Megamog: Review the Best Converting Shopify Theme for Large Inventory Stores

Megamog: Review the Best Converting Shopify Theme for Large Inventory Stores

When it comes to selling online, large inventory stores (or megastores) often face a unique set of challenges in designing as navigating through an extensive product catalog can be overwhelming for users, hindering efficient exploration and potentially impacting conversion rates. At the heart of this challenge lies the need for a design solution that seamlessly balances functionality, aesthetics, and user-friendliness.

This is where Megamog - one of the best Shopify themes for large inventory stores steps into this arena as a powerful solution. With its robust features and intuitive layout, this Shopify theme transforms the daunting task of showcasing extensive product catalogs into a streamlined and enjoyable experience for customers.

This blog will embark on a deep dive into the robust features of Megamog, exploring how it addresses the challenges inherent in the design of large inventory stores. Let our journey begin!

Unlock Seamless Navigation with Mega Menu

Why large inventory stores need a mega menu

Large inventory stores, by their vast inventory, often face the dilemma of presenting numerous product categories and subcategories in a way that is both accessible and efficient.

38% of people look at a website’s page layout or navigational links when visiting a website for the first time because they expect a seamless way to explore the diverse departments of a store at a glance. However, the conventional structure of the traditional dropdown menu becomes impractical when dealing with an abundance of pages of megastores and it even leads to a cumbersome user experience.

mega menu vs dropdown menu

This is where the mega menu becomes indispensable. Users, accustomed to comprehensive options displayed at once, find the Shopify mega menu a navigation lifeline.

So what is a mega menu? Mega menu is a kind of navigation menu that makes all the options visible at once, laid out horizontally as well as vertically. The cohesive and logical structure of a Shopify mega menu not only reduces the time it takes for users to find what they are looking for but also enhances their overall satisfaction with the shopping journey.

Megamog’s Mega Menu: Where Functionality Meets Aesthetics

When it comes to mega menu design, large inventory stores seek a blend of functionality and aesthetics to deliver an unparalleled user experience. Here are the prominent features of Megamog’s mega menu that merchants have craved for a long time.

Clickable parent categories

The shallow and unclickable parent is a common mistake of many eCommerce platforms - even giants like Amazon or Pixmania made this mistake. This shortcoming disappointed the expectations of the majority of visitors who expected that these headings would be clickable and tried clicking them.

parent categories mega menu

Image Source: Smashing Magazine

The reason for their expectation is mostly because customers didn’t decide on their particular needs or they were looking for inspiration on what to purchase in broader categories before diving into narrowly defined ones. Thus, making parent categories clickable is critical to enhancing customer experience and encouraging customers to explore your site.

As a result, what merchants with a large inventory need in Shopify mega menu design is the setting to insert links for parent categories.

We realized that demand, so with Megamog, these parent categories are not merely placeholders; they are actionable links.

Merchants can easily add links for these parent labels, ensuring that users can directly navigate to the desired parent category with a simple click, eliminating unnecessary steps and enhancing the overall efficiency of the navigation process.

mega menu

Visual cues with icons

Another desire of megastores in designing a Shopify mega menu is the ability to add visual cues like icons for customers as they understand the importance of providing visual cues in navigation.

Icons serve as intuitive indicators, offering users a quick understanding of how the links are organized. Whether it's an arrow suggesting a dropdown or a badge denoting a special offer, these visual cues enhance user comprehension and streamline navigation.

Megamog takes mega menu customization to the next level by offering the option to add icons and badges. This goes beyond mere visual cues, allowing megastores to infuse personality into their navigation elements.

Icons can represent specific product categories, while badges can highlight new arrivals, best sellers, or promotions. This level of personalization adds a touch of uniqueness to the mega menu, contributing to a memorable and distinctive brand identity for your megastore.

mega menu icon

Mega menu banner for visual appeal

We found that many Shopify merchants expressed a common desire to integrate images into their mega menus. They understand that visual elements, especially product images, have the power to captivate customers' attention, making the navigation process not just efficient but visually engaging.

Megamog provides the ultimate solution for a visually rich experience for large inventory stores with the settings to incorporate mega menu banners into its mega menu. The large inventory stores can add images to sub-menus, providing users with a glimpse of what each category entails. This not only adds an aesthetic dimension to the Mega Menu but also helps users make informed decisions at a glance.

mega menu banner

Enhance Stores’ Aesthetics with The Power of Shopify Color Schemes

Why large inventory stores need Shopify color schemes

The definition of color scheme in Shopify is different from the popular color scheme’s definition. The Shopify color schemes setting is a theme setting that groups elements and their respective colors in a visually representative way. You can assign different colors to various elements in Shopify color schemes and apply schemes for your blocks and sections where the color scheme picker is available.

shopify color schemes

Image Source: Shopify Help Center

As large inventory stores aim for an impactful online presence, the significance of Shopify color schemes cannot be overstated. Here are the top reasons why you should use Shopify color schemes for your megastore.

