eCommerce Pop-Up Types That Actually Generate Leads & Convert (+ How To Do It)

eCommerce Pop-Up Tricks That Actually Generate Leads & Convert (+ How To Do It)

Pop-ups, love them or hate them, you have to admit that this old-school strategy can bring enormous benefits to your business if done well. 

In this article, we’ll show you how you can use eCommerce pop-ups to elevate your customer journey, and ultimately to increase your conversion rates.

What is eCommerce pop-up?

eCommerce pop-up is the window that you place on your online store for the purpose of online advertising, introducing an event, a deal or gathering your leads, you name it. Depending on your business intention, you can set various goals that your visitors need to meet.

  • Take a discount or coupon for a purchase
  • Subscribe to newsletter
  • Download e-book or online course
  • Book place on an online webinar
  • As you can see, with the help of pop-ups you

In general, effective popup is the way to present different offers to your target group and encourage website visitors to take some action.

Why does eCommerce pop-up still matter?

Smartly utilized pop-ups have the ability to increase conversion rates by 6.39% & generate leads up to 2000 monthly, according to Search Engine Land.  

Unlike the traditional pop-ups that often associated with spam, modern eCommerce pop-ups can be more relevant and catchy than ever before. It all goes down to how you set the specific goal for pop-ups, to keep track of what they can do in the customer journey. 

Here are some of the things that pop-ups can do for your business:

  • Capture data for first-time visitors and grow email database
  • Initiate customers‚Äô purchase journey
  • Increase instant sales
  • Increase checkout conversion rate
  • Upsell and cross-sell products
  • Improve customers loyalty¬†

The key to an effectively converting pop-up is that it should be created with the customer’s experience in mind. That's why you should put yourself in your visitors’ shoes and think about the sort of pop-ups that would encourage you to opt-in.

With that motto in mind, we break down eCommerce pop-ups into types based on their purposes. Hope this will be helpful for you to see which one can fill in the space your online store is missing.

Types of eCommerce pop-ups that helps you convert

1. Collect leads

Basic but necessary, this type of pop-up can be seen not only on eCommerce sites, but also on . This pop-up can potentially boost your form submissions to generate leads, ultimately to nurture them via email marketing.

Opt-in pops are particularly powerful for merchants offering lead magnets such as free new arrivals or exclusive deals notifications, serving as the starting point for your sales campaigns.

generate leads eCommerce popup

2. Discount offerings

It’s well-documented shoppers can be hesitant to pay full price when buying from an online store. We get it, it happens to all the time. Then this type of pop-up comes, and acts like a striking point for them to seal the deal.

A discount pop-up can provide a push for first-time buyers and repeat customers alike. This is a typical example of exit-intent pop-ups that you can immediately apply to your online store.

Deals offering eCommerce popup

3. Grow your list & leads

Your subscriber list and lead don't grow on trees, but they do on your site with a little help of pop-ups.

If your end-game is to grow your email list or newsletter subscriber count, pop-ups represent a prime opportunity to gather email addresses and loyal fans. Beyond email, popups can help grow your social messenger and SMS lists as well.

Depending on your brand identity and style, you can choose whatever design that has your business' vibe and attract shoppers' attention. Consider the discount part too to make sure that percentage is persuasive enough for them to leave the info.

grow subscribe list eCommerce popup

If you're looking for something that is more fun and entertaining on your online stores, well, lucky wheel pop-ups can be your answer.

Lucky wheel eCommerce popup

4. Announcement

You will need this type of pop-up when notifying your audience of a great deals that apply site-wide or some important news that you need to show to all shoppers.

announcement ecommerce popup

5. FOMO one (that helps you better convert)

This kind of pop-up is a tricky one. However, it creates a sense of FOMO and security when showing proofs of others customers also buy that product too.

sales notification eCommerce popup

How to implement pop-ups on your Shopify stores?

Currently, pop-ups are not default to Shopify business, so you might have to adjust a bit to get them for your stores. Here are some most common ways to do so.

1. Install plugins

Shopify merchants can head to Shopify App Store, search for the keyword "pop-up", and choose from the market.

  • Pros: Many apps are free.
  • Cons: Have to pay extra fees (monthly or yearly) for more usage. Possibly slow down your site if problem occurs.

popup apps on Shopify app store

2. Code yourself

If your team has strong suit in coding, then this is an obvious choice. 

  • Pros: Have the ownership of whatever you show on your site.
  • Cons: Have to maintain the application on your own.¬†

3. Find a theme with FREE built-in pop-ups

Yep, there are Shopify themes out there that can provide you with excellently integrated pop-ups. Minimog is a perfect example of a high-converting Shopify theme with support of multiple pop-up choice at the cost of $0.

  • Pros: FREE, easy to use. Light & fast as pop-ups are directly integrated to the theme. No extra installation, everything is in one package, one time pay only.
  • Cons: Maybe limit in designs, but far more than enough for small and medium businesses.

A little sneak peek of the feature:

In conclusion, pop-ups are great to grow your email list and land more sales. We hope this article will help you pick the right type of pop-up for your business. Experiment with each type and platform to see which fit you the best!