FoxEcom x Two Owls: The Right Tracking and Attribution Matter for You

FoxEcom x Two Owls: The Right Tracking and Attribution Matter for You

Today we are excited to announce the official partnership with Two Owls by Omega!

The importance of tracking attribution

In marketing, one of the biggest causes of wasted capital is a failed attempt for tracking attribution.

Attribution is all about answering which ads are bringing money and which is bleeding money.

While the concept is simple, getting it done correctly is not so easy. With all the tracking restrictions from Apple IOS14+ updates, marketers struggle to understand the true performance of their ads.

In fact, not having the right attribution process and tool in place can feel like walking in the street while being blindfolded.

This is where Two Owls by Omega come into place.

With a full attribution picture, you can know easily and quickly which campaigns are making the most financial impact. This is necessary to boil down the ROI you’re making from all business efforts - which one to power up on, and which one to cut back.

Two Owls technology is here to help you run more profitable ads on the ground of accurate Facebook Pixels, Conversion API, Attribution & Catalogs.

About Two Owls by Omega

The goal is simple: to get your tracking right, and to get your insights right.

Two Owls provides you the tools for the following:

  • The best of both (tracking) world with their turnkey server-side Conversion API solution running in parallel with browser-side pixels.
  • A helicopter and detailed view of your campaign performance via attribution dashboard. You know which ads got the sales sooner than FB Ads Manager.
  • Sync with your Shopify products in simple clicks, and save your time on your Dynamic Product Ads workflow.


So far, Two Owls by Omega is proud to share their traction:

  • 600+ reviews
  • 51,000+ installations
  • 4.9/5 rating

With Two Owls, you only need 2 minutes to get started with tracking that drives growth and higher ROAS. No log-in or coding needed.

What more you can do with Two Owls

  • Speed up the learning process with smart data from browser pixel and server CAPI ✅
  • Optimize ROAS with a real-time UTM attribution report that tracks every ad ✅
  • Manage multiple master or niche, collection pixels with an intuitive dashboard ✅
  • Save hours of manual product updates with automated Catalogs or live feed links ✅

Get Two Owls Special Discount

Two Owls by Omega is excited to offer a lifetime discount of 10% off for all FoxEcom customers who want to take custom delivery to a new height!

Check out Two Owls by Omega today!

FoxEcom team is happy to partner up with Two Owls to get our customers and partners the most efficient tool to measure and scale up their marketing performance.

Learn more about Omega Two Owls FaceBook Pixels here.

Vian Trinh

CGO @ FoxEcom

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