8 Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2024 Trends That Shape Your Success

8 Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2024 Trends That Shape Your Success

The third quarter is here, and an important question is already buzzing in the eCommerce community: When is Black Friday 2024?

This year, Black Friday 2024 falls on November 29th, closely followed by Cyber Monday 2024 on December 2nd. These dates mark the biggest shopping events of the year, a critical time for eCommerce businesses to maximize their sales and connect with customers.

Chance favors the prepared mind. To help you get ready, we’re diving into the top eCommerce trends predicted to shape Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) in 2024. By understanding these Black Friday trends, you can craft a campaign that not only captures attention but also drives conversions.

Let’s explore these Black Friday trends and set the stage for your most successful BFCM yet!

1. Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2024 sales start earlier

BFCM 2023 Recap: BFCM shopping began in September

One of the most significant Black Friday trends we observed in 2023 is the shift in the holiday shopping timeline. Retailers began rolling out their holiday ads as early as September. By October, a wave of promotions was flooding social media, enticing consumers to start their holiday shopping well before the traditional November kickoff.

This Black Friday trend is due to the change in holiday shoppers’ behavior. Data showed that 56% of consumers begun their holiday shopping by October or earlier, up from 50% in 2022.

Image source: McKinsey

BFCM 2024 Predictions: BFCM season kicks off even earlier

We anticipate Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2024 sales to kick off even earlier than in 2023.

When is Black Friday 2024? It’s on November 29th. However, BFCM-related keywords are already trending on Google Trends. This early interest signals that consumers and retailers alike are gearing up for the holiday shopping frenzy sooner than ever before.

Image source: Google Trends

One key factor driving this Black Friday trend is the shorter holiday season in 2024. With only 27 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, retailers will have less time to capture holiday sales.

The last time we saw such a condensed holiday period was in 2019, when marketers responded by launching their campaigns early and extending store hours during peak shopping days. This year, we expect a similar approach, leading to the Black Friday 2024 season that could start as early as September and last longer than the past two years.

What’s next: Keep early and consistent marketing efforts

To capitalize on the early start of the BFCM 2024 season, it's crucial to implement early and consistent marketing efforts.

  • Plan earlier: For BFCM 2024, pushing out communications early is imperative to capture consumer interest. You should begin teasing your deals, sharing sneak peeks, and creating a buzz in September. This will help you build anticipation and ensure that your brand is front and center when consumers begin their holiday shopping.
  • Keep consistent engagement: Consistency is key to keeping your brand at the top of customers’ minds throughout the Black Friday 2024 season. Maintain a steady stream of engaging content and promotions from the pre-holiday period through to the post-holiday period. This approach not only maximizes your visibility during peak shopping days but also encourages repeat purchases and long-term customer loyalty.

2. Customers are more selective and value-conscious

BFCM 2023 Recap: Deliberate shoppers spent more time researching

In the BFCM 2023 season, shoppers became increasingly deliberate, spending more time researching before making purchases. A significant 74% of shoppers reported dedicating more time to finding the best products and deals, reflecting a growing trend of meticulous planning and selective buying.

Additionally, over 40% of consumers anticipated using discounts and promotions more frequently than in 2022 while shopping for gifts during the holiday season. Cost efficiency became a priority, with 78% of customers switching to more economical brands.

BFCM 2024 Predictions: The path to purchase has grown more complex

As we look ahead to Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2024, the path to purchase has grown even more complex. Consumers are investing more effort in research to ensure they find the best deals, good quality, and products that meet their needs. One-third of consumers indicated they are now doing more research on purchases, with 48% seeking the best deals, 47% ensuring quality, and 45% making sure their needs are met.

Furthermore, consumers are using multiple resources to inform their purchasing decisions. 60% of consumers are taking 6 or more actions before deciding to buy a brand or product.

What’s next: Attract and retain consumers with the cost-efficient concept

Customers are spending more time finding "cost-efficient brands" that offer the lowest possible cost while maintaining the same or better quality. Thus, to stand out in the Black Friday 2024 race, marketers should blend convenience and savings into their core message, enhancing their chances of fostering customer loyalty.

