How to Create a Shopify Landing Page that Converts

how to create a high-converting Shopify landing page

No matter the path that brings your customers to a landing page, its ultimate goal remains the same: coaxing them into becoming buyers. This distinct purpose renders landing pages as exceptionally influential elements within a company's marketing strategy.

Eager to discover the art of crafting a landing page that supercharges your lead generation and skyrockets sales? Look no further – you've touched down in the right spot! In this comprehensive guide, you'll delve into:

  • 5 essential elements of a winning landing page on Shopify
  • 3 dynamic approaches to building a high-performing landing page on Shopify
  • 5 invaluable tips for forging a landing page that excels at converting visitors into happy shoppers

Without further ado, let’s get started!

5 must-have elements of a Shopify winning landing page

A headline and supporting headline

The primary objective of your headline is to capture your visitor's attention and lay the groundwork for the entire page. It plays a pivotal role in addressing the crucial question that lingers in your visitor's mind: do I belong here?

Your headline should convey the essence of your product or service. It should be brief, preferably between 10 and 20 words.

To ensure the headline remains concise and easily digestible, it's important not to overload it with too much information. This is where a complementary supporting element comes into play - a subheadline.

Following the headline, the subheadline is the second thing your visitors encounter. Its purpose is to reinforce and elaborate on the headline, offering additional insights into your offering, solution, or commitment. An effective subheadline should be transparent, informative, and resonate emotionally.

The headline of Vahdam showcases the benefits that users can enjoy from the service, while also assisting visitors in visualizing the products they offer.

Headline and supporting headline for Shopify landing page

The subheadline effectively complements the headline by providing specific and compelling details that support the overall message of enhancing meal quality. The mention of "9 farm fresh spices for everyday cooking" highlights not only the diversity of the offering but also reinforces the concept of elevating everyday meals.

The subheadline's emphasis on the sourcing process-"Handpicked in India, sealed at the source, and delivered to your doorstep"-builds trust and authenticity, addressing potential quality concerns.

A call to action (CTA)

The call-to-action (CTA) could be seen as the most vital component on your landing page - it's among several elements that drive conversions.

Remember that the call to action doesn't necessarily have to be associated with purchasing. It might involve subscribing to your email list or gaining deeper insights into your offerings.

When creating your CTAs, you need to consider: what specific action you want your visitors to undertake.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when crafting your CTA:

  • Use a color for your CTA that stands out from other elements on the page, ensuring it catches your visitor's attention.
  • Make your CTA engaging, avoiding bland options like "Click Here".
  • Ensure that your CTA aligns logically with the surrounding content.
  • Keep your CTA concise; avoid turning it into a complete sentence.
  • Use action verbs that clearly indicate the desired action, such as "submit", "download", or "get it now".

For example, the CTA button on the Pink Dolphin Skincare landing page is prominent and effectively informs visitors about the outcome they can anticipate upon clicking it.

Call to action for Shopify landing page
You can find 48 must-click call-to-action examples here.

Key benefits of the product/service

You must provide additional information about the offer and address potential inquiries from your customers, particularly concerning the value your product or service brings to them. Incorporate a concise list of benefits to enhance clarity and complement this with comprehensive descriptions of benefits and features to expand upon the bullet points.

Remember that while features detail the functions of your product or service, benefits highlight the issues you're addressing.

Social proof

Social proof holds substantial persuasive power. Using social proof enables you to showcase individuals who have purchased your offering. When visitors witness the success of others using your solution, their tendency to become customers is increased.

Simply put, social proof shows how people around us affect our choices. On a landing page, social proof appears in different forms:

  • Customer feedback in their own words
  • Brand logos of customer companies
  • Case studies
  • Video conversations or testimonials
  • Ratings and reviews on credible platforms like Capterra, or Yelp

The landing page of Codecademy also provides testimonials and real-life success stories to cater to visitors seeking additional details before setting up an account. This approach contributes to rendering the world of coding, which might seem daunting to beginners, more accessible.
Social proof for landing page

Hero image and video

The hero image (or background video) holds significance as it's often the first visual element of your landing page seen by visitors.

This visual component can take various forms: a high-quality product photo, an illustration, an animated image, a large image slider, or an engaging video.

Sometimes, the hero image spans the entire landing screen, often accompanied by a scroll-to-section indicator.

Now, let's explore Row House's landing page, a provider of fitness classes. In their hero image, you can observe individuals exercising at Row House, presenting a fantastic way to introduce the brand and serving as a captivating initial element that draws attention.

