Focal Shopify Theme Review: A Must-Read for Smart Investors

Shopify Focal theme review

Forget cookie-cutter online stores. In today's digital landscape, savvy brands demand individuality and impact. Enter Focal Shopify theme, a design powerhouse crafted for those who dare to be different.

With its stunning aesthetics, intuitive user experience, and powerful conversion tools, Focal is more than just a theme; it's an investment in your brand's success.

In this article, we will delve into the distinctive features of the Focal theme, evaluate both its pros and cons, and reveal examples of eCommerce brands that find inspiration in the Shopify Focal theme.

Overview of Focal Theme Shopify

What is the Shopify Focal Theme?

The Focal theme is a Shopify theme that prioritizes the creation of a well-organized and user-friendly interface. With contemporary aesthetics and flexible features, Focal excels in effectively showcasing products.

Shopify focal themeIts responsiveness ensures a seamless user experience across various devices. Users can easily customize their storefront using the theme's dynamic sections.

Whether you're curating a selection of elegant fashion items as a trendsetter or introducing state-of-the-art gadgets as a technology enthusiast, Focal serves as an ideal platform to bring your creative vision to life.

What types of brands does the Focal Theme Shopify cater to?

Although the Focal theme caters effectively to diverse brand categories, spanning from fashion and lifestyle to electronics and more, its complete potential is realized when applied to certain specific brand types:

  • Luxury and Premium Brands: Elevate your offerings with Focal's sophisticated layouts, high-resolution image support, and seamless integration with video players. Imagine showcasing handcrafted leather bags against crisp white backgrounds or gleaming jewelry sparkling under perfectly placed spotlights. Every detail exudes quality and exclusivity, drawing in high-end clientele.
  • Content-Rich Businesses: Let your brand story blossom with Focal's optimized editorial sections. Blog posts, articles, and captivating descriptions find their ideal home in layouts designed for readability and engagement. Think of it as an online magazine dedicated to your brand, fostering deeper connections with your audience.
  • High-Volume Stores: Don't let a flurry of orders faze you. Focal is built for performance, boasting lightning-fast loading speeds and robust infrastructure. Even as your product catalog expands and traffic surges, your customers will enjoy a smooth and frictionless shopping experience.

Demos of the Shopify Focal Theme

1. Carbon: Unleash the Boldness

Shopify focal theme- Carbon styleIf your brand has a classy vibe, Carbon is the perfect choice for inspiration. Carbon stands out as the epitome of modern aesthetics, featuring a sleek and contemporary design that seamlessly complements any type of store.

This theme embraces bold minimalism, letting your products take center stage amidst a canvas of deep blacks and cool grays.

Imagine a curated collection of leather jackets bathed in dramatic lighting, or a tech startup showcasing its cutting-edge devices against a stark, urban backdrop. Carbon amplifies every detail, turning your online store into a captivating showcase of your brand's bold identity.

2. Ivory: Embrace the elegance

Shopify focal theme- Ivory styleIvory is an ideal choice for stores seeking a more classic and traditional appearance. This demo exudes effortless grace, with its light and airy palette evoking a sense of serenity and sophistication.

Imagine a collection of flowing silk garments dancing under soft light, or delicate jewelry nestled on a bed of ivory satin. Ivory elevates your offerings, transforming your online store into a haven of refined beauty.

3. Quartz: Spark curiosity

focal theme Shopify- Quartz styleIf your brand embraces creativity and a touch of whimsy, Quartz is your playful partner. This theme throws open the doors to vibrant colors, dynamic layouts, and youthful collages, guaranteed to spark curiosity and ignite imaginations.

Picture a kaleidoscope of fashion accessories bursting with life, or a children's toy store transformed into a wonderland of color and wonder. Quartz lets your brand's unique personality shine through, creating an online experience that's as fun as it is engaging.

4. Sapphire: Refine your brilliance

focal Shopify theme- Sapphire styleFor brands that prioritize clarity, functionality, and modern sophistication, Sapphire shines bright. This theme embraces clean lines, high-contrast colors, and a focus on user experience that exudes confidence and professionalism.

Imagine a collection of cutting-edge gadgets arranged in a minimalist grid, or a home goods store showcasing its products with precision and organization. Sapphire simplifies the journey, guiding your customers to their desires with effortless ease.