Here are some expert tips to promote your brand with the cost-efficient concept

  • Highlight value in your messaging: Emphasize the quality and affordability of your products in all your communications. Clearly show how your offerings provide great value for money without compromising quality.
  • Offer transparent pricing and discounts: Make sure your pricing is transparent and easy to understand. Promote any discounts, promotions, and loyalty programs prominently. You can also use limited-time offers and flash sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2024 to create urgency and attract deal-seeking shoppers.
  • Implement loyalty and rewards programs: Encourage repeat business by offering loyalty programs and rewards. Provide incentives for customers to return, such as points for purchases, referral bonuses, or exclusive discounts for loyal members.

3. Sustainability as a factor

BFCM 2023 Recap: Consumers increasingly prioritized sustainability when purchasing

In BFCM 2023, consumers increasingly considered sustainability when making purchasing decisions. Shoppers no longer focused solely on price and quality; environmental impact became a significant factor. The number of eco-active consumers - those who actively seek sustainable products - rose to 22%, up from 18% in 2022. Similarly, eco-considerers - those who take sustainability into account - grew to 40% from 38% .

Shopify recognized this shift, placing a strong emphasis on sustainability during the BFCM 2023 period. They encouraged merchants to adopt eco-friendly practices and highlighted sustainable products, reflecting a broader industry trend towards greener shopping practices.

BFCM 2024 Predictions: Sustainability continues to influence purchases

As we move into Black Friday 2024, sustainability is set to become even more pivotal in consumer decision-making.

According to recent surveys, 46% of customers report buying more sustainable products to reduce their environmental impact. This growing concern for the planet is driving consumers to prioritize eco-friendly options and scrutinize brands' sustainability practices.

What’s next: Integrate sustainability into your BFCM strategy

By weaving sustainability into your BFCM 2024 campaigns, you can not only appeal to eco-conscious consumers but also contribute to a more sustainable future. This approach not only meets the demands of the growing segment of environmentally aware shoppers but also enhances your brand's reputation and fosters long-term customer loyalty.

Here’s how to integrate sustainability and transparency into your strategy:

  • Launch sustainable products: Introduce products that emphasize sustainability; from eco-friendly materials to green manufacturing practices. Highlight these values in your marketing campaigns to resonate with environmentally conscious consumers.
  • Promote transparency: Be open about the real impact of your products and services. Provide detailed information on carbon footprints, sourcing, and recyclability. Display certifications like Fair Trade or USDA Organic to enhance credibility.

4. Social media as a main sales channel

BFCM 2023 Recap: Significant shift towards social commerce

During the BFCM 2023 period, the holiday shopping landscape significantly shifted towards social commerce. While most customers still utilized Google properties like Search, Maps, and YouTube as resources for shopping information, 65% turned to social media platforms.

Additionally, social media ranked as the third most preferred channel for discovering new products, capturing 27% of consumer interest. A substantial 59% of shoppers also completed transactions directly through social media platforms, underscoring the growing importance of these channels in facilitating seamless shopping experiences.

Image source: Hubspot

BFCM 2024 Predictions: The rise of social commerce

In BFCM 2024, social commerce is expected to experience significant growth, driven by the increasing use of social apps for business discovery, particularly among young consumers.

Platforms like TikTok and Instagram are becoming primary sources for discovering new businesses and products, especially for Gen Z users. These platforms are hubs for trends in fashion, beauty, food, crafts, self-care, and DIY projects.

Image source: Marketing Dive

Besides, with 63% of US shoppers now making purchases via social media platforms, social commerce is solidifying its position as a pivotal channel for completing transactions. Consumers appreciate the convenience of discovering products and making seamless purchases within their favorite social apps.

What’s next: Embrace social commerce trends strategies

As we move forward, doubling down on social marketing efforts will be crucial for engaging and converting customers on Black Friday 2024. Social media platforms continue to evolve as primary channels for brand discovery and interaction, maximizing your presence and engagement strategies.

To further your success in BFCM 2024, consider to incorporate these social media trends into your strategies:

  • Livestream shopping: Retail businesses adopting livestream shopping can achieve significant returns, with reported conversion rates around 30% - 10x higher than traditional eCommerce. Real-time engagement enhances product demonstration and drives immediate purchases.
  • Micro-influencers: Micro-influencers, particularly nano-influencers with fewer than 5,000 followers, boast the highest engagement rates, averaging 2.53%. Collaborating with micro-influencers allows brands to authentically connect with niche audiences, fostering trust and driving conversions through genuine recommendations.

