Top 3 Design and Marketing Apps to Grow a Shopify Rental Business

Top 3 Design and Marketing Apps to Grow a Shopify Rental Business

Starting a rental business, it’s not just about managing orders and fulfillment and streamlining the payment process. It’s also designing and promoting your rental store. Thus, to start a successful Shopify rental business, you must have at least one reliable Shopify rental app for designing and marketing.

In part 1, we’ve explored the top 3 Shopify rental apps to manage a rental business. Now, we will explore the top 3 Shopify rental apps to design and market a Shopify rental business. These apps are designed to enhance the aesthetics of your online store, create a compelling brand identity, and implement effective marketing strategies to attract a broader audience.

Let's dive into the top 3 Shopify apps that will shape the design and marketing landscape of your Shopify rental business.

1. Foxify - Smart Page Builder

foxify page builder

Like any other eCommerce business, when starting a rental business, you also needs a well-designed storefront to grow and succeed as 75% of users judge a company's credibility based on its website design.

That’s where Foxify - Smart Page Builder comes into play. This app is one of the most powerful tools to create stunning and high-converting storefronts.

Key features for rental business

  • 80+ pre-built templates: Foxify comes with 80+ beautiful and high-converting pre-built templates in all niches so you can choose one and customize it to streamline and fasten your design process.
  • Product presentation focus: Foxify provides many visually appealing sections and supports high-quality visuals, allowing you to showcase your rental items through images and videos. This is important for enticing customers and providing a clear view of your offerings.
  • Mobile responsiveness: Foxify ensures that all the pages created with the app are mobile-responsive. This is crucial for catering to users who access your rental business through various devices as 74% of renters used mobile devices when searching for rentals.
  • SEO-friendly design: All pages are optimized for search by default and choice so you can boost your Shopify rental business ranking on Google easily and reach more potential customers.
  • AI-powered Fox Magic: This AI feature of this Shopify rental app enables you to write compelling content for your pages as well as translate content to other languages to reduce language barriers for your international customers.
  • Advanced Analytics reports: Foxify provides a reliable and comprehensive report on its page performance so you can track important metrics like impressions, sales, and conversions to adjust the suitable marketing strategies for your Shopify rental business.
    What customers love about Foxify.

What customers love about Foxify

  • User-friendly interface: Foxify Page Builder is known for its 1-click editor. With Foxify, merchants can easily create & move elements around with a simple mouse click, making it easy for users with varying technical skills to design and customize their rental store.
  • Excellent customer support: Many users love Foxify for its customer service. The team is super helpful and responsive. They will not just resolve users’ concerns and questions, they will also teach and educate users on what they are encountering (step by step) and provide advice to improve their stores.

Drawbacks to consider

  • Limited features for renting: The app's features are specific to page building, so if you seek a broader range of functionalities beyond design like a calendar or an appointment tool, you may need to integrate additional apps for specific needs.

2. - Product Reviews app

Before choosing to rent something in your store, customers often seek reassurance that your offerings are reliable and of high quality. Social proof, in the form of positive customer reviews, plays a crucial role in instilling confidence in customers as 93.7% of digital shoppers that positive customer reviews increase their trust in a brand.

When coming to customer reviews, is the top app that is designed to capture and showcase authentic customer feedback to build trust and attract more customers.

Key features for rental business

  • Unlimited email review requests: Actively engage with your customers by sending unlimited email requests for reviews, ensuring a continuous flow of feedback.
  • Photo and video reviews: Elevate the authenticity of your Shopify rental business by allowing customers to share their experiences through photos and videos, providing potential renters with a visual testament to your offerings.
  • Versatile display options: Showcase star ratings, store and product reviews, trust badges, and a reviews carousel, offering a multifaceted display of positive feedback.
  • Social media integration: Seamlessly integrate with Instagram, enabling you to feature customer photos from Instagram in your reviews. This Shopify rental app also allows customers to share their reviews on your store to their social accounts, leveraging the power of social media for brand awareness and credibility.