Hero image for Shopify landing page

To create a compelling hero image, consider these guidelines:

  • Make it relevant to your product: The hero image should visually convey your product's essence, not just serve as decoration.
  • Align it with your content: Connect your text and visuals to avoid confusion and enhance the conversion potential of your hero image.
  • Prioritize originality: While stock photos are valuable, especially in content marketing, they might not be the best choice for hero images. Original graphics have proven to be more effective for reaching marketing goals. 40% of content marketers acknowledged that original graphics contributed to achieving their marketing objectives, and merely 13% of content marketers expressed the same sentiment regarding stock photos.

How to create a high-performing Shopify landing page

This section provides 3 successful methods to create a Shopify landing page. Let's delve into each approach, enabling you to determine which aligns best with your business.

1. An easy but limited way to create a Shopify landing page

If you're interested in building a landing page without coding, Shopify's theme editor is a viable option.

  • Advantages: Ease process due to template usage; suitable for those with tight budgets or smaller stores.
  • Disadvantages: Limited customization options

Follow these steps to create a basic landing page for your store:

Step 1: Access Your Shopify Theme Editor

  • Log in to Shopify using your credentials.
  • Navigate to your Shopify theme editor.

Step 2: Select Theme to Customize

  • From the left-sided menu, head to "Online Store" section and choose "Themes".
  • A new page will show your theme library, where you can also add new themes by selecting "Add Theme" on the right side. You can visit the theme store or upload your theme in a zip file.
  • Pick a theme and click "Customize".

Step 3: Create Your Landing Page

  • After clicking “Customize”, you're now in the Shopify editor. Click the drop-down menu at the top of the theme editor and choose "Pages".

Create your Shopify landing page

  • Scroll down and select "Create template". Fill in the name field and keep it "based on Default page".

    Step 4: Design the Landing Page

    The editor provides sections for the header, main template, and footer. Use the easy drag-and-drop feature to place features anywhere you want on the template.

    Design the Shopify landing page

    Step 5: Save and Publish

    Once you're satisfied with your edits, save them and publish your landing page.

    Note: Shopify's theme editor offers limited customization for different page sections. For example, you can only add an announcement bar and custom liquid to the header and custom liquid and email sign-up to the footer. If you're looking for more customization, explore further ahead with us.

    2. Create a customized Shopify landing page

    You can use Shopify's programming language, Liquid, to build a tailored landing page that perfectly fits your requirements.

    What exactly is a Liquid file? Liquid is the coding language that Shopify employs to construct themes and templates. Within Liquid tags, the arrangement and appearance of elements are defined. These tags are always enclosed by {% and %}, and they also facilitate the integration of dynamic content.

    However, it's important to note that this approach demands time and coding expertise. Alternatively, you might need a developer to ensure your landing page meets its intended purpose. Shopify provides a comprehensive guide on creating Shopify landing pages with Liquid.

    If this method is daunting and time-consuming, a recommended alternative is using Shopify's page builder apps. These tools simplify the process of crafting a landing page that is both user-friendly and conversion-focused.

    3. Use Foxify Smart Page Builder to create conversion-driven landing pages

    Experience the effortless creation of a high-converting landing page using Foxify app. In just a few days, you can build professional landing pages without the need for coding skills and with the advantage of unlimited customization. This approach not only saves your time but also fits well within your budget.

    Here’s a step-by-step guide to building your Shopify landing page with Foxify app:
    Step 1: Install Foxify app for free -> Log in to your Shopify admin panel -> Navigate to the “App” section on the left menu and select Foxify - Smart Page Builder.

    Install Foxify smart page builder app to create landing page

    Step 2: Create your landing page

    • On the Foxify dashboard, click the “Create Page” button at the top right corner.
    • Choose "Create regular page."

    Now, let’s choose your approach:

    Create with pre-built templates:

    • Peruse a range of conversion-focused templates, designed for various types of pages.
    • Opt for a template that resonates and customize it to your needs.

    Create from scratch:

    • Select "Create blank page" at the top right corner.
    • Fill in your page’s name and choose a suitable layout from the “page settings” box.

    Create landing page from scratch

    Step 3: Design your landing page

    You can kickstart your header design process by:

    • Defining your preferred menu structure
    • Creating a professional brand logo using a free Shopify tool
    • Personalizing features and functions such as the cart, country/ region selector, and account link

    Design your landing page with Shopify app

    Once the header is in place, move on to the main sections. You can share your brand's narrative through a text section, highlight specific products/services with attention-grabbing collections, and more.

    You can maintain the default editor structure or access the "Add Section" on the left menu.

    Scroll down to review and select sections that resonate with your goals. After that, rearrange sections to tailor your store and brand representation.