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Image source: HypeAuditor

5. Top-performing categories on BFCM

BFCM 2023 Recap: Top 5 best-selling categories

During the 2023 BFCM period, the top-performing categories varied slightly between platforms but showcased consistent trends:

  • eCommerce in General: Electronics, Apparel, Furniture & Home Goods, Grocery, and Toys.
  • Shopify: Apparel and Accessories, Health and Beauty, and Home and Garden.

These categories highlighted where consumers were directing their spending, with a notable emphasis on fashion, wellness, and home-related products.

BFCM 2024 Predictions: The rise of Beauty and Health and the fall of Electronics and Toys

On Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2024, we may expect an increase in Beauty and Health and a decrease in Electronics and Toys.

The reasons are implied in the statistics of the first quarter of 2024 when the Health and Beauty category saw the highest online sales growth (+12%). Meanwhile, Electronics experienced a 13% decline in online sales, as well as the Toys category (-12%).

The Apparel and Accessories market was nearly flat with 0.9% decrease but some niches witnessed some significant shifts. While the high-end apparel and accessories sales declined significantly in the first quarter (-2% and -10% respectively), general handbag sales are up +7%.

These Black Friday trends are driven by economic factors, such as inflation and a greater emphasis on value. Consumers are increasingly spending less on non-essential items like Toys or Electronics and opting for more affordable options when they do make purchases (general handbags instead of luxurious ones).

In addition, the growing awareness and prioritization of health and wellness are significantly influencing purchasing behaviors. Consumers are investing more in products that contribute to their overall well-being, such as health and beauty items while cutting back on less essential categories - like electronics and toys.

What’s next: Focus on health benefits and essentiality

To align with these Black Friday trends and the change in consumer behaviors, you should focus on promoting health benefits and the essential nature of your products.

You should use clear, compelling messaging and scientific evidence to show how your offerings support a healthy lifestyle. Also, position your products as essential for daily routines by explaining how they fit into and improve everyday life, making them indispensable.

Moreover, incorporate the cost-efficient aspect into the core messages to attract value-conscious consumer trends.

6. The growing impact of AI on customers’ decision

BFCM 2023 Recap: AI recommendations influenced purchasing decisions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) played a significant role during the BFCM 2023 period. Over 17% of all holiday orders in November and December were influenced by AI recommendations, amounting to $199 billion in sales. Cyber Week alone saw $51 billion in online sales driven by AI, showcasing its growing influence on consumer behavior and purchasing decisions.

BFCM 2024 Predictions: The increasing demand for AI-driven personalization

In Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2024, the impact of AI on customer decisions is expected to deepen further. According to Forbes, customers are increasingly seeking hyper-personalized services, and AI is pivotal in meeting these expectations.

AI enables companies to gather and analyze vast amounts of data, offering critical insights into individual consumer preferences and behaviors. This data allows businesses to curate unique, personalized experiences that resonate more deeply with their customers.

What's next: Applying AI to enhance personalization

As AI continues to evolve, its role in enhancing customer experiences grows crucial. By harnessing AI's capabilities, businesses can meet the demand for hyper-personalization, driving customer satisfaction and maximizing sales during BFCM 2024 and beyond.

  • AI product recommendations: Implement AI-driven recommendation engines to offer tailored product suggestions based on individual browsing history and preferences. Optimize these algorithms for accuracy and relevance continuously.
Image source: Product Recommendation by Zest theme
  • AI chatbots: Deploy AI chatbots for instant, personalized customer support available 24/7. Train them to handle a range of inquiries effectively, escalating complex issues to human agents when necessary.

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7. The continuing rise of mobile shopping

BFCM 2023 Recap: Most online sales came from mobile devices

One of the most notable Black Friday trends during the BFCM 2023 period is the rise of mobile commerce. Mobile shopping surpassed desktop usage, with smartphones driving 51.8% of online sales, up from 49.9% in 2022.

This shift highlights mobile's growing importance as a key driver of online sales, demonstrating that consumers increasingly find mobile shopping experiences comparable to desktop.

BFCM 2024 Predictions: Mobile is the primary driver of traffic and sales

With the statistics from Q1, when mobile captured 77% of overall traffic and 66% of orders, we believe that mobile will continue to dominate as the primary traffic driver and preferred channel for placing orders in the BFCM 2024 season.

