. So, be unique and stay in line with what your customers know and love about your brand.

How to use ChatGPT to create compelling email subject lines

ChatGPT is an advanced language generation model employing natural language processing (NLP) to comprehend and produce text resembling human speech. It can aid in crafting engaging subject lines for email marketing campaigns, enhancing their effectiveness and appeal.

Step 1: Craft clear ChatGPT prompts

To craft an effective ChatGPT prompt, be specific and clear about your requirements. The more detailed information you provide, the more effective and satisfying the subject lines it generates will be.

When you feed ChatGPT with input for generating email subject lines, let ChatGPT know:

  • Products or services you offer
  • Your target audience
  • The tone and voice representing your brand
  • The objectives of your emails

You can create an initial prompt and follow up with additional prompts to guide ChatGPT in adapting or refining its output according to your needs.

Based on our experience, dividing your requirements into multiple prompts instead of overwhelming ChatGPT with one single request enhances its ability to process information, resulting in improved outcomes.

Let's begin with the initial prompt to craft your email subject lines:

“Generate 15 intriguing subject lines for a promotional email campaign about [your product or service], using a [friendly] tone.”

Use ChatGPT to generate email subject lines

Next, create an additional prompt for ChatGPT. For example: “Please adapt those subject lines to my target audience [who are women aged 20-35]. And include one emoji.”

Now, you can proceed with additional prompts based on your specific requirement!

Step 2: Customize your email subject lines

Following the preliminary output from ChatGPT, you might wish to tailor your subject lines to align with different stages of Black Friday. Therefore, we’ve curated the following phrases exclusively for BFCM, ready for you to incorporate into your emails and brand messaging.

Pre-Black Friday email subject line phrases:

"🐦 Early Birds Catch the Best Deals: Pre-Black Friday Savings Await!"
“⏰ Beat the Rush: Shop Our Black Friday Picks Early!
"🔥Get Ready for Pre-Black Friday: Unbelievable Offers Await!"
"🛍️ Enjoy Early Black Friday Discounts: Save Up to X%!"
“🌟 VIP Early Access: Shop Black Friday Deals First!
"Seize the Savings: Pre-Black Friday Deals Just a Click Away!"
“🎉 Shop Early, Save Big: Up to X% Off Black Friday Deals!"
“💫 Skip the Lines: Early Black Friday Offers Await You!
"🎁 Dive into Early Black Friday Bargains: Up to X% Off!"

Black Friday email subject line phrases:

"🎁 Black Friday Delights: Shop and Save Big Today!"
"🔥 Hurry, Black Friday Deals Are Selling Out Fast!"
"🚀 Blast Off into Savings: Black Friday Deals Now On!"
💥 Score Big: Black Friday Deals Up to y% Off!"
🛍️ Don't Miss Out: Black Friday Deals Ending Today!”
"⚡ Lightning Deals Alert: Black Friday Savings Now Live!"
"🔥 Last Chance: Black Friday Savings Going, Going, Gone!"
🚀 Black Friday Blitz: Exclusive Discounts Inside!"
"🚨 Final Call: Black Friday Discounts End Soon!"

Post-Black Friday email subject line phrases:

“🌟 Surprise Extension! Black Friday Deals Continue - Shop Now!
“🛍️ Extended Black Friday Savings: More Time to Shop and Save!
"💥 Catch Your Breath: Unbelievable Black Friday Deals Just In!"
"🎁 It's Not Over Yet: Extended Black Friday Savings Await!
"🎉 Keep Celebrating: Post-Black Friday Deals Are Here to Stay!"
“🛒 Get Your Cart Ready: Cyber Monday Savings Inside!"
“🔥 Cyber Monday Spectacular: Unmissable Offers Await Your Click!"
“🔍 Seek, Click, Save: Cyber Monday Deals Are Here!"
“ ✨ Discover More: Cyber Monday Bargains Just Revealed!"

These subject line phrases are both concise and compelling. They employ action-oriented language and a sense of urgency, urging the recipient to open the email and take action. Furthermore, they evoke excitement and curiosity.

You can instruct ChatGPT to incorporate these elements into the subject lines it has generated, infusing your emails with a festive and enticing vibe. And remember, everyone is searching for great holiday deals. You can highlight the "X% off" element in your subject lines, a detail often missed in ChatGPT's output.

Step 3: Final Editing

Add a Human Touch: Refrain from copying subject lines directly from ChatGPT. Despite its ability to generate various effective options, it's crucial to have a human review and polish the final product before it reaches your audience. This ensures that your emails maintain a natural and human-like tone.

Remember to leverage ChatGPT to enhance your email marketing efforts. However, it's essential to incorporate your brand's unique tone and voice, creating a flawless final version before publication.

When is the best time to send Black Friday emails?

According to HubSpot, 30.9% of B2C marketers reported the highest engagement between 9 AM and 12 PM. Now, let's examine the results of Wordstream's analysis

Source: Wordstream

Thursday emerged as the most effective day for email delivery. Wednesday and Tuesday also showed positive results. According to Wordstream's data, the ideal time was Thursday between 8-9 am.

So, what is the best time to send an email campaign?

Discovering the perfect moment isn't a one-size-fits-all equation. It's a tailored solution woven around your audience's habits.

You might have heard recommendations from email marketing experts regarding specific days and hours, but your audience holds the key.

What is your ultimate strategy?

Delve into your audience's activity patterns. Conduct tests, pinpoint peak engagement times, and allow their behavior to shape your email dispatch schedule.

Empower your Black Friday campaign with winning email subject lines!

You're prepared to create captivating subject lines that engage and convert your shoppers!

Remember that emails are essential but are just one piece of the puzzle. A robust, mobile-responsive eCommerce store is a must to handle the Black Friday rush.

Even if coding isn't your expertise, you can easily create and personalize your own Black Friday store using the highly-rated Shopify theme, such as Zest. Give Zest a try today, and get ready to thrive this holiday season! 🚀

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