FoxEcom x Tepo Product Options Variants: Take Product Personalization to the Next Level

FoxEcom x Tepo Product Options Variants: Take Product Personalization to the Next Level

FoxEcom is thrilled to announce the official partnership with TIB Product Options Variants, a leading Product Personalizer app on Shopify, dedicated to perfecting the art of personalized customer experiences.   

Why user-centric personalization is a must-do

Picture receiving a gift; the surefire method to leave a lasting impression is by presenting the most personalized gifts that align with the recipient's personality and preferences. This is the essence of personalized psychology, offering unmistakable insights and demonstrating genuine thoughtfulness and care.

Similarly, this concept extends to serving your customers.

Customers desire brands and products that resonate with their individual needs and are made just for them. It's crucial to shift your focus from perceiving your users as a collective group and start recognizing them as unique individuals. Dedicating resources to personalization initiatives can yield substantial benefits for brands, potentially driving revenue growth within the range of 10-30%. Google's data underscores the importance of personalization, with a staggering 89% of U.S. marketers reporting increased revenue due to personalization efforts on their websites and apps. It's a familiar narrative: in today's saturated market, the apps that thrive are those that excel in providing highly tailored and personalized experiences to their users.  

Product options in eCommerce are the foundation of personalized shopping experiences for customers. It’s a kick start for the eye-catching selections of each product they choose. Create unique, tailored products by allowing customers to select specific attributes, such as color, size, or style. These options empower customers to infuse their personality and preferences into their purchases, resulting in a product that resonates with their individual tastes. By offering a variety of product option types, from checkboxes and dropdowns to image swatches and text inputs, businesses can cater to diverse customer needs, ensuring that every purchase reflects the customer's distinct vision. 

Today's shoppers aren't content with the one-size-fits-all approach. They want products that scream, “This was made just for you!”. This is when Tepo steps in to help merchants enhance their personalized customer experience, and FoxEcom is proud to introduce one of Tepo’s built-for-Shopify app: Tepo Product Options Variants!

About Tepo Product Options Variants

Tepo Product Options Variants is the all-in-one app offering a boundless array of product options, and variants, complete with captivating customizations. From text inputs to color swatches and image uploads, ensuring that customers can fine-tune every aspect of the product to match their preferences. This app takes customization to the next level, and in doing so, it has the potential to redefine the online shopping experience.

It comes with a pack of advanced features to help you unleash product potential and driving unmatched sales with:

  • Expand your product options with multiple types of options: Input text, photo upload, color/image swatch, checkbox, dropdown, button,…
  • Link options with product variants to create option price add-ons
  • View your add-on sale performance 
  • Set up conditional logics between options, so that customers can only select certain options based on their previous selections.
  • Bulk apply option set to multiple products, apply manually or by automation.
  • Talk to human-based support team via In-app Live-chat

So far, Tepo PoV has achieved remarkable milestones:

  • Earned the “Built for Shopify” badge
  • 160+ five-star reviews on Shopify App Store
  • TIB ranks #2 Product Personalizer app on Shopify

How to use Tepo Product Options Variants with FoxEcom solutions

We've seamlessly integrated TIB Product Options Variants into Foxify: Smart Pagebuilder, empowering merchants to effortlessly expand their product options and variants, allowing customers to tailor products according to their preferences. 🛍️

No need to worry about the technical details, we've got you covered! Just log in to Foxify and unlock the incredible potential of product options with ease!

Get Your Tepo Special Discount

Tepo Product Options Variants is excited to offer an exclusive 20% discount for 12 months for all FoxEcom customers who want to design seamless and customized options, delivering outstanding service and boosting sales!

Get your Tepo Product Options Variants discount here! 

We at FoxEcom are thrilled to collaborate with Tepo Product Options Variants to help our customers and partners mark a significant step toward the future of eCommerce personalization, where every product becomes a canvas for individual expression.

Learn more about Tepo Product Options Variants here
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