Minimog 3.0 updates - New Features: Variant Group Images and Local Pickup for a better Shopify checkout experience

Minimog 3.0 updates - New Features: Variant Group Images and Local Pickup for a better Shopify checkout experience

According to a 2020 benchmark report, only 3,5% of your website visitors converted to customers. That’s an insanely low number - imagine how much sales you have missed and how much more you could make with simple tweaks! It has been proven that the simplest way to increase conversion rate for your Shopify business is to optimize the product page: start with organizing your product image gallery for an eye-pleasing experience and then comes providing more shipping methods to lock down more sales.

However, you might be familiar with the struggle of making your multi-variant product pages neat and clean. A multi-variant product page means having much more visuals to display. No one wants to look at either a boring or a messy page. Getting the visuals organized and visually appealing is the deciding factor to make your product page converting or not. 

To help you increase sales for the product page in this upcoming holiday season, we have introduced 2 new features to Minimog 3.0: Variant Group Images and Local Pickup. Without further ado, let’s get down to the details to see how this duo leverages your online store!

1. Variant Group Images

Why you need Variant Group Images 

Variant Group Images allows you to display images of the selected variant only. Instead of showing images of different variants altogether, which makes your product page messy and unprofessional, this feature sorts images by variants and only shows the chosen product version. 

For example, when shoppers select the color Orange, your product visual will change to the orange-colored variant images and appear on screen immediately. 

With Variant Group Images, your product page will look clean and professional. Shoppers can view products in the variation they have selected, and then make the right purchase easily. As a result, no more wrong orders due to confusing product image gallery, and no more losing sales and shipping fees on returns for wrong items. Happy purchase, happy customer.

How Variant Group Images can increase your revenue

When you are a business owner, it’s important to make customers believe that your brand is trustworthy and able to bring the best service with high-quality products. It is a bit more challenging when you don’t own a brick-and-mortar store - where you can showcase your dazzling products in the most stylish way. 

However, instead of overcrowding the product page with different images of all variants simultaneously, Variant Group Images shows images of the selected variant only. It organizes product visuals to form a sleek and intuitive product page that pleases your customers’  experience, enhances their trust, and boosts business revenue. 

By using Variant Group Images, your shoppers will be able to switch from one variant to another of different color or option quickly and smoothly, and they can make the right purchase decision fast and easily. 

We made this feature stupid simple. You can enable Variant Group Images for your theme in less than 10 seconds. Check out how to enable this powerful feature and sort different images into their variation groups in the tutorial video below.

2. Local Pickup

Why you need Local Pickup feature

Local Pickup allows online shoppers to see whether a product is available for pickup at a physical store or not; and shoppers can learn about this by checking the local pickup availability option right under the “Buy Now” button in the product page. Then, they can pick up their online-purchased items at whichever physical location most convenient to them, instead of paying extra for shipping.

Online shoppers can look for the Local Pickup option right below the Buy it now button. 

A research conducted by Shopify has proved that local pickup clients spend 23% more money than those who choose standard shipping, and they are 13% more likely to make a purchase online. Thanks to the logistics progression post-pandemic, Local Pickup is quickly becoming an unexpected method to increase sales for online business.

How Local Pickup can help your business

Local pickup delivers on consumers’ expectation for fast, free, and convenient shipping, therefore boosting sales significantly.

Delivery cost and speed are the two factors consumers weigh most heavily before making a purchase. We understand this concern well, so in Minimog 3.0, we have successfully integrated this Shopify-based feature with the theme so merchants can display it in their front-end store easily. The Local Pickup option will help increase the conversion rate of your online business once activated. 

You may wonder how?

Cutting out shipping costs for shoppers who choose to pick up their order will make your customers more likely to complete checkout - which means more revenue! 

Not only does in-person pickup save money for shoppers, but it also reduces fulfillment expenses for your company and the time needed to get orders ready for shipment. Every time a consumer chooses local-pickup their order, you can save quite a sum on packaging and logistics. 

On an environmental-friendly note, local pickup limits greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, if shoppers can bundle more items together on a single purchase, they would reduce even more carbon footprint because it required fewer trips to the store or package deliveries.

In conclusion

Don’t wait for a special occasion to upgrade your online business. Add Variant Group Images and Local Pickup to your theme now and optimize the product pages to level up your store functionality and create a seamless shopping experience for your customers. 

For all FoxKit users and Minimog customers, these features are 100% free and they’re waiting for you to try them out!

The free offer is still available if you are not currently a customer. Visit and download the FoxKit app to get all the premium features for absolutely no charge!