Foxify Highlighted Updates - First Step to Achieve ‘Built for Shopify’ Badge - Becoming an Embedded App with Optimized UI/UX

Foxify Built for Shopify

Built for Shopify status is the highest level of recognition of Shopify for apps so far, but more than that, it's proof that the app ultimately contributes to the success and experiences of merchants’ stores. To truly become a ‘Built for Shopify’ app, we must thoroughly optimize our app from UX/UI to features. And this new version of Foxify is our very first step to do this. 

Let’s discover the great benefits you can have in this version!

Migrate from standalone app to embedded app

Starting out as a standalone app, Foxify has had its fun and challenges. We receive as much feedback loving the standalone experience as feedback complaining about its learning curve

Being an embedded app, Foxify can now be conveniently placed in the store admin dashboard so you can pin it in the navigation for quick access. Without opening an external website, users can get around much easier with a  familiar  interface. 

However, being in the admin dashboard of Shopify means less space for the app interface. To avoid taking too much space in the display screen, the top bar of Foxify is eliminated and now replaced by a sticky menu. But you can rest assured that this change won’t affect your experience. 

sticky menu

The size of the display screen in editor mode doesn’t change. It is still shown in fullscreen without the Shopify top bar, so customers can edit and preview pages as usual.

Moreover, Foxify can load faster as an embedded app due to built-in Shopify optimization and reduced content layout shifts. It is also optimized for the Shopify Mobile app, which greatly improves the mobile experience for merchants.

Optimize UI for smoother experience and easier navigation

In this version, we’ve optimized the UI of some sections in Foxify. Instead of showing the manager of each type of page separately, now they’re merged into the Manage pages section so that users can manage pages without too much navigation. 

page manager

UI is also enhanced inside the page editor. Due to the high-frequent use of Custom code and Theme settings, they are added to the Element menu so users can find them quickly. The module editor is also refactored to be cleaner and tidier

Wrapping up

Although this update comes with no new features, it is still a great benefit for users as our app is significantly improved in performance and UI. 

As this version is just one small step to Built for Shopify status, our app will be improved day by day to bring you more and more satisfying experiences and help you create more stunning stores.

So what are you waiting for? Try Foxify now with a 7-day free trial and enjoy the smoothest experience when building your store!

foxify page builder

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