Faster and more efficient design

Large inventory stores, with their multitude of pages and sections, demand efficiency in design updates. Shopify color schemes provide a time-saving solution. During website redesigns or updates, megastores can swiftly repaint multiple sections with preset color schemes. This eliminates the need to individually adjust the color of each element, improving the design process and saving valuable time and effort.

Consistent design

Consistency is key in professional Shopify stores’ design. A seamless and cohesive appearance across the entire site establishes trust and professionalism. Shopify color schemes facilitate this by providing a structured palette that ensures uniformity in color choices across your store. Whether it's text, buttons, or background elements, a consistent color scheme ties the visual elements together, contributing to a seamless and harmonious design.

Megamog Color Schemes: More Options to Craft Visual Harmony

While the concept of Shopify color schemes is undoubtedly beneficial for megastores, the effectiveness lies in the ability to tailor and apply these schemes with precision. Here, we'll explore the essential settings that megastores require in a Shopify color scheme and Megamog settings for Shopify color schemes to overcome common challenges and unleash the full potential of their online presence.

Applicable across the store

One of the challenges often faced by megastores is the limitation in applying a color scheme uniformly across all sections of the website.

As we browse through the discussion on Shopify Community, we explore that many merchants have problems with Shopify color schemes as their themes may present difficulties in seamlessly extending the chosen color palette to specific pages like collection page, product page, or customer account page.

This limitation not only hinders the cohesive visual experience but can also be particularly problematic when attempting to introduce holiday-themed colors or promotions, risking a disjointed and less appealing website appearance.

For example, a Shopify merchant reported that the product information section didn’t change even when the scheme was altered, which made the colors of the background, button, and text not consistent on the product page like the image below:

Shopify color schemes product page

Megamog eliminates the common frustration of megastores by providing a solution that allows Shopify color schemes to be seamlessly applied across all sections and pages.

With Megamog, merchants can effortlessly apply their chosen Shopify color schemes to all sections across all pages except for the Checkout page, creating a visually cohesive and polished appearance. Whether it's the collection page, product page, or customer account page, Megamog ensures that the chosen color palette extends throughout the entire store, providing a consistent and immersive brand experience.

The only exception to this setting is the Checkout page, which can’t be customized with a Shopify theme by default.

color schemes product page

Different color schemes for different types of sections

Megastores are diverse ecosystems with various types of content, products, and sections. To cater to this diversity, they often require the flexibility to apply unique Shopify color schemes for different sections of their website.

However, many Shopify themes impose restrictions on the number of color schemes that can be utilized. Some merchants find that they can only add up to 12 color schemes or even lower with their Shopify themes. This limitation can be frustrating for megastores aiming to create distinct visual identities for various sections, hindering their ability to create a tailored and visually engaging experience for users.

Recognizing this need, Megamog empowers merchants with a generous offering of up to 21 color schemes.

megamog color schemes

This abundance of color options enables megastores to apply unique and distinctive palettes to different sections, catering to the varied nature of their offerings. Whether it's a seasonal promotion, a special collection, or a specific category, Megamog’s extensive color scheme options provide the versatility needed to create visually captivating and tailored experiences for users.

Pro Tips: We have curated some tips to use Shopify color schemes and recommended some color palettes for you to use for the holiday.

Streamline Product Exploration with Advanced Search

Why large inventory stores need Shopify advanced search

Hassle-free shopping experience

Megastores, by their nature, boast extensive catalogs that can be overwhelming for customers seeking specific products. advanced search, especially in its predictive form, alleviates the need for customers to scroll through pages of catalogs. Instead, it streamlines the shopping experience by efficiently searching and presenting relevant products, making the entire process more pleasant and time-effective.

Relevant search suggestions

The power of Shopify advanced search lies in its ability to understand customer intent and deliver highly relevant search suggestions. It goes beyond basic search functionalities, offering more accurate and context-aware suggestions.

This not only helps customers find what they need faster but also influences their purchase decisions. 39% of purchasers are influenced by a relevant search, underlining the impact of advanced search results on customer decision-making.

Increased conversion rate

The impact of advanced search on conversion rates is profound. A staggering 50% of retailers report seeing an increase in revenue directly attributed to site search technology. For those employing advanced site search, this figure skyrockets to an impressive 93%.

By guiding users to precisely what they are looking for, advanced search not only boosts customer satisfaction but also significantly contributes to the bottom line, making it an indispensable tool for megastores aiming to maximize their conversion rates.

