FoxEcom - An all-rounder solution to help Shopify entrepreneurs grow businesses

FoxEcom - An all-rounder solution to help Shopify entrepreneurs grow businesses

How FoxEcom started 

It all started from the love for eCommerce. We are a passionate team of designers and developers who have helped thousands of businesses and individuals build great websites and earn real money from them. 

You can still find our works on ThemeForest - one of the largest theme markets - with top hits like Ella and Wokiee, to name a few. This is a firm ground for us to develop high-quality products that empowers other business owners, developers and designers. 

FoxEcom is on the way to establish its reputation as the go-to eCommerce solution for Shopify growing brands and entrepreneurs.

Let's see what we are bringing to the game. 

Minimog - a Shopify theme that focuses 100% on converting

After a long time working on developing themes, we’ve realized one thing. A number of current themes on the market only focuses on UI - the aesthetic part, but missing out on what’s really important - the conversion. 

That’s where Minimog comes in. A beautiful collection of Shopify themes packed with full-stack tools to assist business owners in converting their browsers into buyers.

Minimog is not simply a theme, it's a revolutionary solution for entrepreneurs to optimize their stores' performances, to convert their customers, and ultimately to boost your sales.

Some highlights of Minimog:

  • A collection of over 50 theme styles for all kind of industries, namely, clothing & fashion, food & drinks, home & garden, health & beauty, toys & games, etc. The best thing is these styles are frequently updated every 2 week! 
  • Minimog is mobile-friendly, so yes, it just takes you a few clicks to set up your online store on both kind of devices. 
  • Lightning fast speed. With Minimog, we optimize its performance for speed without any hassle of asking you to do any modification. After all, faster loading time equals to the increase in user experience. 
  • Minimog is built for SEO. Understanding the importance of SEO for online businesses, we aim for you to rank higher on SERPs, while keeping the code clean and organized.
  • 5-star support for our customers. With the assistance from our Shopify experts team, you are never alone in the journey to build your business.

>> Check out Minimog theme

FoxKit - a FREE have-it-all toolkit to optimize your conversion rates

When getting Minimog, you instantly get FoxKit as its sidekick, equipped with a full package of all necessary apps that an online business needs to boost the sales. 

See what you get in the all-in-one FoxKit app.

Up-sell and cross-sell tools:

  • Product bundles
  • Quantity discounts
  • Pre-purchase
  • In-cart

Boost conversion tools:

  • Countdown
  • Sales notifications
  • Lucky wheel
  • Popup
  • Size chart
  • Facebook chat

>> See what's included in FoxKit 

Not to mention, Minimog and FoxKit are now perfectly compatible with other big apps in Shopify ecosystem, namely,, Growave. 

>> Read more about the integration.

So you can say, while Minimog is the beautiful face that makes customers fall in love with your store at first sight, FoxKit is the brain and the soul that engages them to buy, and buy more after that. 

Not stopping there, FoxEcom is expanding to offer whatever services an online business may need to succeed

As a team of experienced and dedicated Shopify experts, we want to be there for you merchants in every step of your business, from when it's just an idea, to building, launching, and growing it. 

We offer a wide range of solutions that fit to every stage of your business, including but not limited to:

  • Design & branding
  • Theme customizations & development
  • Store setup
  • Experts' consultation & guidance
So if you need our help, just drop us a message.