    Each section offers a range of customization options in the right menu. For example, you can:

    Customize image banners by adjusting presets, container styles, banner height, and image settings.
    customize image banners on your landing page
    Craft compelling text with options spanning typography, spacing, effects, etc.

      Craft compelling text with Shopify app

      Remember, your design automatically adapts to various screen sizes, ensuring a seamless user experience. Additionally, you retain the flexibility to customize, granting you creative control further.

      Step 4: Save and Publish: Once you're satisfied with your edits, save them and publish your landing page.

      Try Foxify app to build your high-converting store

      5 tips for building a high-converting landing page on Shopify

      Pay attention to the copy

      The critical factor in crafting effective landing pages is compelling content that encourages users to access your offer. How can you achieve this?

      The optimal approach involves creating content tailored to your target audience. This ensures your target market can relate to the content as if they authored it themselves. When your audience feels like you grasp their challenges, they're more inclined to engage with your offer.

      An additional strategy is to commence your sentences with action verbs. This approach ensures that your content directly engages and resonates with your visitors, addressing their needs effectively.

      Let's analyze CarMax's copy, which effectively uses action verbs in each sentence to motivate visitors to take decisive actions. For instance, it commences with the search bar, using phrases like "Search by make, model, or keyword" to provide clear instructions for interacting with the search function. The CTA is also straightforward and action-oriented, directing visitors to immediately start browsing available cars.

      Pay attention to the copy of your landing page

      Make your page mobile-friendly

      In the current digital environment, optimizing landing pages for mobile devices to cater to the preferences and demands of an expanding mobile user base is crucial. With mobile devices commanding a market share of 49.8% for digital purchases compared to desktops, the significance of ensuring your page's mobile friendliness cannot be overstated.

      Now, let's explore strategies for effective mobile optimization:

      • Implement responsive design to ensure seamless adaptation to various screen sizes and orientations.
      • Streamline loading times to guarantee accessibility, especially for users with limited data plans and slower internet connections.
      • If your landing page includes navigation, simplify it for mobile users through collapsible menus or a sticky navigation bar.
      • Give prominence to vital sections and CTA buttons in the page's mobile version.

      Now, let's take a look at how Adidas' design is responsive. The website is crafted to function in the exact same way across devices. The features available on a laptop are also usable on mobile devices. For instance, on a laptop, you'll encounter a horizontal navigation menu, whereas on a mobile device, it's adapted to a hamburger menu, signifying a hidden menu.

      make your landing page mobile-friendly

      You can also learn more about how to boost mobile optimization for your Shopify store.

      Add Alt text for images

      Image optimization often goes unnoticed, yet investing more effort to optimize images with relevant keywords can attract extra traffic. Just as individuals search for written content, they do the same for illustrations and visual content.

      For example, if you want to add alt text for an image on a webpage about Classroom Management Software for teachers, you can use alt text like this: "Professor using classroom management software to track student device activity."

      Further image optimization can be achieved by generating descriptive filenames for images and reducing image sizes to ensure faster loading times.

      In essence, image optimization offers search engines greater insight into your page/website's content and simultaneously enhances the user experience for your visitors.

      Use video

      Video marketing is gaining momentum for valid reasons. Not only do customers prefer corporate videos, but a substantial 88% of video marketers attest to achieving positive ROI through video.

      If you're hesitant about embracing video, consider these compelling grounds that could sway your decision:

      Video has the potential to:

      • Amplify conversion rates
      • Present a more relatable approach to conveying messages and forging connections with prospects
      • Deliver heightened engagement compared to static images, cultivating a habit of clicking and converting.
      • Process information a remarkable 60,000 times faster than text, contributing to quicker understanding and retention.

      Track key metrics

      While we've emphasized conversions, more than focusing solely on them is needed. You also need to analyze the performance for overall improvement.

      Key eCommerce landing page metrics include:

      • Landing Page Views
      • Views by Source
      • Bounce Rate
      • Session Duration
      • Add to Cart Rate
      • Cart Abandonment Rate

      Each metric aids in refining your landing page and marketing strategies. You can use tracking tools like Google Analytics to monitor these metrics.

      Ready to build your landing page that converts like a pro?

      Landing pages play a huge role in bringing in new leads, making them a priority. When creating your landing page, consider the customer journey – what information is crucial to convince them to take action. A well-designed landing page can lead to more people actually doing what you want them to do.

      By sticking to the helpful tips we've discussed earlier, you're setting yourself up for success with a landing page that works well.

      While landing pages might seem complex, creating one doesn't have to be complicated. Foxify smart page builder lets you finish your landing page quickly and easily.

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