Top Features of the Shopify Focal Theme

Product Discovery

  • Mega Menus: The Focal Shopify theme introduces a mega menu feature, offering a well-organized and clear layout of diverse options for the convenience of potential buyers.

mega menu of focal theme ShopifyYou can showcase your product categories in a visually stunning and easily navigable format. Think expansive menus bursting with high-quality images and enticing descriptions, guiding customers on a journey of discovery.

  • Advanced Search: The Shopify Focal Theme delivers precisely what your customers desire through a powerful search bar. Facet filters, autocomplete suggestions, and relevant product recommendations guarantee a seamless and satisfying search experience.

advanced search of Shopify theme focal

  • Featured Collections: The Shopify Focal theme showcases curated product sets within dedicated sections, ideal for seasonal promotions, new arrivals, or themed collections.

featured collections of focal theme shopifyPicture featuring your winter apparel collection against a cozy, snow-laden backdrop, instantly immersing customers in your brand's world.


  • Product Pages: Transform your product pages into interactive storytelling experiences. The Shopify Focal theme allows you to showcase product images and videos in a clean layout with horizontal thumbnails.

Product pages of shopify theme focal
The inclusion of high-resolution zoom features, immersive video galleries, and detailed descriptions allows customers to genuinely engage with your offerings.

Additionally, the theme includes compelling promotional banners, related products, featured collections, and more.

Lookbooks: With the Shopify Focal theme, you can create inspiring lookbooks, enabling customers to envision how your products can be styled and integrated into their lives.

Lookbooks feature of focal shopify theme

Marketing and Conversion

  • Promotional Tools: Capture customer attention and enhance conversions using the powerful tools in the Focal theme's arsenal!

Striking banners, strategically timed popups, stock counters creating a sense of scarcity, and exciting countdown timers collaborate to turn your store into a conversion powerhouse.

Social Proof: Leverage the power of customer reviews and testimonials to build trust and encourage conversions. Display positive feedback prominently and incorporate social media sharing buttons to amplify your reach.
social proof of shopify theme focal

  • Blogs: Experience the versatile blogging capabilities offered by the Shopify Focal theme. Effortlessly craft eye-catching and well-organized blog articles with large featured images, ensuring a visually engaging and user-friendly platform for sharing compelling content.

Additionally, optimize your blog posts for SEO with features such as SEO titles, URL structures, and meta descriptions.

create professional blogs with shopify focal theme

Cart and Checkout

The Focal Theme's Quick Buy and Cart Notes features elevate your customer experience, saving time and adding a personal touch.

Quick Buy: Forget cumbersome product page visits. With Quick Buy, customers can add items directly from product grids or search results, minimizing clicks and maximizing convenience.
Quick buy feature of focal theme shopify
Cart Notes: Personalize orders and ensure clear communication with Cart Notes. Your customers can leave specific instructions or preferences for each item, perfect for gift purchases or items requiring customization.

add cart notes with focal theme shopifyPicture a bride adding "gift wrap, please!" next to a bridesmaid dress in their cart, eliminating confusion and adding a delightful touch.

Pros and Cons of the Focal Theme Shopify

Pros of the Shopify Focal theme

Stunning Responsive Design

Focal provides a stunning and modern visual appeal that immediately captivates viewers. The spotlight is on high-quality imagery, ensuring a top-tier shopping experience.


Focal guarantees a flawless appearance for your store on various devices, catering to the preferences of both mobile and desktop users.

Customization Flexibility

While offering a strong design foundation, Focal allows for further customization to truly reflect your brand identity.

- Theme Settings: With the Shopify Focal theme, you can tweak fonts, colors, spacing, and layouts. Choose from a curated selection of pre-defined palettes and typography options, or craft your own bespoke look. Think of it as setting the stage for your brand's story.

- Custom Sections and Content: Focal doesn't lock you into rigid page structures. You can add, remove, and rearrange sections to create unique layouts that showcase your brand's priorities.

Imagine injecting a captivating video hero section into your homepage to connect with your customers on a deeper level.

- Third-Party Apps and Integrations: Extend Focal's functionality by integrating seamlessly with a vast library of Shopify third-party apps. Boost your social media presence, personalize customer experiences, or enhance your marketing efforts - the possibilities are endless.

