Minimog May ‘23 Update - Enhance Customer Experience with Follow on Shop, Page Transitions and Section Animations, and More

enhance customer experience with follow on shop button, page transition animations

Get ready to witness our monthly glorious return! We are back to bring you a wave of new features that will take your store customization to unprecedented heights, captivating your customers like never before. So, without further ado, let's dive into these exciting features right now!

Bring your customer experience to the next level

In our latest update, we are thrilled to unveil three remarkable features to improve your customers' shopping experience. 

Showcase product lists, collections, and banners in the mobile menu

This month, we updated the Minimog theme to let you display banners, product lists, collections, and blog posts in the mobile menu – the perfect solution to present your products efficiently and stunningly

Mobile devices have emerged as the preferred tool for browsing and shopping in today's fast-paced world. However, with smaller screens, it can be challenging to display necessary information without overwhelming your visitors. By adding product lists or collections to the menu, you can provide a snapshot of all your latest items, ensuring that your customers can quickly find what they're looking for without navigating through multiple sections.

Show banner, product, collection list in the mobile menu

But that's not all! The feature lets you show banners in the mobile menu to instantly captivate your audience with your brand's visual identity, creating a memorable and engaging experience.

Learn how to effortlessly integrate product lists, banners, and collections into your mobile menu.

Page transitions and section animation

Browsing through an overwhelming array of products and navigating through screens can be frustrating. To alleviate this experience and create a smoother path to conversion, resulting in a more enjoyable experience for your customers, we are introducing page transition and section animation this month.

Page transition and section animation

The human brain instinctively responds to motion. When something moves before our eyes, our attention naturally gravitates toward it. This means eye-catching animations can effectively engage visitors to your website in a way that surpasses static screens. By incorporating page transitions and animations, you can entice visitors to stay longer and interact with your brand.

Follow our simple steps to enable page transitions and section animation

Simply put, navigate to the Animations section in the Theme settings. From there, merely allow page transitions by checking the corresponding box, choosing your desired animations, and adjusting their duration. 

Follow on Shop button

You may be familiar with the Shop app, a digital shopping assistant created by Shopify to assist businesses in increasing sales by simplifying the purchasing process for customers. From discovering products to receiving packages, Shop takes care of the small details, enhancing the personalization and convenience of online shopping. 

To further enhance your customer's shopping experience, consider integrating the Follow on Shop feature into your online store, now available on Minimog theme version 3.5.0 and above. Customers can easily follow your store on the Shop app by adding the ‘Follow on Shop’ button. Followers will receive personalized recommendations and store updates through in-app messages, push notifications, and more. This expert-recommended tactic increases brand engagement and loyalty, keeping your customers coming back for more.

To enable the ‘Follow on Shop’ button with the Minimog theme, navigate to the Footer section and check Enable Follow on Shop box. 

Follow on Shop

Remember that it is required to have the Shop channel installed and Shop Pay activated on your store first to use the ‘Follow on Shop’ button.

Make your Gift Card products more personalized

Nowadays, numerous online stores provide gift card offerings to captivate customers and amplify sales. Therefore, we have added a recipient form for your gift card products to distinguish yourself and deliver more value to your clients than rivals.

This feature empowers shoppers to create a distinctive and personalized gift tailored to the recipient by inputting details like name, email, and message. Following the purchase, a customized email encompassing the message and gift card code is promptly sent to the recipient. At the same time, the customer receives a notification confirming the transmission of the gift card. This also streamlines the process of sending gift cards, making it easier and quicker. 

make your gift cards more personalized

Learn more about how to add recipient form to your gift card products on your Shopify store. 

Wrapping up

In a nutshell, we empower you to stand out from competitors by creating customized gift cards with a recipient form. But that's not all! We go the extra mile to enhance your customers' experience by providing exciting features. Enable the ‘Follow on Shop’ button to keep your customers updated with the latest store news. Furthermore, you can create an engaging and interactive shopping journey by setting up page transitions and experimenting with section animation. And remember that you can now showcase product lists, collections, and banners in the mobile menu to enhance your mobile storefront.

We highly value your feedback and eagerly encourage you to share your ideas for enhancing the Minimog theme in the upcoming month. Until then, so long!

Lucy Nguyen

Content Marketing Specialist @FoxEcom

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