Minimog - The Highest Converting Shopify Theme

Minimog Shopify theme - the highest converting theme for Shopify online stores

When it comes to starting an online business, one of the hardest decisions for an entrepreneur to make is what theme they should choose. Choosing the right theme will allow you to boost conversions and make more money.

If you are familiar with Themeforest, you've must must have heard of Minimog, one of the hot hits on this market. Minimog stands the top 1 best-selling in 2021 and shows no sign of slowing down. So what features does this theme offer? Why is there so much hype around it? Will it actually help you convert sales better?

In this article, we will break down in depth about what functions Minimog has to offer you, what the pros and cons of using it are and how much it will cost you. And at the end of this article, you will be able to know if this theme is the Highest Converting Theme, if it suits your needs and if it’s going to be worth your money. Now let’s jump right into the details.

I. What is Minimog Theme?

Minimog is one of the key products by FoxEcom team. Created with the most modern and sophisticated design and catered to a number of popular niches like Clothing & Fashion, Food & Drink Pet, Home & Garden, Health & Beauty, you name it, Minimog is a theme designed for Shopify stores.

But how is Minimog different from free themes?

A paid theme, like Minimog, comes with a lot more sales-boosting and conversion rate optimization features compared to what free themes have to offer.

What's amazing is Minimog offers its users, not just 03 theme variations, like most Shopify Free Themes, but a total of over 50 themes, and still updating more. 

Each theme comes with a Demo Store, so that interested buyers can just swoop in and take a closer look at Minimog theme's key features and design. Let's dive in.

II. Key features of Minimog theme

1. A wide collection of themes, homepages, and product pages:

  • 11+ niches for all kind of Shopify businesses: Clothing & Fashion, Jewelry & Accessories, Food & Drink, Home & Garden, Furniture, Art & Photography, Health & Beauty, Electronics, Sports & Recreation, Toy & Games, and Others
  • 50+ theme styles and demos so you can pick up and install in just a few clicks
  • 10+ homepage templates to choose from 
  • 10+ product page designs for ready-use

>> See Minimog's demos and experience yourself!

minimog Shopify theme

Going for Minimog, you don't only limited to just few styles, but instantly own an extensive library of UX designs that cater to your business' demands. 

Not to mention if you want to create an unique theme of your own, nothing is impossible with FoxEcom team. Drop us a message if you want to turn your ideas into reality.

2. Conversion rate optimization tools for Shopify stores:

Minimog is not only a pretty theme, it's packed with a bunch of FREE and integrated eCommerce tools to help you boost conversions.

Free Shipping Goal

You can use free shipping as an incentive to raise your average order value (AOV). This is because more than 8 in 10 shoppers will add extra items to their order to get free shipping. By increasing AOV, you offset the costs associated with free shipping by simultaneously increasing revenue. 


With Minimog, you can calculate and adjust the amount of money and the message you want to show on the shopping cart. All to create a leverage for customers to buy and buy more.

Countdown Tools

Countdown timers allow eCommerce businesses to how a countdown to sales starting or offers ending. More than that, it comes in multiple format to count the stock or shoppers' cart down.

This is an effective eCommerce tactic used to create urgency, along with a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out), to remind customers that cheaper prices were ending in a matter of time. It can also reduce basket abandonment, leading to increased sales.

minimog countdown timer for shopify ecommerce stores

 In Minimog, countdown tools come in 3 handy types, they are:

  • Countdown timer: a countdown to sales starting or offers ending.
  • Stock countdown: a progress bar on the product pages to display the limited availability of your products.
  • Cart countdown: a countdown timer in customer's cart to encourage customers to checkout.

Sales Notifications

Sales notification is the best tool to boost your store's sales by displaying recent sales notifications to your store's visitors and encourage them to purchase a similar product from your store. It will build trust by letting your visitors know what your customers were purchasing.

Minimog Shopify them eCommerce Sales Notifications

With Minimog, you can easily create this FOMO effect with our tool. Curating the messages shown on-site, and personalize them on each product page is just a piece of cake! 

Lucky Wheel

Lucky Wheel of Wheel of Fortune on online stores is an interactive wheel that gives your visitors a prize in exchange for their email addresses. All they have to do is enter their emails then they get a chance to spin the wheel to get a discount, free shipping, or whatever else you’d like to offer.

Minimog Shopify theme ecommerce lucky wheel

 This is an old but gold eCommerce tactics to turn your visitors into valuable leads, which you can then take care and encourage them to buy. 


Pop-ups can be multipurpose. Whether it's to keep the visitors with juicy deals, to announce the news, or to collect more quality leads before they leave, this still remains a handy and brilliant tip for online stores.

minimog shopify theme ecommerce pop-ups

Getting Minimog, you also get your store a library of pop-up designs that beautifully integrated with any theme style you have chosen before that.

Size Chart

If you’re in an industry where sizing is crucial, such as fashion & apparel, make sure to pay attention to your size charts. That's where Minimog's size charts come into play.

Minimog shopify theme size chart

Our recommended size charts improve your customers’ shopping experience with customizable sizing chart, fit recommender, and more. We follow a typical practice like what Amazon is doing for their products. The design is straightforward and easy to understand, so your shoppers have no trouble finding their exact sizes. 

Facebook Chat

Needless say more, Facebook is now an integral part of almost every online business. Therefore, connecting your website with Facebook chat as another customer success channel is the exact way to do business. 

