Foxify October ‘23 Updates: Stay In The Curve With Data-Driven Insights And In-App Notifications

Foxify October ‘23 Updates: Stay In The Curve With Data-Driven Insights And In-App Notifications

As the market trends and customer shopping behaviors are ever-changing, eCommerce success hinges on data, insights, and the ability to adapt swiftly. We understand the pivotal role of analytics in the journey to Shopify success as well as your need to keep track of all changes in your customers’ behaviors and updates of your helpful Shopify app.

Thus, in the latest updates of Foxify, we provide you with thorough analytics for your pages’ performance, with in-app notifications and announcements to help you stay informed with product changes and news. 

Let’s dive into the new data-driven world of Foxify in this article!

Maximizing Shopify success with advanced Analytics

We’re living in the age of analytics where data is the cornerstone of success. Every click, sales, and customer interaction generates a treasure trove of valuable information. This data isn't simply numbers and statistics; it's the showcase of your customers’ behaviors and preferences. It provides insights into customer behaviors, market trends, and the effectiveness of your strategies.

With the right analytics in place, you can tailor your offerings, optimize your marketing, and drive profits. 

According to a survey from Deloitte, 49% of businesses say that analytics helps them make better decisions, 16% say it can improve key strategic initiatives, and 10% say it helps them improve relationships with customers and business partners

Understanding the importance of data, in the latest version of Foxify, we added a new feature called “Analytics” to give you all the necessary data on Foxify pages. 

Metrics of Foxify Analytics 

Foxify Analytics offers you an detailed report for these following metrics 

Metric  Description
Page views Number of views on the Foxify page
Visitors Number of visitors on the Foxify page
Sessions Number of sessions on the Foxify page
Clicks Number of times the shoppers click on any CTA or link on the Foxify page
Added to cart Number of sessions in which shoppers added one or more items to their shopping carts on the Foxify page
Reached checkout Number of sessions in which shoppers added one or more items to their shopping carts on the Foxify page, proceeded to the checkout, and performed an action
Total sales

Displays the sales amounts related to the Foxify

Note: Foxify only has the ability to track sales from a Foxify Add to Cart button. If you are using an add to cart button from your theme or a third-party app that affects the add-to-cart process, this may not be tracked.

Total orders

Number of orders related to the Foxify

Average order value (AOV)

Average value of all orders (total sales / total orders)

Conversion rate

Percentage of sessions that lead to an order

Sessions by devices

Number of sessions on your online store and what kind of device was used to access your store. The most common device types are mobile, desktop, and tablet.

Sessions by countries

Number of sessions on your online store sorted by country.

Top Foxify pages by sessions

Specific Foxify pages on which your customers started their sessions on your online store. 

Learn more about Foxify Analytics and how to activate it here.

How to read Foxify Analytics? 

If you’re swimming in the data pool without any direction and intention, here we have some recommendations on how you can use our analytics: 

  • Visitor engagement: Page Views, Visitors, and Sessions help you understand how engaging your website is. If you see high Page Views but low Clicks or Conversion Rates, it may indicate a need to improve the quality of your content or user experience.
  • Conversion funnel: Metrics like Add to Cart, Reached Checkout, and Conversion Rate provide a clear picture of your sales funnel. Analyzing these metrics can help you pinpoint where potential customers drop off and make necessary optimizations.
  • Customer behaviors: Clicks, Add to Cart, and Reached Checkout metrics reveal which products or pages are most popular and where customers intend to buy.
  • Localization and targeting: Sessions by Countries help you identify where your customers are located, allowing for geographically targeted marketing and potential expansion.
  • Device preferences: Sessions by Devices show whether most of your traffic comes from desktop, mobile, or tablet. This information is critical for optimizing your website's design and functionality for different devices.
  • Marketing effectiveness: By examining metrics like Clicks, Conversion Rate, and Total Sales, you can assess the impact of your marketing efforts and campaigns.
  • Financial performance: Total Sales and Average Order Value (AOV) give you insights into your revenue and how much customers spend on average. These metrics are essential for assessing your financial health.
  • Inventory management: Understanding which products are frequently added to the cart and which reach the checkout stage can inform your inventory management and restocking decisions.

Stay posted with changes and updates in Foxify app

In-app Announcements inform major notices 

Foxify Smart paegbuilder is improved every day and is updated with new features and UI monthly. We understand that you don’t want to miss the important rollouts and significant benefits from them for your store. Thus, we introduce the In-app Announcements which can help us deliver important notices to you. 

This announcemen pops up once you log in to Foxify and appear only once so you don’t need to close it every time you log in. 

In-app Notifications inform your personalized app activities

Inapp notification

When you schedule to publish a page, how can you know if it’s successfully published or not? As you need a means to know the status of your action without checking each action manually, we create in-app notification to inform you the status of these actions:

  • Publish the first page
  • Start / End migrating theme
  • Schedule publish page

More actions will be included in the future.

Besides, if you close the in-app announcement by accident without reading it, you can still find this announcement in the In-app Notification section of Foxify. 

Are you ready for Foxify 2.5.0?

With the latest updates, Foxify version 2.5.0 gives you valuable insights into your store performance and help you make data-driven decisions with its Analytics, powering your marketing strategies and business growth. 

Moreover, this version can help you catch up with the major notices like product changes and news as well as stay updated with your activity in Foxify.

Foxify 2.5.0 is worth the hype with numerous benefits so don’t hesitate to try and make the best of them! 

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