K: Combo Bundle Builder

Create effective product bundles with Kaktus Bundle Builder!

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Install K: Combo Bundle Builder by selecting the "Get Promotion" option and applying the discount code FOXECOM50


If you’re looking to boost your sales, we know how!

Create a conversion Shopify bundle, set trigger criteria, and customize your funnels to increase AOV. When the customer opens the product page, they will also see the products that are included in your bundle, pointing them to the discount, and an "add to cart" button for the bundle product. All products will be added to the customer's shopping cart in one click!


  • Increase Your AOV: Elevate your business by strategically customizing funnels and setting trigger criteria to enhance Average Order Value (AOV).
  • Multiple Types of Bundles: Enjoy flexibility with various bundle types, ensuring versatility in your promotional strategies.
  • Enhanced Product Visibility: Ensure that customers, upon opening a product page, easily spot included bundle products, leading them to exclusive discounts.


  • Marketing and conversion