How Minimog helps Shopify stores upsell and cross-sell

Upsell and cross-sell features by Minimog Shopify theme

Minimog is a high-converting Shopify theme that comes with a powerful package of built-in features that boost up-selling and cross-selling. In this article, let us show you around how Minimog can help Shopify merchants sell better and sell more.

What is Upsell & Cross-sell?

Upselling is the strategy to offer customers a relevant additional product or service to increase their purchase value. This product/service can be an upgrade or that product/service but buying in bulk.

Cross-selling, on the other hand, is the practice of selling a different product or service to a customer to increase the value of a sale. This product can be an a complimentary product/service to the initial one that they even do not realize that they need it.

Upselling and cross-selling both focus on providing additional value to customers, instead of limiting them to already-encountered products. In both cases, the business objective is to increase order value inform customers about additional product options they may not already know about.

Minimog allows users to set up their own upselling and cross-selling tricks with these FREE integrated tools to help them sell more and sell better.

How does Minimog help Shopify stores upsell and cross-sell?

1. Create custom product recommendations

According to a research by Barilliance, the conversion rate for visitors clicking on product recommendations was found to be 5.5x higher than for visitors who didn’t click.

Beyond simply getting your customers to add more items to their cart, you’re providing them with a better overall shopping experience through customized recommendations for products that they otherwise might not have found on their own.

If you’re looking for a simple and highly-effective way to improve personalization for your Shopify store, product recommendation may be an investment worth making. Only if the investment you have to spend with Minimog equals $0 as all the tools are included in the theme.

Some golden tactics in terms of suggesting relevant products that Minimog already provides.

The first one would be showing "Recently Viewed Products" under every product page. As a default, Minimog displays the list of visited products so customers never lose track of what they have checked out.

recently viewed products

Next, you can customize your own product suggestions using Related products feature, which allows you to handpick recommendations you want to push. Notably, your product recommendations are not supposed to be a fixed set, instead, you should regularly A/B test to see what works best with what.

Depending on your test and business intention, Related products feature gives you the full power to tailor create suggestion sets, whether it is a product or a whole collection. This is the space for your creativity, with some hints from us:

  • Similar products: Recommends items similar to the product currently being viewed.
  • Bought together: Recommends complementary products that are typically purchased together with the product currently in-view.
  • Most popular: Recommends the best-selling products that you want to push further sales.
  • Most popular in category: Recommends the products that are currently most popular within a product category currently being viewed
related products by Minimog Shopify theme

>> See how you can create your own product suggestions using Related products.

    2. Push sales in bulk with 'Buy more save more' strategy

    If you’ve ever asked yourself, ‘How can I sell more?’, quantity discounts may be the answer. This strategy is no longer stranger in eCommerce, but it can bring enormous results if done decently. Take a look at successful bulk retailers like Costco. They’ve packaged products in large quantities and have had great success in ‘selling more’.

    'The more you buy, the less it costs', or commonly known as quantity discount, is the essence of this strategy. It is a psychological strategy often used in retailing to generate more sales – typically by dropping the prices of a product when customers buy more than one. 

    Quantity discounts can convince customers to purchase in bulk. One of the most direct approaches is to offer discounts right at the product page, which can leverage customers to consider adding to cart more to save money. 

    Of course, the ability to offer quantity discounts or volume pricing is built-in to Minimog. With Quantity discounts feature, you can customize the title/tagline to push sales and adjust whatever the percent bulk discount is in you mind. 

    >> Watch Quantity discounts tutorial to get how it is done.

    buy more save more quantity discount feature by Minimog Shopify theme

    For each product you can specify several different volume discounts. The following options can be configured for each discount:

    • Discount by percent or amount
    • Set the minimum quantity that is eligible for the discount
    • Set the discount amount

    For example, if you choose to discount by percentage, you could set one minimum for purchases of 5 or more to discount by 10%. Then, set your next minimum of 10 or more for a 15% discount. Thus, when buyers purchase 5-9 items they receive a 10% discount while receiving 15% off 10 or more.

