FoxEcom x Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks: Maximize Your Revenue Potential with Volume Discount Bundles

FoxEcom x Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks: Maximize Your Revenue Potential with Volume Discount Bundles

FoxEcom is proud to announce the official partnership with Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks, the leading Shopify bundling application designed to help you generate revenue through visually appealing tiered pricing, all seamlessly integrated within your product page.

Why you need volume discounts for your business

Have you ever walked into a McDonald's and spotted those tempting value meals?

Adopting a bundle discount strategy, like the Big Mac Meal, that becomes profitable when sold in bulk at low prices. Similar to an implied invitation, “Hey, why just get a burger when you can have a whole meal for a few bucks more?”, this leads to an impressive 37% profit margin.

That's the magic of volume discounts in action. They not only make your tummy happy, but also make your wallet smile, because you get more bang for your buck.

To define the exact definition, volume discount encourages customers to buy a larger quantity of a product at once by offering discounted prices. When customers purchase in bulk, sellers reward them with lower prices for each group of items bought.

Volume discount is a smart strategy that capitalizes on cost savings achieved through economies of scale during production or service provision. Essentially, it involves offering discounts based on the quantity of units sold.

But why adopt this approach?

Well, it's simple economics. The more units you sell, the lower your cost-per-sale becomes. You streamline processes such as order processing, customer acquisition, and deliveries. By passing on some of these savings to your customers, you not only boost sales but also foster customer loyalty. By offering a lower cost per unit, you align with your customers' willingness to pay for your product or service, ultimately maximizing your revenue potential.

About Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks

In the complex and competitive eCommerce world nowadays, merchants seek to employ a range of marketing strategies to enhance their AOV (average order value). This includes the desire to provide both quantity breaks and product bundles in their store.

Here's when Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks truly excels, this app is the key to boosting sales. Its user-friendly interface and customizable product bundle discounts transform your product page into an engaging shopping experience that encourages higher spending.

This top Shopify product bundle app stands out by allowing you to create customized pricing tiers for your customers' diverse needs. You can select eligible products or collections for volume discounts and tailor them to your preferences, whether percentage-based, money-saving, or specific pricing. Plus, it offers live customer support and detailed revenue tracking for confidence in its suitability for your business. 

Let’s take a look at the benefits:

  • Possibility to create compelling bundle discounts for customers.
  • Various types of discount settings.
  • Customizable colors and styling to match your store’s branding.
  • Detailed insights on the additional revenue generated by the app.
  • User-friendly experience.
  • Offers unlimited bundle deals.
  • Flexibility in layouts and customization options.
  • Enables businesses to provide a seamless experience for customers across multiple languages.
  • Provides live chat customer support to assist with any questions or issues.

So far, Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks has achieved remarkable milestones:

  • 300+ five-star reviews on Shopify App Store
  • Generated $21.6M+ in additional revenue for app users
  • ‘Build for Shopify’ achievement, granted by Shopify admins

How to use Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks with FoxEcom solutions

We’ve successfully integrated Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks into Foxify: Smart Pagebuilder, empowering merchants to effortlessly enhance their product pages with enticing bundle offers and quantity discounts.

No need to fret about the technical aspects, we got your back! Simply log in to Foxify and activate the incredible potential of product bundle quantity breaks!

Get Your Kaching Special Discount

Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks is thrilled to extend a 20% discount to all FoxEcom customers who are eager to explore the exciting world of sales-boosting through product volume discounts.

Get your Kaching discount here!

FoxEcom is over the moon to collaborate with Kaching Appz to provide a better and more convenient solution for bundle purchasing.

Learn more about Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks here.

Helly Nguyen

Partnership Executive @FoxEcom

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