6 Best Marketing Ideas for St. Patrick's Day 2024 to Grow Sales

6 Best Marketing Ideas for St. Patrick's Day 2024 to Grow Sales

St. Patrick’s Day, or the Feast of Saint Patrick, is one of the merriest festivities that jumpstarts a new year. What’s more hopeful and inspiring than leveling up your marketing ideas to celebrate St. Paddy’s marks on culture and community, drive sales for your store, and at the same time connect with customers?

This article presents a colorful mix of St. Patrick’s Day promotions and marketing ideas, ranging from designs to decor and catchy email subject lines to grab their attention and drive the first spring sales for your store.

Why celebrate St. Patrick’s Day 2024?

St. Patrick’s Day 2024 falls on Sunday, March 17th. The event will likely begin on a Friday, providing a perfect chance for all Irish descendants, friends, and beloved companies to kick off the weekend with some Irish-inspired celebrations.

However, St. Patrick’s Day isn’t just a day for wearing green and indulging in Irish-themed festivities - it’s a global celebration of Irish culture, heritage, and the spirit of camaraderie.

Amongst the many reasons St. Patrick’s Day deserves your attention, the most important one is its ability to foster a sense of unity and joyous revelry. It's a day when communities come together to enjoy parades, music, dance, and delicious Irish cuisine.

For Irish descendants, St. Patrick's Day offers an opportunity for individuals to connect with their Irish roots or simply embrace the Irish spirit. It's a time to celebrate resilience, cultural pride, and the enduring legacy of Irish traditions. Whether you have Irish heritage or simply appreciate the warmth and hospitality associated with Irish culture, St. Patrick's Day invites everyone to join in the fun.

6 Best St. Patrick’s Day Marketing Ideas

Promote exclusive St. Patrick’s Day 2024 products

One-time St. Patrick’s Day 2024 promotions can generate great anticipation and excitement, as the limited availability of the product makes it even more desirable. If done right, promoting a St. Paddy’s Day-exclusive product can drive both new and returning traffic to your store, leading to a sales surge and increased profits.

Take Dunkin’ as an example.

In 2021, Dunkin’ released a photo-worthy green matcha donut for St. Patrick’s Day - talk about the right product at the right time! While this new matcha-topped donut has a simple facade, the bite packs a punch with a signature glazed donut and a dusting of matcha powder for a balance of green tea flavor and classic sugary glaze.

Source: Dunkin’

On top of releasing a new product for St. Patrick’s Day, Dunkin’ connected the matcha donut to a well-written story that brings a seemingly trivial and commercialized item to life.

Moreover, they took this opportunity to cross-promote other products as “nice pairing with the matcha-topped donut”, including their $3 avocado toast, the Irish free-of-spirits crème latte, and the blueberry matcha latte to keep the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day alive.

Needless to say, St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration of giving, so it’s also a good chance for customers to shop for their beloved (Irish) ones. Show up prepared with this free holiday gifts guide that discusses all you need to know about Gift with Purchase.

Use St. Patrick’s Day designs and decor

If Christmas has Santa wrapped in warm maroon, Pride Month has the memorable rainbow colors painting the streets, then St. Patrick’s Day designs have the signature green. Leveraging green in-store for St. Patrick’s Day decor can be a powerful way to connect with your customers and celebrate the festive spirit. As green symbolizes luck and vitality, incorporating green hues into your store can instantly evoke a cheerful and welcoming ambiance.

Whether through subtle accents or bold statements, embracing the color green (and a bit of gold) in St. Patrick’s Day designs appeals to customers seeking to celebrate, enhancing brand affinity and driving sales.

The simplest way is to update your brand logo with hues of green, like Google.


 Source: Google

Here are some inspirational color palettes for stunning St. Patrick’s Day designs - whether you want an upbeat look with fun strokes or a smoky and sharp design, pick your vibe!


Source: Freepik


Source: Freepik

Have trouble finding a nice visual? You can use copyright-free images from Unsplash or Burst by Shopify to look for the right one, and make changes to the store designs using Foxify - Smart Page builder.

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Offer St. Patrick’s Day themed promotions

As St. Patrick’s Day is happening at the crossroads of spring and summer, this is the perfect time to implement some creative ideas to attract customers and drive sales through irresistible promotions to clear old stock.

Experiment with killer but dead simple holiday ideas, like offering limited-time discounts, buy-one-get-one-free on green-colored products, Irish-originated, or Irish-inspired items, or exclusive St. Patrick’s Day 2024 bundles.

If you want to keep it minimal, how about a striking pop-up to welcome lucky customers?


Source: Privy

If your sales seems a bit sleepy, run a flash sale to trigger a sense of urgency and encourage customers to lock down on their favorite items. Sometimes, all you need to do is a minor nudge to have an epic campaign.

The best part? You can set up all of these upsell, cross-sell, or sales-boosting features for free with FoxKit AIO Sales Boost today!


