Introducing the ZEST Shopify Theme - a conversion-focused and mobile-friendly solution for all stores

Introducing the ZEST Shopify Theme - a conversion-focused and mobile-friendly solution for all stores

The Fashion and Beauty industry is fiercely competitive. Every minute, new brands enter the market and face off to establish their names. If you are struggling to figure out how to build an unique and efficient online presence to attract shoppers’ attention at first glance, ZEST is the perfect option for you. With ZEST, you can be carefree with the building process and instead focus your energy on developing your business strategies. 

In this article, you will learn more about Zest - as one of the most high-converting Shopify themes for the Fashion and Beauty industry, its high ground, and how to make the best of them. Let’s get down to the details!

What is ZEST theme?

ZEST is a conversion-focused Shopify theme, designed specifically for the Fashion and Beauty industry. It offers three distinctive demos: Gusto, Cosmo, and Flairy - each showcases original styles and tones applicable to this niche, which makes ZEST instantly functional for diverse brands.

ZEST is good to go right away, and it’s also customizable to suit your brand story and style. It presents unparalleled flexibility and control for any users - from a fresh-out-of-college intern to a senior website developer. You can use the intuitive editor to quickly tailor pages and add content to your website without any coding knowledge required at all.

This Shopify theme also offers an unlimited free trial instead of the popular 14-day Shopify trial. This means you bear no risks to try out Zest. You can add your own products, change brand colors, and set up different features to visualize your beautifully designed store with Zest. You only need to pay when the theme goes live. 

What makes ZEST better than other Shopify themes? 

According to Statista, 72.9% of all retail e-commerce is expected to be generated via m-commerce. This trend is mainly driven by newly developing e-commerce markets in mobile-first economies. Having a mobile-focused online store helps businesses convert more, speed up the purchase process, and turn potential visitors into buying and returning ones. 

All Shopify themes published on Shopify Theme Store need to be responsive and friendly to mobile users. However, some of the most famous Shopify themes in the market like Prestige or Expanse are not wholly mobile-focused. For example, quick view is not available for mobile visitors. They need to move from collection page to single product page to view product details, which obviously slows down the buying process.  

Meanwhile, ZEST is developed with high-converting mobile features and responsive designs to help you win every sale. Shoppers can view, select, navigate through pages, and quickly buy favorite products in milliseconds, simply with a few taps on their phones.

What’s the best about ZEST?

Built-in merchant-friendly settings

Different shoppers behave differently. Some can be reached via SEO, some feel comfortable receiving information from PR accounts, and some love a bit of personalized experience to become buyers. These breadcrumbs lead to a single destination: Businesses need to be customer-centric. They need to understand their customers as much as possible, especially in a competitive industry like Fashion and Beauty. 

With Zest, understanding customers’ behavior will be lifted off your shoulder, cause it offers the ultimate solutions for growing SMBs to gain more sales every time your customers click. Visitors have no time to scroll down the endless product list to find out their favorite items, or check blog posts for promotions, so it’s critical to save their time, provide what they want quickly, and speed up the buying process. Let’s take a look at some of the ZEST’s powerful built-in features that can help you do that.   

  1. ZEST theme has a smart view option for variants, which is easy for shoppers to view, select, and buy products quickly without the need to load the entire product page. 
  2. Smart search and product filtering allow shoppers to narrow down their preferred items in milliseconds by various attributes - with minimal setup needed. 
  3. ZEST provides a lightning-fast cart drawer, which instantly displays new items added to cart. This function helps buyers review, check, and update their cart items in a flash to finalize the purchase.

You can discover more about other customer-centric features of ZEST at Shopify Theme Store

Easy customization, flexible layout

It's fantastic if you know how to code and design, but what if you don't? We ensure that you need NO coding knowledge to customize the ZEST theme. ZEST is designed to showcase and highlight your product images to support visual brand storytelling. Everything can be set up easily in milliseconds to allow for a quick launch. 

Here is how that can happen. Imagine you are playing puzzles, all you have to do is click to add your preferred layouts with ready-to-use templates, conversion-optimized sections, and well-designed blocks for images, products, videos, quotes, and more. You can also create custom pages throughout your store without any special coding. Quick and easy, your online store will be ready to launch just in a few hours. 

To sum up, ZEST is not only a regular pretty theme on Shopify Theme Store. With $250, there is a lot you can take advantage of:

  • Free theme updates
  • Non-expiring license for one store
  • Free high-resolution photos
  • Built-in customer-centric features
  • High quality, stunning demo in three different styles
  • Fast loading speed and consistent performance

If you are thinking of building your own online store, give ZEST a shot to experience how a seamless Shopify store works, and let us know what you think about ZEST.


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