Megamog’s Advanced Search for Efficient Product Discovery

As large inventory stores embrace the transformative power of the Shopify advanced search, the effectiveness of this tool lies in the intricate settings that tailor it to the unique needs of expansive online platforms. Let's delve into the essential settings that megastores require for an optimized advanced search experience.

Fast and accurate search autocomplete

The heartbeat of Shopify advanced search lies in its autocomplete feature. Megastores need this to be not only fast but also impeccably accurate.

Autocomplete suggestions must appear almost instantlyas users begin typing, providing the most relevant results without delay. This not only helps users avoid lengthy queries and potential typos but also ensures a swift journey from search initiation to the presentation of pertinent results. The immediacy of autocomplete is a key factor in minimizing the chances of unsuccessful searches, and enhancing user satisfaction.

Megamog's advanced search introduces a Predictive Search functionality that stands out for its immediate and accurate autocomplete capabilities. Users experience real-time suggestions that swiftly appear as they start typing, eliminating the need for long, exhaustive queries.

This swift and accurate autocomplete ensures that users can seamlessly navigate through vast product catalogs, enhancing user satisfaction, and making the search process efficient and enjoyable.

autocomplete advanced search

Search scopes

To refine and enhance the user search experience, megastores require the capability to set search scopes. This feature allows users to specify the boundaries of their search, limiting it to a specific category. By doing so, the quality of returned search results is improved, leading to higher user success rates.

Megastores with diverse categories and types always seek this feature in an advanced search. Megamog understands this demand and introduces the ability to search by product types.

This search scope feature empowers users to specify their search within a particular product category, refining the results and ensuring that users find the exact product they are looking for. By aligning the search process with the organizational structure of megastores, Megamog's advanced search enhances precision and usability.

search scope advanced search

Option to show/ hide prices in search suggestions

Shopify merchants understand the delicate balance between revealing enough information to entice customers and withholding certain details for strategic reasons. Thus, we can see that many merchants desire to remove prices from the search bar in the Shopify community.

Hiding prices in the Shopify advanced search ensures that customers remain engaged in the exploration process without being deterred by immediate price visibility. By managing the timing of price revelation, megastores can guide users through a more thoughtful and immersive search experience.

Recognizing the strategic importance of controlling when prices are revealed, Megamog provides merchants with the flexibility to show or hide prices in search suggestions. This deliberate choice aligns with the varied strategies employed by megastores, allowing them to guide customers through a curated shopping journey.

Leverage Navigation with Website Sidebar

Why large inventory stores need the Sidebar

In the intricate web of large inventory stores, the importance of a well-crafted sidebar cannot be overstated.

Sidebar is a vertical column that appears on the side of a webpage or blog, offering users additional information and navigation options. The website sidebar can serve as the second navigator that complements for mega menu.

Let's explore why Shopify merchants find the website sidebar indispensable for their megastore.

Extended navigation

Megastores, with their extensive product hierarchies, benefit significantly from a sidebar's ability to display this hierarchy in a structured manner.

While mega menus provide a top-level overview, a sidebar complements this by offering an additional navigation structure. Users can seamlessly traverse through various product categories and subcategories, gaining a deeper understanding of the megastore's offerings. This hierarchical display aids in creating a user-friendly and intuitive navigation experience.

Featured promotions

As customers tend to scan your website content in the F pattern, focusing on the top and left side of a page, the website sidebar emerges as the second focal point after the mega menu on the top.

Thus, the sidebar serves as a dedicated space to draw users' focus to specific offers, enticing them to explore and engage with the highlighted content. This strategic use of the sidebar contributes to increased visibility for promotions and encourages users to make the most of exclusive deals.

Megamog’s Group Section Sidebar: Functional and Visual Appeal

A website sidebar that incorporates visuals adds a layer of interactivity and engagement. Instead of relying solely on text-based navigation, megastores can use the sidebar to showcase product images, featured collections, or promotional banners. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the sidebar but also provides users with a visual preview of what each section entails.

Megamog as the best converting Shopify theme for large inventory stores introduces a revolutionary solution to meet the intricate needs of large inventory stores with its Group Sections Sidebar, which allows megastores to add images for subcategories.

This feature not only adds a layer of richness to the sidebar but also facilitates quicker decision-making for users, making their exploration more intuitive and enjoyable.

website sitebar

Megamog - The Best Shopify Theme for Large Inventory Stores

To sum up, in the quest for an optimal online experience, large inventory stores find their answers in Megamog. From its engaging Shopify mega menu to versatile Shopify color schemes, intuitive advanced search, and captivating website sidebar, Megamog is a comprehensive toolkit designed for megastores.

As you navigate the intricate landscape of megastores, let Megamog be your guiding companion, bringing innovation, aesthetics, and functionality to the storefront. Explore Megamog and its unique features catered for your store!

megamog shopify theme

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