Minimog x Teeinblue: Together We Take Your POD Business to The Next Level

Minimog x Teeinblue Partnership: Together We Take Your POD Business to The Next Level

Minimog, the highest converting Shopify theme, today announced its partnership with Teeinblue - Print-on-demand Product Personalization. By joining hands with Teeinblue, Minimog brings forth a stronger capacity for POD businesses’ conversion rate optimization.

I. About Teeinblue Product Personalizer

Teeinblue is built to support merchants worldwide in offering highly converted PERSONALIZED PRODUCTS with real-time preview. Million-dollar personalized POD brands have chosen Teeinblue to automate their product personalization business. Let’s explore how you can make it!

Teeinblue's key features:

  • Design & manage print files
  • Allow customers to freely personalize design (changing hairstyle, skin color, dog breeds…), add texts, upload photos, personalize map style
  • See instant changes on the product with real-time preview
  • Add products from your favorite providers. No limit on provider list
  • Export standard print file according to provider's requirement
  • Manage and send all orders right in Teeinblue
  • Available on Shopify with 99% 5 stars reviews on Shopify

Extra perks from Teeinblue's team:

  • 5 years of experience in the SaaS field
  • Secured customer data
  • Dedicated support team

II. How can the partnership between Minimog and Teeinblue can boost your POD business?

Minimog brings on the table over 60 theme styles with more than 20 FREE built-in features to help you boost conversion rates, upsell and cross-sell. It's the perfect choice for POD businesses who need an optimized theme with a dedicated 5-star support team that can do it all and save you over $2000 USD/year for trivial apps. 

Teeinblue, on the other hand, gives POD businesses a powerful all-in-one solution, from product design to fulfillment process. You can easily set up, quickly manage and effectively optimize your product personalization 

Together, we optimize your POD businesses, take care the front end of your site, boost the customers' personalize experience to the maximum, all to help you sell better and sell more. 

III. Special deals from Teeinblue for Minimog's customers

For Minimog's customers, Teeinblue offers juicy FREE usage depending on the plan you choose.

  1. Free: 70 orders/cycle in 3 cycles
  2. Growth: 500 orders/cycle in 3 cycles
  3. Premium: 1300 orders/cycle in 3 cycles

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