MooseDesk FAQ & Helpdesk

An all-in-one solution that makes customer support easier for your team and profitable for your business

Promotion offer

  • Unlimited ticket quota in the first month for Fox's Merchants (apply for Shopify paid plan only)

Condition of participation

Install MooseDesk FAQ & Helpdesk by selecting the "Get Promotion" option and forward the code UNLIMITED to the support team to get assistance


MooseDesk empowers you an All-in-one customer support solution: Live Chat, Ticket Helpdesk, WhatsApp button, FAQ page, FAQ widget, Order tracking widget, and more! Ensure you never miss a message and deliver rapid resolutions across multiple channels. Empower your customers with 24/7 self-service options through intuitive FAQ page and self-service widget. All setup in 5 minutes. Support customer easier, better, faster with MooseDesk!

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  • Omnichannel: Live chat, Ticket, Whatsapp button, etc
  • FAQ Builder: Pre-built FAQ & Contact Us template. 1-click set-up
  • Branded self-service: FAQ in widget, Order tracking, etc
  • Order management: Order status, date & time, paid amount, manage returns
  • 24/7 support availability: Round-the-clock service even in different time zones
  • Valuable reports: Measure team performance and make informed decisions


  • Store management