FoxEcom x BOGOS - Free gift & Buy X Get Y: Maximize Value and Supercharge Shopping Experience with Free Gift Offers

FoxEcom x BOGOS - Free gift & Buy X Get Y: Maximize Value and Supercharge Shopping Experience with Free Gift Offers

FoxEcom is honored to announce the official partnership with BOGOS, the creator of enticing promotions such as free gifts and Buy X Get Y, revolutionizing Shopify merchant strategies and doubling, even tripling, average order values.

How Offering Free Gifts as Sales Promotion Benefits Your Business

In the ever-evolving landscape of commerce, where choices are abundant and attention spans are short, businesses must employ creative and compelling tactics to capture the interest and loyalty of their target audience.

Among the many tactics used to attract and retain customers, the word "free" still holds a unique and potent appeal.

How exactly do free gift offers boost customer retention?

Nearly 90% of recipients of free gifts expressed a "somewhat likely" inclination to make more frequent purchases from an online retailer. While the practice of offering a free gift with purchase hasn't drastically changed online consumer behavior, Doug Guyer, Co-Founder and President of IDR Marketing Partners, a product sampling company, points out in a Businesswire study that retailers providing this added incentive hold a distinct competitive advantage over those that do not.

From the initial attraction to increased conversions and long-term loyalty, the impact of free gifts on consumer choices is a compelling story that BOGOS is continuing to “write”.

About BOGOS - Free gift & Buy X Get Y

BOGOS is a powerful solution that empowers online businesses to supercharge sales strategies with free gift offers, converting your store’s visitors into loyal customers. With BOGOS, retailers can effortlessly create, manage, and optimize these promotions, transforming their online stores into magnets for increased sales, customer loyalty, and heightened brand recognition.

This innovative app harnesses the enticing concept of Buy X Get Y, a promotional strategy that has captured the attention of both customers and businesses. BOGOS, as it's commonly known, allows merchants to offer customers enticing deals, where they can buy one product and receive another (or more) for free or at a discounted price, some key highlights of this amazing solution can be described as:

  • Free gifts: Incentivize customers to spend a specified amount, such as $200, to receive a free gift. This encourages higher order values and increases customer satisfaction.
  • Gift with purchase: Encourage customers to purchase a specific product (Product A) for a complimentary gift (Gift B). This strategy drives sales and provides additional value to customers.
  • BOGO (Buy One Get One): Automatically add another product to the customer’s cart when they purchase a specific item. This promotional tactic encourages repeat purchases and boosts customer loyalty.
  • Auto-add free gift to the cart: Simplify the customer experience by automatically adding a free gift to their cart. This saves time and eliminates the need for manual selection.
  • Use alongside discount code: BOGOS allows customers to apply discount codes while taking advantage of promotional offers. This flexibility maximizes savings for customers and encourages conversions.

So far, BOGOS has achieved remarkable milestones:

  • 1,100+ five-star reviews on Shopify App Store
  • Trusted by 235k+ global brands of Secomapp, the lead company behind BOGOS.

Get Your Special BOGOS Discount

BOGOS is excited to offer a 20% lifetime discount for all FoxEcom customers who want to increase customer retention and encourage higher purchase value.

Get your Partner discount here.

We at FoxEcom are thrilled to collaborate with BOGOS, ready to exceed merchants’ sales performance and bring on the A game!

Learn more about BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y here

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Partnership Executive @FoxEcom

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