Ditch that app that makes you connect your Facebook page, then have to configure the chat on-site! With Minimog in hand, it only takes you a few steps (and minutes) to set up a beautiful Facebook chat for your online store.

3. Upsell and Cross-sell tools for Shopify businesses:

Not only CRO tools, Minimog comes with a package of FREE features to help Shopify store owners sell more in both products and quantity. Let's see what's on the table.

Product Bundles

This feature will help you upsell other products to your customers while they are shopping on your site. For example, when a customer is looking for exercising clothes, this feature can recommend to them products that related like a sports bra with a pair of workout leggings.

Don’t assume that your customers know everything you have in your store or they are going to take time to browse your entire store, because they probably don’t. Most customers come to a website just get what they have in their mind, and then leave. They’d have no clue what other products you’re selling, so this feature is very important to show them what you have.

Minimog Shopify theme product bundles

Depending on which theme variation you are using on Minimog, you can either choose a bundle style of that one, or adjust a seperate one in the internal app.

This feature is the core behind upselling campaigns where you can use a low-cost non-profitable product to drive visitors to your site, and then upsell them with other products that make you profit.

Quantity Discounts

Another simple, familiar yet effective feature for Shopify entrepreneurs in terms of upselling. Increasing the amount each customer spends is one of the simplest ways to increase your bottom line.

Minimog Shopify theme quantity upsell buy more save more

With this feature, you can set up your deals in less than 3 minutes without any hassle. Less effort, more profit!

Pre-purchase Cross-sell

Another format of bundle, but you can fix it on your product page, or set up it as a pop-up suggestion after the target product is added, in order to motivate the customers to add more products in one purchase.

Minimog Shopify theme cross-sell  feature frequently bought together

For example, with "Frequently Bought Together", your customers can buy related products with one single click, increasing the order value and your revenue. As recommendations are displayed as bundles on your product page, customers are likely to buy more items, boosting your sales and revenue.

In-cart Suggestions

A great upsell and cross-sell strategy ensures your visitors never need to leave the page – especially one as important as the cart page. With an in-cart recommendation, visitors can browse suggested products complementary to those in their cart, directly from their cart. 

Minimog Shopify theme in cart recommendation upsell cross-sell
For users potentially interested in additional products but short on time or less invested in re-starting the discovery process, these last-minute recommendations cut out the labor as they head toward checkout, driving cross-sell KPIs and revenue.

Related Products

Amazon does it. Wayfair does it. BestBuy does it.

From small to large companies, regardless of niche, there are some marketing tactics all stores should consider. Getting related products in front of your customers is one of them.

minimog shopify theme related products upsell cross-sell

This is a powerful tool to nudge customers to browse just a little bit longer. Think about when you shop online: Isn’t there something strangely tempting about seeing which items other people bought? Or which product might go well with the one you’re planning on purchasing?

It’s common practice to display these suggestions toward the bottom of your product pages, and that’s a good start. However, there are plenty of other areas to take advantage of the power of related products that you can discover in Minimog's theme varieties and its integrated toolkit.

III. 5-star support team

Way more than just a theme provider, FoxEcom is a team of Shopify experts that will never abandon you after you make your purchase. We stay and are always available to guide you on how to use the theme in the most effective way.

Let's see in what ways FoxEcom is providing support for their Shopify merchants.

Dedicated Support Team

FoxEcom's support team has won the hearts of thousands of customers with their insightful solution and dedicated attitude to provide each and every single Shopify customers with the best. 

minimog shopify theme testimonials
minimog shopify theme testimonials

Detailed Tutorial Videos

Minimog comes with a playlist of tutorials to guide you step-by-step, from how to install the theme, to utilize the power of every single feature that comes with it.

>> Watch Minimog's tutorials here.

Easy Guide Documents & Other Resources

If you are a man of reading and following, no worries because Minimog also comes with a document hub, including all you need to know and use the theme.

>> Check out Minimog's documentation.

FoxEcom is really transparent in their updates. That's why their customers can take a look at all Minimog's changes in its changelog.

IV. What Shopify merchants think about Minimog

Shopify Minimog theme has received tons of positive feedback from Shopify merchants, developers and designers.

Just like what David Henkel commented: "Minimog is the absolute BEST Shopify theme on the market. It contains all super features you need to build a super eCommerce without having to spend hundreds of dollars in plugins."

>> See what other Shopify entrepreneurs are talking about Minimog.

V. Minimog's Pricing

Last but not least, we take a look into the pricing of Minimog and see if it worths that much hype.

So, with all of these features and support, how much does the Minimog cost? 

For only $69, you get all: 

  • Support via live chat and emails 24/7
  • Unlimited access to Minimog support center
  • Unlimited access to a library of theme varieties
  • Integrated apps and tools to maximize your conversion rates and help you sell more 

>> Check out Minimog's pricing.

Final Words

What Minimog offers is probably just everything that you can expect from a Shopify theme. You can save up to $2000/year spending for other trivial apps to optimize your conversion because Minimog already includes all of them.

Not only price-wise for a premium theme, it also delivers the high quality that can bring you more sales and profit. An up-to-date library of themes, a free package of integrated apps that boost conversion, a dedicated support team that customs to your needs.

It's quite fair to say Minimog is not just a pretty theme, it's a revolutionary and comprehensive solution to help Shopify businesses grow and earn more.

Through our break down into Shopify Minimog Theme - one of the most phenomenal and high-converting themes for Shopify businesses, I believe you have what it takes to decide to give it a shot.