Image source: Salesforce

What’s next: Optimize your store for mobile experience

As mobile continues to dominate shopping trends, focus on optimizing your Shopify store for seamless mobile experiences. Prioritize fast loading times, intuitive navigation, and smooth checkout processes to enhance user satisfaction and drive conversions during BFCM 2024.

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When optimizing mobile design, a mobile-focused theme by default will help you significantly save time and cost. If you’re in search of something efficient, consider Zest theme - designed with mobile users in mind. Zest theme offers a seamlessly responsive design, fast loading speed, and an intuitive interface, ensuring an exceptional shopping experience on any device.

8. Digital wallets and BNPL surge as preferred payment methods

BFCM 2023 Recap: More customers used digital wallets and BNPL

In the BFCM 2023 season, digital wallets and Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) options saw a significant increase in usage. Digital wallet transactions grew by an impressive 54% in November and December compared to the same period the previous year. This surge highlights the growing trust and reliance on digital wallets for secure and swift transactions.

On Cyber Monday alone, BNPL usage hit an all-time high with a staggering 42.5% increase year-over-year. Throughout the BFCM 2023 season, from November 1 to Dec 31, BNPL drove a total of $16.6 billion in online sales, marking a 17% year-over-year growth. These numbers underscore the increasing popularity of BNPL services as consumers look for more manageable ways to finance their holiday shopping.

Buy now pay later growth
Image source: Adobe

BFCM 2024 Predictions: Continued surge in digital payments

Looking ahead to BFCM 2024, these Black Friday trends of using digital wallets and BNPL options are expected to continue their upward trajectory. Consumers are increasingly drawn to these payment methods for their convenience, security, and flexibility.

BNPL growth

As inflation continues, customers will increasingly use BNPL for larger purchases on Black Friday 2024. BNPL is forecasted to grow with a 9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). This growth indicates a rising need for financial flexibility, as more consumers opt for BNPL to manage their budgets more effectively.

Digital wallets expansion

With the rise of mobile commerce, digital wallets, especially mobile wallets, are becoming more popular. Digital wallets are the fastest-growing eCommerce payment method, with a projected 15% CAGR. This trend highlights the importance of offering mobile-friendly payment solutions to cater to the growing number of consumers who prefer shopping on their smartphones.

What’s Next: Offer flexible payment options

To capitalize on these trends, ensure your Shopify store supports popular digital wallets and BNPL services. Offering these options can enhance the shopping experience, reduce cart abandonment, and boost conversion rates during the BFCM 2024 season. Here are some steps to take:

  • Integrate digital wallets: Ensure that your Shopify store supports a variety of digital wallets, such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and PayPal. These options provide customers with secure, one-click payment methods that can significantly streamline the checkout process and reduce cart abandonment rates.

💡 Learn to integrate Apple Pay into your Shopify store now

  • Offer BNPL services: Partner with BNPL providers like Afterpay, Klarna, or Affirm to give your customers the flexibility to pay over time. Clearly communicate these options during the checkout process and highlight any promotional financing offers to attract more buyers.
  • Promote payment flexibility: Use your marketing channels to educate customers about the availability and benefits of digital wallets and BNPL services. Emphasize the convenience, security, and financial flexibility these methods offer.

To wrap up

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2024 are shaping up to be transformative, marked by early sales, heightened consumer selectivity, and the growing prevalence of mobile shopping, digital wallets, and BNPL services. These Black Friday trends underscore the importance of adapting strategies to meet evolving consumer preferences. Sustainability and AI-driven personalization are also becoming integral to consumer decision-making, emphasizing the need for businesses to prioritize transparency and innovation.

To excel in BFCM 2024, you should focus on early marketing initiatives, cost-efficient strategies, and enhancing social commerce presence. Also, embracing mobile optimization and flexible payment options such as digital wallets and BNPL can improve user experience and drive conversions.

To streamline the implementation of these strategies, you need powerful tools. It’s when the Zest Shopify theme and FoxKit app step in. Zest theme provides a mobile-friendly design optimized for eCommerce success, while FoxKit integrates sales-boosting features like product recommendations, volume discounts, or lucky wheel to optimize your sales.

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