Foxify Feb ‘23 updates - Faster migration, build with Import/ Export Page and Duplicate Global Style, and a new app extension

Foxify Feb ‘23 updates - Faster migration, build with Import/ Export Page and Duplicate Global Style, and a new app extension
This month, Foxify 1.8.0 brings a list of  notable updates that will definitely level up your online store design experience. Most are for a faster store/ pages migration and build, which speeds up your development process. Let’s get down to the details!

Create your new Global Styles in a flash

Global Styling is designed to help you use predefined styling options to ensure brand consistency across all pages of your store. 

You may know how to customize global styles for your eCommerce store. Imagine that you’ve spent 20 minutes meticulously setting up each element of each button style. You’ve scrolled through a long list to pick up one aesthetic font, then adjusted button height, letter spacing, padding, and border-radius. Your button styles look elegant! Now you wish to create new styles for variations, but never expect to start from scratch.

This is exactly where the Duplicate Global Styles feature plays a significant role. Instead of repeating all these steps and taking another 20 minutes to build new styles, all you need to do is hover over any button that you’ve customized and click ‘Duplicate’. 

Duplicate Global Styles

We’re really proud that nowhere else in Shopify App Store can you find this outstanding feature for the time being. This is a special privilege only Foxify’s users can enjoy. Find Global Styling interesting? Try it free now

Build multiple stores easy with ‘Import/Export page’

Time is money, and our product vision has always been loud and clear: To help you save time! Not just saving time to build 1 store, but saving time to build many stores. That’s why ‘Import/ Export page’ was born. 

What would you do to build several identical product pages? We’ve come across this question way too often coming up amongst global brands.

Without ‘Import/ Export page’, you would have to redesign every detail of a page from scratch. 

How much time would you need to build 10 product pages? It is absolutely catastrophic and even more frustrating than resetting all elements of a button style that I’ve mentioned above.

To use this feature, follow 2 super simple steps:

Step 1: Export the page(s) you want to duplicate.

Step 2: In the newly created page, click ‘Import’ and select the file that you’ve downloaded. Now you have 2 identical pages (likely on 2 different stores)!

‘Copy/ Paste style’ for brand consistency

Similar to the Duplicate Global Styles feature, the primary purpose of adding the Copy/ Paste Style button is to reduce your time on building a store and spare you more energy on growing. 

With ‘Copy/ Paste style’, you can duplicate the exact style that you’ve crafted for whatever section or element you want, simply in 2 clicks. 

You can use ‘Copy/ Paste style’ in 2 ways:


Create a vibe unique to your brand with custom fonts

Distinctiveness is one of the deciding factors to grab your consumers’ attention in the first 10 seconds. Although Foxify provides you with a bundle of available fonts to build a stunning and professional eCommerce store, in this update, you can now upload your own fonts, making your brand stand out from your rivals with distinctive appearance.

Upload custom fonts

 Custom font design bears the brand’s character and spirit. Capturing the brand’s essence without the presence of the logo or colors, your brand’s custom font can become an incredibly powerful asset and vital brand reminder.

We all know that Helvetica is the holy-grail safe choice for everything, but think about Coca-Cola. Besides the uniquely addictive taste of the drink, isn’t their font the first thing we remember? 

Say goodbye to boring product variants with Product Option Swatches!

We’re pleased to announce the release of Product Option Swatches, our newest app extension. This cutting-edge tool provides you with more options to display product variants. 

Product Option Swatches

 Gone are the days of dull and uninspiring text-based product variants. You can now use vibrant colors and attention-grabbing images to showcase your product options. 

You're selling clothes, for example, then consider selecting custom images for variants instead of plain text. Did you know that the human brain can process images up to 60,000 times faster than words? Therefore, an image can leave impressions far more quickly than words can and is more likely to linger in your customers' memory. 

That's why our app extension is a game-changer for your online store. It allows your customers to instantly visualize all product variants, without having to click on each of them to see how it looks. This means that shoppers can find exactly what they're looking for, ultimately boosting your conversions and driving more sales. 

What's more, we integrated the app extension with your existing pages, making it quick and easy to install and manage. So why wait? Try Product Option Swatches today to customize the look and feel of your product variants and showcase them in the most visually stunning and user-friendly way possible!

Constantly improving to optimize your design experience

A seamless customer experience is at the heart of our product development, so we always make the greatest effort to gear up for the launch of top-notch features for each update, make essential product improvements and/or fixes to ensure the highest quality of our services. 

In this version, we unlock the possibility of making copies of global styles and a style of a component, and you can also build a bundle of pages with the import/export page feature. If you have any feedback or questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team - we’re always here to help!

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