5 Best Amazon Dropshipping Suppliers

5 Best Amazon Dropshipping Suppliers

With over 310 million active customers and sellers worldwide, Amazon is the king of all eCommerce businesses and it has the power to change the digital environment quickly. Choosing Amazon as your business platform is the best idea for business owners to grow rapidly. However, boosting your business on Amazon isn't easy. Having trustworthy and effective Amazon dropshipping suppliers and reliable Amazon wholesale suppliers is crucial to your success.

In the last article, we’ve provided you with smart tips for choosing Amazon Dropshipping suppliers. Today, we'll explore the top 5 Amazon dropshipping suppliers, plus share with you the insights and resources needed to thrive in the competitive online marketplace.

These suppliers are key to generating Amazon dropshipping suppliers traffic and establishing a successful venture. Whether you are looking for Amazon wholesale suppliers or partners with high Amazon dropshipping suppliers traffic, this guide will equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions and grow your Amazon business effectively.

Introduction to Dropshipping

For those who cannot manage a huge amount of inventory, dropshipping - integrated with Amazon customer engagement tools - is the best option for business owners. For amateur entrepreneurs, dropshipping is also the best business option with less cost and easier management. It’s estimated that the startup cost for a dropshipping store can be as little as $40.

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Small business owners are responsible for marketing their brand and ensuring clients get their orders. However, dropshipping, coupled with SwiftStart Agency's expertise in Amazon customer engagement tools, has already relieved the owners of marketing tasks. All they need to do now is make sure the customers are satisfied with their products.

To accomplish this, dropshippers need to collaborate with reliable Amazon wholesale suppliers that take care of product storage and shipment upon consumer order. As a result, they don't have to worry about having to store a wide variety of items.

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1. AliExpress

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One of the leading Amazon wholesale suppliers with high Amazon dropshipping suppliers traffic is AliExpress, a member of the well-known Alibaba Group. AliExpress offers businesses unparalleled access to an extensive array of items, with millions of products across many categories. In case you didn’t know, AliExpress has more than 100 million products and serves more than 250 nations and regions worldwide.

Amazon dropshipping businesses can find almost what they need here. For instance, an electronics-focused Amazon vendor can locate popular products like smartwatches and wireless earphones at affordable costs, along with choices for quick shipping via ePacket.

An additional illustration would be a home decor seller who can locate products like LED string lights or minimalist wall art, taking advantage of the large assortment and frequently low minimum order quantities to satisfy a variety of client needs.


  • Extensive product catalog: The Amazon wholesale suppliers on AliExpress cover 30+ categories with more than 100 million products, ensuring a wide selection for dropshipping sellers.
  • Low minimum order quantities: Amazon wholesale suppliers on AliExpress require small MOQs, which is accessible for small-scale sellers who do not want to invest heavily in inventory.
  • Competitive pricing and frequent discounts: As these Amazon wholesale suppliers offer bulk-order pricing and many other discounts, sellers can offer competitive prices to their customers.
  • Global shipping options: Enables sellers to reach customers worldwide, expanding their market.


  • Lengthy delivery periods: Delivering goods, especially for goods coming from overseas Amazon wholesale suppliers, can affect customer satisfaction.
  • Concerns regarding quality control: Quality varies from different Amazon wholesale suppliers on AliExpress, so there might be issues related to the quality of products.
  • Limited branding and personalization options: Sellers may find it challenging to brand or personalize products, which can be a drawback for those looking to build a unique brand identity.

2. SaleHoo

Image source: SaleHoo

SaleHoo distinguishes itself as one of the most comprehensive Amazon wholesale suppliers by carefully choosing a large worldwide network of approved suppliers. Unlike other platforms, SaleHoo chooses its Amazon wholesale suppliers carefully in order to ensure quality and trustworthiness.

With over 8,000 verified Amazon wholesale suppliers listed in its directory, SaleHoo offers access to over 1.6 million products. For instance, a vendor wishing to go into the fashion business can locate trustworthy Amazon wholesale suppliers for fashionable clothing and accessories, guaranteeing timely delivery and constant quality.

Another real-world example is a company that sells health and beauty products. By using SaleHoo's network, it can find popular products like fitness supplements or skincare products, benefiting from pre-vetted Amazon wholesale suppliers and lowering the risk of doing business with dubious sources.


  • Extensive list of verified suppliers: Access to a wide range of products from 8000+ trustworthy Amazon wholesale suppliers.
  • Market research tools: Includes tools for market research and discussion forums for advice and support.
  • Responsive customer support: Assists with supplier inquiries and other concerns.
  • Risk-free subscription: Comes with a money-back guarantee, offering peace of mind for new users.