Search Engine Optimization

Focal's got your SEO game covered! While a theme alone isn't a magic SEO wand, Focal boasts several built-in features to give your rankings a healthy boost. Think clean, mobile-friendly code, editable meta tags for each page, and schema markup to help search engines understand your content.

Plus, its focus on visual storytelling through high-quality images and engaging product descriptions naturally feeds into Google's love for rich content.

Cons of the Shopify Focal theme

Exclusive Price Tag: Priced at $320, Focal stands among the higher-end options for Shopify themes. Brands on a budget may find more suitable alternatives at a more affordable cost.

Customer Support Issues: Some users have reported occasional difficulties with response times from customer service. While certain users receive prompt assistance, others have faced frustrating delays, waiting for days or even weeks to receive a response from the support team.

Examples of Shopify Stores Using the Focal Theme

1. Freedompro

FreedomPro is your go-to brand for professional devices that elevate your home into a sophisticated smart haven. The design ethos at FreedomPro embraces bold minimalism, allowing the eloquence of sleek product images and clean lines to speak volumes.

examples of shopify theme focalOn their product pages, you'll find a robust filtering system empowering you to pinpoint the ideal smart home solution tailored to your specific needs and budget.

For those desiring a closer look, the brand seamlessly integrates videos, providing a firsthand experience of the magic that FreedomPro brings to your space.

But that's not all – the brand prioritizes your convenience with a one-page checkout, ensuring a seamless and straightforward purchase experience. Plus, you have the option to buy their products directly on

2. Mogli Martini

Mogli Martini turns online shopping into a delightful adventure, courtesy of Focal's playful Quartz style. The vibrant product collages and professional videos on the homepage beautifully showcase their unique dresses.

stores using shopify focal themeOn the product pages, Mogli Martini continues to impress by presenting high-quality contextual products featuring models in various gestures. What stands out is their ability to provide concise product features with the use of icons.

The website's highlight is the mega menus featuring images of top products, instantly capturing attention. Curated collections further enhance navigation, creating an experience akin to stepping into a fairy tale boutique, where every click feels like a magical discovery.

Pro tip: To effortlessly craft a chic mega menu reminiscent of Mogli Martini, consider giving Megamog Shopify theme 2.0 a try. Specifically designed for large inventory stores, this Shopify theme empowers you to fashion an impressive mega menu in just a matter of minutes.
create impressive mega menus with Megamog
Envision a mega menu brimming with comprehensive content or a text-only alternative that lacks visual appeal. Rest assured, we have the solution. Elevate it with your distinctive images and icons, facilitating quicker navigation and adding an enticing touch to your brand, making it more appealing to shoppers.

3. Kurier

Shop Kurier's offerings are artfully presented with clean lines and minimalist elegance. The use of crisp white backgrounds ensures that their handcrafted clogs and leather goods take center stage, allowing every stitch and subtle variation in the natural materials to shine.

examples of stores using focal theme shopifyBeyond being visually appealing, Shop Kurier is a treasure trove of detailed product descriptions, each item narrating a story - from the origins of the materials to the meticulous craftsmanship behind it. You'll not only make a purchase but also invest in quality and timeless style, guided by insightful tips on caring for your new favorite clogs.

Adding to the delightful shopping experience is Kurier's ‘Quick View’ feature, offering a glimpse into the world of each item with a single click, satisfying curiosity and fueling the desire to add them to your cart.

A notable convenience at Shop Kurier is their partnership with ShopPay. This streamlined feature allows you to skip the usual checkout process - no more typing in endless digits. With a simple click on ‘ShopPay,’ you're good to go!

Wrapping Up: Focalize Your Success and Watch Your Brand Bloom

Throughout this journey, we've explored the intricacies of the Shopify Focal Theme, a theme meticulously crafted to empower your brand. From its captivating design styles to its conversion-boosting features, Focal stands as a testament to the power of innovative digital experiences.

But this blog is just the beginning. Now, it's your turn to take the reins and unleash Focal's potential to elevate your brand. Remember, a theme is a foundation, not a finish line. Inject your vision, infuse your passion, and personalize every detail to create a digital haven that truly reflects your unique story.

Ready to dive in? Visit the Shopify Theme Store and let Focal become your creative canvas. Enjoy building!

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