FoxEcom x Boost AI Search & Discovery: Empower Site Search & Product Discovery with Boost AI

FoxEcom x Boost AI Search & Discovery: Empower Site Search & Product Discovery with Boost AI

Today, FoxEcom is proud to announce the official partnership with Boost AI Search & Discovery, the master of optimizing product discovery and helping merchants to skyrocket their AOV. 

Site Search, Filters & Their Challenges for Merchants

Folks, let's dive into the search game! 

On-site search isn't just that little magnifying glass at the top of your website. It's the secret sauce of navigation, the unsung hero of user interaction. Similar to visiting a supermarket and looking for the section signs of each area, with on-site search, it’s a navigation buddy leading customers from the big collections to specific products. 

When shoppers aim to find the right product, search packs a sales and conversion punch. Typically, up to 30% of visitors will use the site search box, and each user shows a possible intent to purchase by entering product names or information.

Did you know that a whopping 85% of consumers want to be DIY problem solvers? 

Yes, they'd rather not ring up customer support. They depend on that trusty search bar to find what they need. 

A smooth search experience can make them go 'Wow'! But a clunky one? - Say goodbye to your visitors, and potential customers vanish into thin air. 

That’s why optimizing site search is a tempting challenge that reflects your conversion rate. 

Research from Nosto, the Commerce Experience Platform (CXP), paints a picture of merchants losing potential sales and frustrating shoppers with search experiences that fail to meet consumers’ expectations. Some unpleasant experiences that have occurred can be mentioned as:

  • 41% of consumers frustrated by irrelevant results being shown
  • 30% bad experience of not being able to narrow results down due to a lack of appropriate filters
  • 26% of consumers leave the website when it can’t interpret queries (i.e. cannot acknowledge synonyms e.g. ‘couch’ for ‘sofa’, or tolerate spelling mistakes and typos e.g. ‘smarthpone’ for ‘smartphone’) and therefore can’t yield desired results

An expert tip that has been widely spread was: Let AI and machine learning do the work. 

Machine learning algorithms make search smarter, decoding what's entered in the search box with natural language processing, and delivering the most spot-on product matches. It learns from past searches to show shoppers exactly what they're looking for.

And leave the rest to Boost AI Search & Discovery, our incredible partner.

About Boost AI Search & Discovery

Boost AI Search & Discovery transforms your shopping journey, supercharging conversions and elevating your AOV. This robust app harnesses AI to deliver lightning-fast, pinpoint search results, guaranteeing you discover your desired items effortlessly.

Boost AI Search & Discovery is a complete product search and discovery suite committed to creating the best tool to drive sales effortlessly with AI.

  • AI-Powered Search upgrades your search to deliver relevant and accurate results in milliseconds.
  • Product Recommendation increases AOVs and conversion rate with recommended products along popular customer touchpoints using AI/ML algorithms.
  • New Merchandising allows you to rearrange the results of all keywords and the product display order on collection and commerce pages.
  • Advanced Analytics provides up to 365-day reports for better planning and decision-making with first-party data and insightful metrics.

So far, Boost AI Search & Discovery has achieved remarkable milestones:

  • $16+ billion sales generated by app
  • 1600+ reviews on Shopify App Store
  • 14,000 stores are using Boost AI Suite

Get Your Special Discount

Boost AI Search & Discovery is excited to offer a free extended trial of up to 30 days for all FoxEcom customers who want to boost sales with intuitive Boost AI Search & Discovery features.

Get your Boost AI Search & Discovery discount here. We at FoxEcom are thrilled to collaborate with Boost AI Search & Discovery to help our customers and partners upscale their search game and convert more and more!

Learn more about Boost AI Search & Discovery here.

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