Tips to Use Countdown Tools to Create Urgency & Scarcity That Drive Sales

Countdown timers, stock countdown, in-cart countdown in ecommerce

Creating urgency in your online store is a great way to drive traffic and generate sales for your business. It compels the customer’s minds to make immediate purchases.

There are many ways to create urgency in your store but one of the common and efficient ways is through the countdown timer.

Countdown Timer

A countdown timer can be defined as a virtual clock that counts down from a certain date or number to indicate the end or beginning of an offer or event. It creates urgency that motivates hesitating customers to buy as soon as possible to catch the juicy deals before time runs out. 

TIP: You can display sales countdown timers on specific product pages, collection pages, and even the homepage, so customers cannot neglect the offers that are getting timed out.

countdown timer in ecommerce

Stock Countdown Timer

This is the bar that shows the limited quantity of products that are left in stock on your store to increase the perceived value of your products and encourage your customers to make instant purchases.

TIP: When combined with the social proof that creates FOMO effects, it booms with dynamic urgency. Basically, this is the number of visitors who have viewed or bought your products, and how many items were sold on your store. This feature highlights the popularity of your products, builds trust on your brand, and creates a positive influence on customers' confidence to buy.

ecommerce stock countdown bar

Cart Countdown

Online shoppers tend to delay completing orders, resulting in high cart abandonment that could make you lose up to 70% of your potential revenue.
Countdown Cart helps you improve conversions by creating strong senses of urgency and scarcity on your online store.

TIP: Cart count down is an proved eCommerce tactic that boost conversions and sales with urgency and scarcity. You can freely tweak your messages to see what works and what doesn't to your shoppers.

ecommerce Countdown Cart

Flash Sales Feature

Flash Sales is a new feature by Minimog that helps you create attractive deals and discounts on specific products with limited time. Think about all special occasions that you can use this new feature, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, Valentine, you name it.

Flash Sales is a beautiful combination of Countdown Timer, Stock Countdown, Discount and Product Display. All to create a sense of urgency to encourage your customers to make actions and purchase. 

Boost Holiday Conversions with Minimog's New Feature Flash Sales

TIP: A great thing about Flash Sales is you can apply to Homepage, Collection page, and even Product Page. Depending on your business intention, you can set up Flash Sales on any pages of the site and push specific products or collections. 

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