Tepo Product Options Variants

Expand your product choices and increase sales by offering more advanced options with add-on price.

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Tepo Product Options Variants is the all-in-one app offering a boundless array of product options and variants, complete with captivating customizations.

Meet Tepo Product Options Variants!

It comes with a pack of advanced features to help you unleash product potential and driving unmatched sales with:

1. +14 types of options: Input text, photo upload, color/image swatch, checkbox, dropdown, and more

2. Price add-ons (Bundle) and add-on sale performance report  

3. Conditional logic between options, only show certain options based on their previous selections.

4. Dynamic display of selected product options and variants across Orders, Email, and more

The app also offers a FREE plan for everyone to try, as well as a 14-day free trial for the Unlimited plan.


  • Auto-matching with Minimog native theme style
  • Seamlessly integration to the product page within a minute
  • Human-based support team via In-app Live-chat and email


  • Selling products