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Leading AI-Powered Search & Product Discovery Solution for SMB & SME Stores to Convert More

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Boost AI Search & Discovery is a complete product search and discovery suite committed to creating the best tool to drive sales effortlessly with AI.

Meet Boost AI Search & Discovery

  • AI-Powered Search upgrades your search to deliver relevant and accurate results in milliseconds.
  • Product Recommendation increases AOVs and conversion rate with recommended products along popular customer touchpoints using AI/ML algorithms.
  • New Merchandising allows you to rearrange the results of all keywords and the product display order on collection and commerce pages.
  • Advanced Analytics provides up to 365-day reports for better planning and decision-making with first-party data and insightful metrics.


  • Enhance accuracy & speed
  • Nudge shoppers to add more to cart and convert 
  • Easy to scale & customize for your own business


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