  • Membership fee required: You need to pay for a subscription to access Amazon wholesale suppliers and resources.
  • Limited eCommerce platform integration: Not offer extensive integration options with various eCommerce platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix only).

3. Dropship Direct

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A well-known brand in dropshipping is Dropship Direct. They link vendors with reliable Amazon wholesale suppliers and manufacturers with great Amazon dropshipping suppliers. With them, dropshipping merchants can select from more than a million products across various sectors and industries.

For example, Dropship Direct sells over 100,000 devices, including portable chargers and Bluetooth speakers. An additional illustration would be for items related to the house and garden, such as kitchen appliances, home accents, and gardening equipment.


  • Extensive product range: Offers a broad selection of products across multiple categories, catering to diverse market needs.
  • Advanced features: Include sophisticated tools for tracking orders and managing inventories, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • No membership fees: Does not require membership fees or up-front charges, making it accessible for new and small-scale sellers.
  • Responsive customer service: Provides quick and effective customer support to address inquiries and resolve issues.


  • Limited branding options: Offers restricted possibilities for branding and personalization, which can be a drawback for sellers looking to establish a unique brand identity.
  • Higher minimum order quantities: Some Amazon wholesale suppliers may require greater minimum order amounts, potentially limiting flexibility for smaller orders.
  • Variable shipping times: Shipping durations can vary depending on the Amazon wholesale suppliers’ location, which might affect customer satisfaction.

4. Wholesale2B

Image source: Wholesale2B

Dropshipping is improved by Wholesale2B's collaboration with Amazon and eBay. You can choose from more than a million products across numerous categories.

For instance, an Amazon seller can list and manage inventories of popular items like fashion accessories or gadgets, process orders, and track inventory with ease by utilizing Wholesale2B's automation capabilities. An eBay seller who specializes in automotive components is another real-world example.

By using Wholesale2B's wide supplier network, sellers can locate dependable Amazon wholesale suppliers for in-demand items like tools and automobile accessories, guaranteeing simplified and effective operations.


  • Seamless integration: Offers smooth product sourcing and sales integration with leading eCommerce platforms, simplifying operations for sellers.
  • Extensive product range: Provides a vast selection of goods from reliable Amazon wholesale suppliers, catering to various market needs.
  • No membership fees: Does not require membership fees or up-front charges, making it accessible for sellers at all levels.
  • Responsive customer service: Quickly addresses inquiries and concerns, offering effective support.


  • Limited customization options: Offers restricted customization options for product listings, which can be a drawback for sellers looking to differentiate their offerings.
  • Higher minimum order quantities: Some Amazon wholesale suppliers may require greater minimum order amounts, which might limit flexibility for smaller orders.
  • Technical expertise required: The integration process may necessitate technical know-how, potentially posing a challenge for less tech-savvy sellers.

5. Oberlo

Image source: Oberlo

Oberlo allows users to import products from Amazon wholesale suppliers with just a few clicks, and the platform supports over 2,000,000 products. For example, a new online boutique can quickly add hundreds of fashion items, such as dresses and accessories, directly from Amazon wholesale suppliers, saving over 20 hours per week in manual data entry.

Another practical example is a tech gadget store using Oberlo to effortlessly integrate trending products like smart home devices and phone accessories, ensuring they stay current with market demands while maintaining an up-to-date inventory with ease.

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  • Seamless Shopify integration: Facilitates easy product administration and import, streamlining the workflow for sellers.
  • Extensive vendor and product range: Offers a wide variety of Amazon wholesale suppliers and goods, catering to diverse market needs.
  • Order tracking and fulfillment tools: Provides tools for tracking and automatically fulfilling orders, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Beginner-friendly interface: Features a user-friendly UI, making it accessible even for those new to dropshipping.


  • Exclusive to Shopify: Only available to Shopify customers, limiting its use to those on this platform.
  • Transaction fees: Involves transaction costs connected to Shopify programs, which may impact profit margins.
  • Quality control concerns: Some Amazon wholesale suppliers may have inconsistent quality, requiring careful vetting by sellers.

Final Thought

In summary, selecting trustworthy Amazon wholesale suppliers is crucial to the success of your Amazon business. Whether you choose SaleHoo, Dropship Direct, Wholesale2B, Oberlo, or AliExpress, each platform offers unique features and benefits to aid you in your dropshipping journey.

By leveraging the tools and support provided by these Amazon wholesale suppliers, you can expand your product offerings, streamline your operations, and drive traffic to your store. This will help you thrive in the dynamic and ever-evolving world of eCommerce. For those focusing on bulk purchases, these platforms also serve as reliable Amazon wholesale suppliers, ensuring you have a steady supply of high-quality products.

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