    However, keep in mind that discounting too much can eat into your bottom line revenue and do major damage to your brand. The secret here is all about careful calculation. 

    3. Sell more types of products with 'Product bundles'

    Another discount strategy that you should keep an eye on to cross-sell effectively is Product bundles. Product bundling is a marketing strategy that is widely used in retail to make consumers buy more than they had planned. It normally involves several individual goods or services that are sold as one combined package at a reduced price.

    Sometimes called "package deals," product bundles are generally made up of complementary items or sometimes, similar items. An examples of product bundle would be an exercise look that includes sports bra, leggings, and sneakers.

    For online retailers, product bundles are appealing for several reasons:

    • Bundling effectively increases average order value (AOV), by selling more without incurring higher transaction costs. 
    • Bundling encourages cross-selling to complete a certain usage purpose.
    • Bundling makes it harder for customers to compare prices among online sites, drives them to focus on the overall value that a set brings instead.

    With Minimog, you can do all of that at the cost of zero as Product bundles is already integrated to the theme. There are 2 outlooks that you can choose to craft bundles for your products.

    The first look is often seen in many eCommerce sites as it's directly integrated to the check out section of the product page. This kind of display is through and uninterrupted, makes it handy for customers to see everything in one place.

    Product bundles feature by Minimog Shopify theme

    The other outlook is quite different, as it separates into a whole block on the product page. This setup allows customers to have a bigger and clearer picture of what a set would look like together. A tip for this layout is you can use it for mix-and-match looks or a complete set. 

    Product bundles feature by Minimog Shopify theme

    Depending on the business intention, you can A/B test to see what works best on your site, and which works better for which products.

    >> See how you can set up Product bundles.

    Another way to leverage your Shopify business to the next level is to create a 'Bundle look', or also known as 'Shop this look'. Simply speaking, this is a convenient way for customers to shop in looks or sets.

    Shop this look by Minimog

    Minimog allows you customize blocks on your site, specifically your Homepage to boost a set of specific products. This would totally work with complementary products or even combine with services if you provide. You can even take a further step and set up the bundle buy in an interactive lookbook, just like in this Minimog's demo

    4. Seal the deal with 'Pre-purchase offer'

    The step between check out and purchase is critical in the buyer journey as it decides if the customer would make the buying decision and how they would make it. 

    In this step, customers tend to review their shopping carts to see what they have added and consider what to add or remove. This is the moment for you to suggest juicy offers to encourage customers not only keep the product, but also add other complementary products to get a discount. 

    Pre-purchase offer is a unique strategy that Minimog offers to help Shopify merchants seal a bigger deal. The feature works when the customer adds to cart a target product, it would suggest a list of chosen products in the shopping cart and a handy pop-up. 

    pre-purchase offer by Minimog Shopify theme

    >> Watch how to set up Pre-purchase offers for your store.

     5. A last effort to offer best deals with 'In-cart recommendations'

    Another strategy for the shopping cart that you can definitely go for is In-cart recommendations. 

    Normally, the actual check-out process should be tuned down, streamlined, and made as convenient and simple as possible – especially on mobile devices. However, the cart page where customers can review their purchase choices before they move onto payment is a golden opportunity to push complementary products, pushing the average order value and profitability up.

    Therefore, in-cart recommendations is born to present a seamless and easy way for customers to review their options without having to toggle between product pages. Instead, they can opt for their preferred variants and add or remove product right in the shopping cart. 

    cart suggestion by Minimog Shopify theme
    >> Here's how you can create your own In-cart suggestions.

    Everything considered, not only does Minimog help Shopify merchants to boost the conversion rates, but it also provides them with FREE built-in features that allow them to sell more in both quantity and diversity. What's even greater is that you can experience these awesome features right at at the cost of zero. Discover now at Minimog for more details!