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In marketing, one of the biggest causes of wasted capital is a failed attempt for tracking attribution.

Attribution is all about answering which ads are bringing money and which is bleeding money.

While the concept is simple, getting it done correctly is not so easy. With all the tracking restrictions from Apple IOS14+ updates, marketers struggle to understand the true performance of their ads.

In fact, not having the right attribution process and tool in place can feel like walking in the street while being blindfolded.

Meet Two Owls Facebook Pixels by Omega

Two Owls is a smart Facebook ad tracking & attribution solution that helps you rise above Facebook Signal Loss with Advanced Conversion API.

With Two Owls, you will set yourself up for expert tracking that once was exclusive only to big brands, at affordable pricing. Never settle for slow ROI because of messy data & inaccurate reports. Say goodbye to underperforming ads and hello to data-informed decisions!


  • Track with two: browser-side pixel + server-side Conversion API.
  • 99.99% accurate
  • Real-time reporting


  • Marketing & conversion