Teeinblue Product Personalizer

Powerful product personalization options + Live Preview

Teeinblue is built to support merchants worldwide in offering highly converted PERSONALIZED PRODUCTS with real-time preview. Million-dollar personalized POD brands have chosen Teeinblue to automate their product personalization business. Now it's your turn.


  • Built-in Teeinblue integration in our themes

  • No manual coding adjustments

Promotion offer:

Teeinblue will adopt a special offer for Minimog's users as follows:

Teeinblue will raise the number of free orders of their current plan, applied to all Teeinblue’s plans as follow:

Plan Promotion


From  20 to 70 orders/cycle in 3 cycles


From 350 to 500  orders/cycle in 3 cycles


From 1000 to 1300 orders/cycle in 3 cycles

*Each cycle lasts for 30 days

The conditions to get the deal is very simple:

  • You must be Teeinblue paid user or a freebie for at least 1 month
  • First time install Teeinblue via Minimog's referral link
  • Promotion is applied once per Teeinblue user

Now, let’s fill in your information via this form and wait for the Minimog team to make it available for you.