FoxKit Release: Back In Stock and Pre-Order Products

FoxKit Release Back In Stock and Pre-Order Products

FoxKit is the perfect example of a FREE yet high-quality product when it keeps offering more and more features that can save Shopify owners hundreds to thousands of dollars for trivial apps . Without further ado, let’s explore what we bring to the table this time.

I. Back In Stock Feature

Why you need Back In Stock feature

Products going out-of-stock is an inevitable issue that every online business has to go through at least once. However, the frustrating thing is when your customers visit your store and notice that their favourite product is out of stock or not available in a preferred color, size or variations. It's highly likely that they’ll instantaneously head to your competitor’s website and buy. As a result, this puts your revenue as well as your base of returning customers at risk.

That's where Back in stock feature comes in to save the day. Back in Stock makes it easy for your customers to sign up for a Back in Stock alert using emails. When you restock products, waiting customers are then alerted instantly to bring them back to your store and complete the purchase. 

How Back In Stock feature helps you avoid losing sales

With Back in Stock, stop losing your customer when you run out of a product. Make them come back to you with our back in stock emails!

Back in stock emails present your team with an unmatched opportunity to build positive interactions out of this not-so-pleasant customer experience. When done right, these can help recover revenue losses, drive engagement, and deliver on delightful customer experience.

Back In Stock feature by FoxKit - Minimog Shopify theme

Installation for this feature is simple and may take less than 1 minute for you to set up a complete form. So basically when customers click on getting notifications for Waiting back in stock products, this button automatically connects to a Back in Stock pop-up form that has fields for personal information and a drop-down menu for product variants.

Back in Stock is also great for flash sales, coming soon, and even pre-orders products. 

This powerful and FREE feature is now available to all Foxkit users and Minimog's customers. Enjoy it!

II. Pre-Order Products Feature

Why you need Pre-Order Products feature

A pre-order is an order placed for an item that is not yet released. For ecommerce pre-orders, retailers will either charge the customer when the order is placed or once the item is shipped to the customer.

Pre-orders can create hype around your store and your product, especially if you use the scarcity principle and only offer a certain number of pre-orders over a limited amount of time.

Limited pre-orders can make customers feel special and like trendsetters, which is likely to generate buzz online and off via social media and word of mouth marketing. You can also add to the hype by using content marketing, email marketing, or even influencers marketing to boost sales.

This can be a great boost in awareness leading up to your product’s general release.

Pre-Order Product Feature by FoxKit - Minimog Shopify theme

How Pre-Order Product feature can help you business

A lot of businesses can take advantage of introducing a product before it is released. Business owners can test the market before they make a significant capital investment.

You can also use pre-ordering this way, for example, when you learn from your supplier that your big order will be several days late. Your customers can use a pre-order now button to place a backorder. Not to mention, you can use the pre-order feature to generate interest among your target market before a specific item goes into production.

With Pre-order Products feature by FoxKit, creating a pre-order experiment or campaign with such intention is just a piece of cake. Let's take a sneak peek of how you can generate a pre-order product on your site.

Pre-Order Product feature by FoxKit - Minimog Shopify theme

Easy and efficient right!? After deciding which product is suitable for your pre-ordering campaign, simply set up your offer and its limited time to create a sense of urgency and excitement. 

A PRO TIP: You can use the combination of Back in Stock and Pre-order Product features to create a powerful campaign to boost your sales.

For all Foxkit users and Minimog's customers, the feature is FREE and just waiting for you to give it a shot!

If you are not one of our customers yet, the FREE offer is still there! Simply visit and install FoxKit app to experience all premium features at the cost of ZERO.