A Showcase of 16 Amazing Shopify Stores Using Minimog Theme

17 Stunning Shopify Stores use Minimog Theme

If you're considering Minimog theme and have a second thought that you won't be able to stand out or your store would look like everyone else's, these incredible Shopify stores will prove you wrong. 

See how they modified Minimog theme to reclaim their brand identity and stand out from the competition.

Here are 16 examples of websites that are smashing their Shopify stores using Minimog.

Fashion & Apparel

1. Sleekandpeek.com

Showcase of Shopify stores using Minimog themex

Any fan of anime and manga here? You will love Sleek & Peek as well as its online store. They have the vision to create stylish and refined anime clothing and merchandise for all the Otakus out there.

Intrigued visitors with a anime-signature feels, the site keeps them stay by a well-organized navigation. You can easily find your favorite items by theme, clothing type, best-sellers, you name it. 

The way Sleek & Peek puts all elements on homepage together also makes it breazy for customers to check out hot shot products and click more. Did I mention that you don't have to leave the homepage to get a quick view of the product and add them to the cart? Yep, you heard that right!

2. Haterz.com.br

Showcase of Shopify stores using Minimog themex

There are so many things that we love about Haterz Eleven. The way they showcase short films along their homepage of their products makes it super aesthetic to watch. 

Haterz Eleven carries an urban identity and materializes men's streetwear movement, uniting fashion, comfort, concept and style. Their online store carries that exact urbanista, unique, and authentic vibes. They keep a highly-organized menu so visitors have no problem finding their favorite product.

Haterz Eleven's product pages are just as top-notch. High-quality images combined with a closed short video of each product makes it easier for their customers to have a clearer picture of what they are buying. This is a solid point helping them to optimize the purchasing journey.

3. Shinko-wear.com

Showcase of Shopify stores using Minimog themex

Prefer something more minimal, yet impressive? Then this site is definitely your type. The Canadian brand Shinko-wear is based on the transformation of ideas about everyday clothing and a new look at one's true self.

The brand does not have a huge number of products to showcase. That's why their website is optimized for simple navigation and other details in products.

The buying experience on Shinko-wear is even easier thanks to the size charts that are attached right beside variants. This definitely helps users find the one that fits them perfectly.

4. Latentatrice.com

Showcase of Shopify stores using Minimog theme

It's time for some girls' power! La Tentatrice empowers women across the world to discover self-love expression and pleasure through high-quality lingerie.

Their website is very categorized, which is perfect as they offer a wide range of sleepwear and underwear collections. Along with the filtering options, it's painless to browse for products that their customers want to purchase.

5. Komfykloset.com

Showcase of Shopify stores using Minimog theme

Moving to a younger demographic, Komfy Kloset provides high quality, safe and sustainable products at affordable prices for families all across the globe.

As you can see, their homepage is easy to follow. With a little bit of scrolling down, you'll find collections and customer reviews. There's also a list of the items once you navigate through the "Shop Now" menu on top.

Komfy Kloset also takes advantage of Minimog's Facebook chat feature to connect their site with the social media, thus making contacting with their team is just a piece of cake.

Jewelleries & Accessories

6. Janeloren.com

Showcase of Shopify stores using Minimog theme

Janeloren is a female owned company that endorses body positivity and encourages everyone to feel good in their own skin. They hope that their jewellery pieces will inspire that. 

Bearing a minimal and aesthetic vibe, their site brings out their best qualities to create of sense of trust for customers. Not to mention, clear and authentic reviews are put both on homepage and product pages. 

More important, Janeloren's site easy to place an order as well because of the efficiency of their website. It's clean and not overwhelming. They also take a further step to craft impressive product content for each product.

7. Kyzeur.com

Showcase of Shopify stores using Minimog theme

Prepare to be amazed by some high-technology, futuristic vibe with KYZEUR - a young Parisian and French startup specializing in the sale of connected watches. 

Their products also portray their website — modern and stylish while serving its purpose. 

8. Hustlewear.com.br

Showcase of Shopify stores using Minimog theme

Hustle specializes in glasses and accessories of all kinds for men's. 

You can see that their home page is well-organized. They have different categories, such as bracelets, sunglasses, and more. 

The way they directly showcase special collections on homepage is just direct and effective. This strategy is combined with 'Quick view' tactic so that their customers can instantly take a peek of their favorite item.

9. Hendrysofficial.com

Showcase of Shopify stores using Minimog theme

Another accessories brand with a deep taste in glasses for women's. Hendry blows us away with its energetic and fun way to explore a style. 

The overall look of the website is polished and smooth. Their site has a fast loading speed and easy navigation with minimal design. 

Moreover, they add a little Stock Countdown timer that can wake some FOMO and push their customers before their favorite item is out of stock.


10. Lovekiri.com

Showcase of Shopify stores using Minimog theme

Love Kiri Skincare is an England-based brand that promotes healthy and organic skincare products. 

Visiting Love Kiri Skincare's site, users won't have a hard time navigating the website. Bella Fit's website has a bestseller, categories, and blogs section on the homepage.

What we love about Kiri is they integrate their Instagram feed, which makes it easier to connect with them on social media. Customer can also scroll through a bunch of verified testimonials. 

11. Theglamourhouse.ph

 Showcase of Shopify stores using Minimog theme

The Glamour House is a local cosmetic brand that empowers and celebrates the unique beauty by creating high quality, fuss-free makeup.

Just like their fuss-free identity, The Glamour House's site is combination of aesthetics and clear. 

You can notice the good placement of the call-to-action button with a background image on the top of the page, right? Looks amazing! You can also sort through the products using filters and navigation

12. Patchproject.com.au

Showcase of Shopify stores using Minimog theme

The savior for anyone struggling with acnes - Patch Project is an Australian business with a brilliant product. 

Despite having only 1 key product, Patch Project manages to show all the best qualities of it on their site. 

What we love about their site is how they utilize the powers of pop-ups to collect more leads and create a sense of FOMO. Not to mention the tiny video previewing the product is just another remarkable idea.

Their product page is also a worth-mentioning feature when they create bundles to upsell and push more sales.

Food & Beverage

13. Ironheroes.co

Showcase of Shopify stores using Minimog theme


14. Naturesoriginspices.com

 Showcase of Shopify stores using Minimog theme


15. Houseofmarkets.no

Showcase of Shopify stores using Minimog theme

16. Grden.co

Showcase of Shopify stores using Minimog theme

Get your favorite look for your Shopify store

These stores just prove that Minimog can cater to any niche. Adjust, customize, you can do whatever you want without compromising functionalities and speed. 

Minimog now has more than 60 styles (and still updating) for you to choose. So whatever industries you are in, we are 100% sure you can find something that can meet your needs.

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