If you don’t want to go too deep in emerging your brand with the green color, pots of gold, and the fun-loving imagery of St. Patrick’s, no need to push your brand. However, you don’t have to sit out of the game.

The home and furniture brand apt2b made a subtle spring sale on St. Patrick’s Day by offering a 17% sale off storewide (yes, to celebrate March 17th), with a hint of green from the elegant couch for any who knows it gets it.


Source: apt2b

Send a St. Patrick’s Day “lucky” marketing email

Email marketing campaigns can be an effective way to reach out to existing customers and subscribers with exclusive St. Patrick's Day sale offers and updates.

Personalized email newsletters featuring curated product selections, festive recipes, or Irish-inspired product offerings can help establish a connection with customers and drive conversions.

To begin with, craft eye-catching subject lines that pique curiosity and entice recipients to open your emails. Here are 9 trendy St. Patrick’s Day email subject lines to inspire your successful campaigns:

  • It’s your lucky day 🍀
  • There’s a pot of gold over here 🤩
  • Feeling lucky? 💚
  • You’ve got the luck of the Irish!
  • Lucky you 🍀
  • Feeling a little green? 🍏 🍺
  • Let your pot of gold come to you 🌈
  • Gingers have more fun 😏
  • Make your own luck ✨

If you’re looking for a pot of golden email subject examples and subject lines for St. Patrick’s Day 2024, get inspired with this article.

Furthermore, use engaging visuals and compelling copy to create a memorable experience for your audience. Incorporating St. Patrick’s Day decor elements like green-themed designs, shamrocks, or ✨gold✨ to ring a festive touch to your emails.

Looking for a nice balance between simplicity and fun? Check out what Rugs.com did!


Source: Seguno

If you come up with catchy slogans and content for St. Patrick’s Day 2024, embed them in your emails! There’s a high chance that they can impress your customers and help you stay top of mind.

Should you’re not into the idea of launching a sales campaign or a new product for every holiday, it’s understandable. With a small team (as much as 1 member if you’re a solopreneur), you can only do so much.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t put together a special St. Patrick’s Day email.

Check out how nicely the organics brand 8Green put a twist on their existing products by presenting them under St. Paddy’s light.


Source: 8Greens

St. Patrick’s Day is a great time to inject creativity and a sprinkle of Irish humor into your campaigns. Think outside of the box. It’s about seizing the opportunity to stand out and spread some joy. So don your virtual green hat, raise a digital toast, and let the creativity flow as you celebrate the luck of the Irish in style ☘️

Go green on St. Patrick’s Day 2024

The most popular and simple way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, by far, is to wear green. Whether it’s a subtle accessory or a head-to-toe ensemble, wearing green signifies participation in the festivities.

You can encourage customers to wear green and engage with your brand (for example, take a selfie) like Krispy Kreme managed to achieve last year. They gave away free donuts for any walk-in customers who wear green on the holiday, eventually receiving more love from both the public and the media. The search for “krispy kreme encourages customers to wear green on St. Patrick's Day” has more than 989,000 results in 0.39 seconds. #brandinggoal

Besides the traditional emphasis on wearing and imbibing green on St. Patrick’s Day 2024, consider a fresh perspective: embracing eco-friendliness or “going green” through March as a tribute to the holiday. Your brand can start a movement, like organizing a highway, beach, or forest cleanup, extending invitations to your customers to participate, or highlighting your business’s commitment to sustainable practices.

Take a look at the example below. Aireserv has outdone other heating and air conditioning brands in the market with such simple yet effective content.


Source: aireserv

Another idea is to launch a “bring your own bag” promotion, offering discounts to customers who opt for reusable bags over single-use plastic ones.

By reframing the holiday narrative to include environmental consciousness, you can foster community engagement, demonstrate corporate responsibility, and contribute to a better planet - all while celebrating the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day in a meaningful and impactful way.

Give back to the community

The spirit of St. Patrick’s Day emphasizes generosity, unity, and goodwill. By actively participating in community initiatives or events, you not only demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility but also enhance a stronger connection with your audience. This rare meaningful event helps to humanize the brand, showing that you are more than just a capitalist business, but a compassionate and caring member of the public.

If you have the funds for it, consider sponsoring a parade or local event! It's a fantastic opportunity to engage with your community while injecting some excitement into your brand presence. By taking part, you not only show support for local initiatives but also create memorable experiences for attendees.

Use catchy hashtags like #StPatricksDayDeals or #LuckoftheIrish to amplify your campaigns and generate excitement on social media platforms.

Whether it's a lively parade or a festive gathering, your brand can shine amidst the St. Paddy's Day revelry.

In essence

St. Patrick’s Day offers a golden opportunity for brands seeking to connect with their customers in a business-savvy and meaningful way. From themed promotions to community engagement, the 6 marketing tactics above can help your online stores boost sales, foster brand connections, and stand out in a crowded marketplace, all while spreading a little luck of the Irish 🍀

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