Minimog Q1 ‘23 updates - More interactive website with new Favorite Featured Product section, new blocks for Custom Content, and new styles 

Minimog Q1 ‘23 updates - More interactive website with new Favorite Featured Product section, new blocks for Custom Content, and new styles 
According to HubSpot, the more interactive your website is, the more engaged and memorable the user experience is. It also means that the more likely your customer will convert on, return to or recommend your store. Bearing it in mind, in the first quarter of 2023, we’ve made great efforts to bring out new features to level up the interactivity of your website.  
Now let's dive in the top-notch updates we made to help you bloom your business! 

Drive buyers engagement with “Favorite featured product”

You’ve been familiar with the “Featured product” section of Minimog. It helps you show a particular product in an individual section so that buyers delve into the product's details without leaving the page. However, the most outstanding product deserves a distinctive way to have its own spotlight. That’s why the “Favorite featured product” section is updated in the 3.3.0 version.

In this section, you can pick a favorite product to showcase. It can be your best-seller, your unique item, or your seasonal product. 

All the images of the picked product will be succinctly shown in a carousel layout on the right while on the left is a large product image. When buyers slide to an image in the carousel, the previous image, instead of disappearing in the row as usual, will replace the left-sided image and stay here until you slide to the next one. Thus, it is an interactive and attractive way for shoppers to discover new products - especially items that they didn’t think about purchasing. 

favorite featured product

New blocks: “Custom liquid”, “Before/ After image slider” and “Handpicked products” to create a stunning Custom content section 

Custom content is developed to help those who want to break the limit out of the pre-designed sections and create their own stunning ones. This section can be used for many purposes such as telling brand stories, creating event countdown, or showcasing products/collections. 

In the newest version of Minimog, we decided to up the game by adding “Custom liquid”, “Before/ After image slider”, and “Handpicked products blocks” to make it more flexible and more convenient for you to create unique sections. 

With Custom liquid block, creative store developers who have knowledge of liquid can freely customize and display dynamic and engaging content. They can use their own liquid code to add any block they want for this section, for example Copyright text, Customer login, or Quotes. 

In version 3.3.0,  “Before/ After image slider” and “Handpicked products” blocks are added to give non-technician users more choices in designing their Custom content. 

“Before/after image slider” compares 2 photos side-by-side in one professional frame. It not only allows you to create compelling visual stories and showcase the brilliant results of your product, but also encourages and attracts interaction from customers with a sliding effect.

before / after image slider

In the “Handpicked products'' block, you can pick up to 12 prominent products, then choose the most suitable layout to showcase them, and also add buttons to boost sales. This list tells shoppers that they’re looking at a carefully curated list of products. Therefore, ideally, these items should have amazing reviews or business status. 

The greatest serve of “handpicked products” is making more sales. Once putting your best-performing products front and center, you remove distractions from the browsing experience and encourage purchases.

hand-picked products

However, pay extra attention when you hand-pick products. If the handpicked products don’t perform as well, they are more likely to hurt your brand and reputation than others. 

Cleverly combine these two new blocks with other available blocks in the Custom content section, you will be able to create appealing interactive sections on your pages. 

More impressive lookbook with Lookbook slider

If you’re getting bored with fixed items in your lookbook, let’s try a new layout and make your lookbook more impressive with the Lookbook slider block. 

lookbook slider

Similar to the Lookbook items block, this block allows you to choose up to 5 products and adjust the corresponding annotation icons on the banner. However, the Lookbook slider displays the product slider in the left and lookbook banner in the right. Each time you slide to a product, its name and price will appear along with its annotation on the banner, and vice versa, if you click on a specific tagged product in the banner, the left-sided slider will show the product. Let your shoppers’ experience be memorable with sliding and exploration!

Focal point now supports more sections

Imagine you upload a large slideshow on your homepage for your new shoes, but what first comes to shoppers’ glance is the skirt on the model. The skirt unintentionally has taken the attention away from the supposed spotlight here!

focal point

That’s why Minimog updated with a special Shopify feature - focal point, to help you define the most important part of an image to show the right point.  

You can now find the focal point setting in Slideshow, Before/ After image slider, and Lookbook.

A new look for your store with new Product card style & Image card style

To make your store design novel in every detail, Minimog’s product card styles and image card styles are updated regularly. This March, we’ve also added new styles for them. 

In the “Product card” setting, you now can choose the 5th style for your product card. Unlike 4 current styles, this new style relocates the  “add to wishlist” star out of the product image and next to the name of products, making it more visible in the card.  

In this version, we’ve also updated a new style for Image card by adding a checkbox in its Button setting. When checking this box, your CTA button in the image card not only changes in style but also changes in position and gets fixed at the bottom.    

new image card style

Provide your buyers estimated delivery time 

No one wants to constantly receive messages from customers asking about estimated delivery time. 

However, it has slipped through many brand owners’ minds that the most important information that shoppers expect to see is the estimated delivery dates. After the pandemic, delivery dates have been proven to be a crucial factor while ordering online - some even consider it a “deal breaker”. 

Thus, in the newest version, Minimog allows you to show the estimated delivery time right on the Estimate shipping rates section in the cart. 

Although delivery can be unpredictable due to both external and internal factors, it has become a standard for professional brands to provide estimated delivery dates. This shows that the brands go the extra mile to fit into their customers’ busy schedules, and that the brand is trustworthy with their performance.

In conclusion

If you’re aiming at leveraging interactivity for your store, you can’t miss these updates of Minimog. And now it’s your time to renovate your store with these incredible features to drive buyers engagement and sky-rocket your conversion rate! 

Beside these newly-added ones, we already have many unique features for your growing store and will also update more and more in the future. 

Let's find out more features in our theme and look out for our updates in the future on our changelog to keep your store optimal and up-to-date!

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