Zest May ‘23 Update - Recipient form, Follow on Shop Button, Animation, and More for A Better-engaging Online Store

zest theme's product update on May 2023

Zest is a vibrant Shopify theme that is constantly evolving through time. To improve Zest, we make sure to learn from industry best practices and listen to customer feedback. As a result, in May, we have added many new features that help your online store attract and engage shoppers effectively.

So, what are these features, and how could they improve your website as well as your eCommerce business? Let’s discover them right now!

Empower your customers with Recipient form for gift card products

Gift card is an amazing function that allows your shoppers to make others happy by endowing them a token of gratitude or appreciation. Its value doesn't only come from the prepayment, but also from how your shoppers send it to others.

Knowing this, Zest empowers shoppers to customize their delivery of the gift card with a simple recipient form. Now shoppers can fill in information like recipient email address, name, and message to send a personalized gift card.

Empower customers with Recipient form for gift card products 

Diversify sales channels with ‘Follow on shop’ button

Are you looking for a new way to reach more customers, increase brand awareness, and grow sales? If so, you might want to check out Shop app, a new sales channel that Shopify is promoting strongly.

But the question here is how to drive shoppers from the Shop app to your online store effectively. Well, Shopify has offered merchants a solution named “Follow on Shop” button which is now available on Zest theme.

When a customer follows your store, they can receive personalized recommendations and notifications about your products. This helps you create a more tailored shopping experience for your customers.

As required from Shopify, we put the “Follow on Shop” button in the footer as a default setting, however you can easily turn off this feature any time with a click in the Footer section settings.

Note that to use Follow on Shop, you need to have the Shop channel and Shop Pay activated on your store.

Diversify sales channels with ‘Follow on shop’ button

Bring website design to the next level with Page Transitions and Section Animation

Page transitions and section animation are always key factors to provide a seamless and engaging user experience. Zest has made it easier for you now to customize both.

In Theme setting, we provide a section named “Animation”, where you can enable or disable page transitions as well as modify effects and duration of section animation. Since this is global level, these settings will apply to every page and section on your website.

While page transitions are fixed for your entire pages, section animations could be customized independently by using Section setting to override Theme setting.

By combining united page transitions with various customized section animations, your online store will become more aesthetic, which eventually drives shoppers’ attention and interests.

Bring website design to the next level with Page Transitions and Section Animation

Boost shoppers’ engagement with the newly added option ‘Open collapsible tab by default’

When continuously enhancing the Zest theme, we listened to customers' feedback and realized that many of them prefer some collapsible tabs on the footer being opened rather than closed by default. Therefore, in the version of 6.0.0, Zest has been added with this feature.

Previously, in mobile view, blocks in the Footer section are collapsible tabs that are closed by default. On one hand, because of small display space on mobile devices, this design style may increase user experience by minimizing information. On the other hand, this sometimes limits customers’ engagement since they have to touch the tabs to see the content inside.

We want to give you the right to choose whether you prefer your collapsible tabs to be opened or closed by default. Now you have a checkbox named “Open collapsible tab by default” at each tab setting that allows you to customize based on your preferences.

Boost shoppers’ engagement with the newly added option ‘Open collapsible tab by default’

Wrapping up

If you want to boost your online store’s engagement rates, you can’t miss these updates of Zest. Why not start right now with enabling recipient form and follow on shop features, trying the option to open collapsible tabs by default, and then optimizing your website’s transition and animation for a stunning Shopify store.

As a high-driven team, we are continuously building up Zest as a mobile-focused and high-conversion Shopify theme, so stay tuned for other upcoming improvements that fit your needs closely.

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