What customers love about

  • Customizable review section: Users love how allows them to tailor the appearance of the review widget to align with their rental business website's design. From placing review widgets on product pages to adding carousels of featured reviews, customization is at their fingertips.
  • Seamless review management: provides an intuitive interface for managing customer feedback. Customers appreciate the ease of replying to reviews, featuring the best ones, and launching marketing campaigns in collaboration with app partners. This streamlined process helps them stay connected with their customers and leverage reviews to drive rental business growth.
  • Superb customer service: is known for its responsive and helpful customer support team. Customers appreciate the prompt support assistance, whether it's for installation, customization, or resolving any issues that may arise.

Drawbacks to consider

  • Review display limitation in the free plan: The free plan has limitations on the number of reviews displayed. Rental businesses with a high volume of reviews may need to consider a paid plan for optimal visibility.
  • Learning curve for customization: While provides customization options, some customers may find the initial setup and customization process a bit challenging. It may require some learning and experimentation to fully leverage all the customization features offered by the app.

3. FoxKit - All-in-one Sales Boost

Foxkit app

FoxKit - Al-in-one Sales Boost is a versatile Shopify rental app designed to empower rental businesses by providing a range of features aimed at increasing average order value (AOV), streamlining processes, and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Key features for rental business

  • Related products recommendation: FoxKit suggests related products for customers so they can choose similar products to rent in case their desired products are occupied. Besides, by recommending products that complement their chosen one (for example recommending shoes that match with the rental dress), FoxKit helps you increase the AOV.
  • Product bundles with discounts: Create enticing bundles with discounts to incentivize customers to rent more items in a single order. This not only enhances the customer's experience but also maximizes your revenue per transaction.
  • Back-in-stock alerts: FoxKit's back-in-stock alert feature is a game-changer for rental businesses. Automatically notify customers when previously rented-out products become available again, ensuring you capture every potential rental opportunity.
  • Lucky Wheel to give discounts smartly: This Shopify rental app introduces an element of gamification to your storefront. The Spin-the-Wheel exit pop-up is an interactive game that provides visitors with discount codes, encouraging them to make a purchase. This innovative approach adds a fun element to the shopping experience, increasing customer engagement.
  • Free shipping goal: Increase customer satisfaction and encourage AOV by setting free shipping goals. This FoxKit feature allows you to establish conditions for free shipping, enticing customers to add more items to their rental orders.
  • Pop-up messages for email list building: By offering a discount for subscription with strategically timed pop-up messages of FoxKit, you can build a robust email list for targeted marketing, promotions, and updates.
  • Reports on FoxKit features: Gain valuable insights into the performance of FoxKit features with built-in analytics. Understand how each element is contributing to your business's success and make data-driven decisions to optimize your rental strategy.

What customers love about FoxKit

  • Ease of use and setup: FoxKit is praised for its user-friendly interface and straightforward setup process. Rental businesses can quickly integrate the app into their Shopify store without a steep learning curve.
  • Exceptional customer support: Users appreciate the responsive and helpful customer support provided by FoxKit. Having a reliable support system ensures that your Shopify rental business can overcome any challenges seamlessly.
  • Cost-effective: Many customers found it cost-effective as it combines multiple features, eliminating the need for multiple apps
  • Beneficial features for increasing sales: Customers appreciate its sales-boosting features like product bundling, free shipping goals, and stock notifications

Drawbacks to consider

  • Pricing structure: Some customers found that the pricing structure of FoxKit may not align with the budget constraints of every business. Some users have noted that the cost may be relatively high for smaller businesses with a tight budget.

To Conclude

As you explore the top design and marketing apps for your Shopify rental business, you're unlocking the potential to captivate your audience and grow your brand. These apps are not mere add-ons; they're catalysts for growth and brand elevation.

From captivating website designs that enhance the user experience to marketing strategies that resonate with your audience, these apps are indispensable for transforming a Shopify rental business into a compelling brand.

Stay tuned for more insights, strategies, and tools as we continue to unravel the dynamics of Shopify rental business success!

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